Thursday, October 30, 2014


Well, here it is Halloween and we just got costumes together at the last minute.  Plus, we only had one chance for carving pumpkins.  BUT, decided to paint instead of carve this year.  Just so they can last a little longer.  
Here is Canyon working on his big pumpkin face.

The finished product looks awesome!  I outlined in black so that it could be defined a bit more. 

Sahara worked the longest on hers.

After she finished her sugar skull, she decided it was too blah and added colorful paisley to give it 'pop'.

No pictures of mom working but here is what I came up with.

We are going to put our twinkling lights on the outside to illuminate the paint.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


These photos are awful.  We went on a hayride through a cemetery.  It was cool and creepy.  It's been foggy at night lately, but tonight was clear.  If it was foggy it would have been creepier.


This girl is now fixed! And she got her rabies shot.

She goes back in 10 days for stitches removal. We also concluded that she is most likely a Labmaraner. (We know mom was a Weimaraner and most likely dad was a Chocolate Lab due to her color)

Of course, how my luck works, the morning I pick her up from the vet I get a coupon to have her fixed for half price!  That just figures!

This guy is fixed (3 years ago), has his rabies shot and....

both are now micro-chipped too!!  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Planet fitness

With all the stress of this job change.  I decided that it would be a perfect time to join a gym.  Also, just happens that Planet Fitness has opened in town this month!
So after work today, the kids met me and we signed up.
Canyon waits in the hand chair for me to fill out the application.
We hit the treadmills first and then went on a walk to see what else there was to do.
We tried out about 8 machines and last the ellipticals.  
After about an hour there, we called it quits and headed home to make dinner.  Without our afternoon snacks, we were hungry!
Sahara and I in our Planet Fitness t-shirts.  We plan to make it a Tuesday / Thursday after school activity and hit it at least once during the weekend too.

We both got the Black Card so we can always bring a buddy for free.  Her membership will actually be reimbursed by her work!!  But this way Canyon can tag along and Jared too when he gets back.

Our legs are sore today!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A whole new ball game

Well, apparently doing a good job, being praised for your efforts, being bragged on by your superiors....turns out to be what can ruin you.  Friday I was told that I am such a good employee that I am being moved from the class I have been in for 13 years to a different type of room.  I can't believe it!  I feel like I have totally had the rug pulled out from under me.  I wish I could go into detail and explain what this all means, but I would be breaking confidentiality. I'm probably not even allowed to say as much as I just did.  But ya know, I am heartbroken, disappointed, angry, and horrified.  They basically told me if I was just a mediocre employee, they probably would have left me where I was.

Field Trips

Canyon and his class took a field trip to 2 possible job opportunities in their futures.  

I don't know where they went first but Pottery Worx was one of the places.  I guess they got to paint something too!  I didn't know this could be an option until recently, but I think Canyon would really enjoy it.

They also went to STAR Industries.  They do all kinds of things there that other companies hire out for.  I really don't have specifics but I heard a while back some people there where putting together a cook book for a church, some were cutting wood stakes for a construction company, some were shredding paper, some where assembling, some where sorting...  here they are looking through the window to a laundry room.  He might like having a variety of jobs to do too.  Guess we have 2 1/2 years to figure it out!

 (photos stolen from his teacher)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Doggy Jail

Had enough of the pup destroying the living room.  I had planned to buy a crate off of a lady who was selling on online, but that fell through.  So we went to Walmart to get a new one.  While there we ran into Mark from down the street. (the one who helped get my lawn mower fixed)  He told me to put my money away and use/barrow/have his dog crate that is not being used.  
So, Here she is...

She looks sad but she is actually happy to be in the house again after spending the night and day out in the rain.

Later last night I opened the door and after eating and going to the bathroom she willing just went back in to lay on her bed.

Quiet-calm times like these are rare.  But at least she has a safe place at night, when we're at work/school, and especially during storms!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Canyon turns 16 !!!

Since Jared will be gone for Canyon's actual birthday, and this will make Canyon sad, we had an early celebration.

But for some reason talking about his birthday at all makes him shut down and seem sad.  We can't really figure this out, but Sahara and Jared had to talk him into wanting to get ready to go do something.

He's up!

First we headed to Dairy Queen for burgers.

We were going to get ice cream too and I brought a candle, but we were full.

So we went to the bowling alley.

Canyon got handed brand new bowling shoes!  What is with the construction hat?  I have no idea.  He came home from school wearing it.

This one is looking really good!

But our scores are pretty pathetic.

We headed to the store next and picked up a 4 pack of cup cakes.

That was it for tonight.  Next weekend we will celebrate some more!

(one week later)

Canyon's birthday (actual day) started with coffee and donuts with his former principal, Mr. T, from middle school.

Then it was time for the flu shot at the school clinic!

But Mr. Wood, his aide's husband, brought him McDonalds! 
 It was also and early out day!

After school we went to Las Palmas for dinner (we go there a lot)
After ordering Canyon opened cards and gifts.

Thank you Uncle Brian, Aunt Mel, Parker, Tobey, and Zoey.

Thank you Dad and Rita.

Thank you grandpa.

Thank you Nana and Papa.
(guess what he will be wearing for b-day pictures)

Thank you Aunt Kristy, Caleb, and Emily.

Back home and Sahara helps construct the firetruck.  Even Malaki is interested.

An hour later.  His attention is set on making that thing look like a firetruck!

Ooooh!  In the back of the direction book he finds more things to build.

Finally!  He is hysterical because the firewoman fell out of the cab and I said, 'Oh no!  She wasn't wearing her seat-belt!  Call the fire department!'