Friday, February 28, 2014


Around a year and a half ago I posted photos of deer leg bones in our tree.  I didn't know how that was possible.  Maybe someone played a joke on us???
Saw this sign today (on the internet) 
I know it's not a leopard, but we do have bob-cats and cougars.  Some people claim mountain lions too.  I have seen a bob-cat 'interacting' with our Chloe in the street.  We have heard strange howls and yowls before.  That would have been so cool to see it in the tree eating that deer leg!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ice storm clean-up

4 of the branches were too heavy to drag. I had to tie them 2 at a time to the truck. 
Today is our last warm and dry day so it was now or wait till Spring. 
Burn pile is getting large but no burning now. Were in a burn ban. Lots of acreage lost over the last week due to fires. 

Last dance

The Jr. High gets 2 dances a year.  At the beginning of the school year I think after one of the football games called 5th Quarter and in February.  This is Canyon's last Jr. High dance.  I made him take a nap after school.  Is that weird? He will always be my baby I guess.
The theme was 'Just Dance'...the video game???  So he just wore a button up shirt and jeans.  It's always casual wear anyway.
Sahara and Jared took him and the only pictures I got back from them this time were of the back of Canyon's head.
He had a bunch of fun and girls and boys both danced with him.  Sahara said he disappeared on her and she found him with a Dr. Pepper.  They get a drink and popcorn voucher but he didn't have his voucher, she did.  But the people running the snacks gave him his anyway. 
She said he was more independent this time and got his own drink and popcorn and didn't even want help opening the can.  I told her if there was a next time, maybe he could just go himself! (not really)
No contests to win this time around.
Next dance will be at the high school next year.  Look out girls!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Under the boardwalk

Ok, so we don't have a boardwalk, but we have a bridge. 
Finally it was a warm day.  We reached the mid 50's and headed to the Arkansas River to walk along the beach and check out the water.
There were only 2 other families around so the place was mostly ours.

After rock climbing and walking along the beach we turned around to head back to the playground.  We crossed an open field with dead brush.
This is what Canyon looked like coming out the other side of the field.
Luckily Sahara spotted these and carried Malaki through them, he only had 1 or 2 on him.

We have too much chocolate!! there such a thing??

Look at all this loot!
Jared brought us a box of cookies. 
Canyon came home from school with a monster box stuffed with goodies. 
Sahara made her own Valentine for Jared and of course gave him the rest of the big mixed bag of treats too. 
Jared got Sahara chocolate roses, candy and a balloon. 
All the heart boxes. 
Then it was dinner time. Sahara went to Papa Murphy's for a heart shaped pizza and a s'more pizza. 
Mila and I went out for margaritas!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

FINALLY...the white fluffy stuff

We've had a lot of winter weather this year, but it always got to us in the form of ice, freezing rain, and sleet.  But finally, last night around sunset, we got snow.  And it lightly snowed until midnight giving us about 2 inches in the morning.
First thing in the morning, all bundled up and ready to head out.
Malaki doesn't look too sure of this!

It's a very dry snow so no snowballs or snowmen.
So they just threw snow at each other.
Then Canyon, wearing mom's rainboots, started throwing snow at the window while I was taking pictures.
It was a bit breezy so what he threw would hit him back in the face!

Then Sahara went to the side of the house and found that in the night, deer had been munching on our bushes next to the house.

Even though the roads are like Atlanta's last week, Sahara and Jared and his family are heading to the casinos in Oklahoma today for Jared's mom's birthday.  Hope they don't end up in the ditch 2 1/2 hours from home or stranded in a pile up of cars.

90% chance of snow predicted Monday and Tuesday!!  Woot-Woot!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Maximus and Nika

The Super Bowl was just us and Jared. So it was simple build your own nachos. What a lame game though. 
Canyon sits at the window waiting for the snow from Maximus. 
But all we got was sleet and a 2 hour delay to school/work on Monday. 
Tuesday was no school due to Nika. All the no school messages came in at once. Unfortunately I got them after my alarm went off. So I was up. Plus I knew Jared was getting off of the night shift at Kroger and I wanted to see if he was going to make it home. Or here. (Home is farther by 12 miles over the river and through the woods, literally). He made it here with 2 stops to de-ice his windshield and slept most of the day. 
Pretty much the whole state covered in ice. It was called by the governor a 'state of emergency' which should mean we don't have to make this day up. We'll see if that's true later I guess. 
Our baby trees bent over due to the ice weight. 
Wednesday is a 1 hour school/work delay. And these were the trees in the pine woods on the way to work. 
Pine trees are not happy in the ice. We lost a bunch of branches on our pines too. 
Stay tuned for Orion or Pax or which ever storm will be here next Monday and Tuesday!