Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crab Fest - for Misty's Birthday


Nana and Papa bought about 20 clusters of crab for my birthday since finding a restaurant nearby with crab is near impossible.

Sahara was ready to dig in, but didn't eat as much as I thought she would.

My first helping.  I went back for seconds... and thirds :)

This is the remains of 15 of the clusters.  We saved 5 for another time.

Time for cake.  Double fudge :)

Then a game of GOLF.  Canyon played this time and needed help, but also did really well!

This is what I got from Sahara, Canyon, and Jared.
It's so pretty!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nana and Papa are back

After visiting Brian and Mel and the kids, Nana and Papa came back thru to visit again.

Dinner at the Trailer and Nana and Papa cooking it up.
Canyon opening Georgia gifts :)

 Sahara opening Georgia gifts.

 Nana opening another duck for her collection.

Malaki is having a nice lap on Nana.

One of Misty's Christmas outfits.

We went bowling for something to do. Of course I forgot the camera so I had to take pictures with the phone.
(not such good quality)
Canyon had some good rolls, and some gutters.

Nana is up and rollin.

Papa, one time, slid to a pose on his side and hip.  But was cool enough to make it look like he meant to do it!

This one looks very good for Sahara!

I must have not done well because I hid the lane with myself!

After bowling it was 2 rounds of STIX at the house.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Snow

For the first time in over 80 years, we got snow on Christmas day!
The kids are bundled up and heading out.

It's too cold for mom to go out there with 30 mile an hour winds!

Canyon had fun throwing snowballs at mom in the window. 
They were back in the house in less then 20 minutes.
When it first started, I ran out to take this picture.
 We only ended up getting 2 inches.

Back inside and Canyon plays with one of his Christmas presents....finally.  He had been avoiding them all day!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Welcome Christmas ~ Christmas Day

I set my alarm for 7:45 just in case we over slept.
 (Sahara and Jared have a lot of places to go today)
Canyon went to the tree and came back to get me.  Santa came!

No picture, but he got a large firetruck that has a cranking siren from Santa.

Stockings first!  Canyon is hard at work.

Gouache paints for Sahara.
(like really thick water colors in tubes)
 She loves painting with them in Art class and we have a couple of canvases in the closet.

Canyon loves his Hog hat.

Nice black boots for Sahara!

Mom gets to stay nice and warm.

Sahara painted owls for me.  And they match my Snuggie!!

Mega Bloks and Taco Bell!!

He's Lovin' It!

Very pretty scentsy :)

Sahara painted a Razorback piece for Canyon :)

Spoiled much!???
From Jared of course.

Oooh!  Now she will never complain of being chilly.

Wow!  Now tell did Jared and Sahara get me wine at 18 and 17 years old!!!!!?? hmmmmmmm

Nice brown boots too!

Sahara made Jared a camo piece.

What!?! Cowboy boots too!  NICE :)

A camo/Arkansas shirt.

Hallmark Connections bracelet :)

2nd fire truck :)
And he is standing like an oompa-loompa!
 Don't ask me why...he's a nut!

Adding more later.  We will have some late Christmas in a couple permitting!
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