Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Morning - updated

Canyon played Santa and did a pretty good job reading the names on the tags.

We have a store going out of business. Everything was 40% off a few days before Christmas so I picked up some odds and ends gifts like these baseballs.

Nice dad! Cash for Sahara (what every teen wants!) and a new dvd player for Canyon's room. His broke a couple months ago.

This sent jar is just my style :)

These 2 shirts were from the store going out of business. Hate to see that store go, but the deals were great!

Wow! A drum machine!

Rain boots from Sahara. Much needed in Arkansas!!

Malaki enjoying his bed. When he isn't in it, Sascha is. She looks ridiculous in it because it's just a pillow to her.

A couple gifts from the Moretz :)

Malaki in a houndstooth jacket.

Coffee from up North. Wow! We ALL will be drinking a lot of coffee this year!!!

Now Sahara will match her dog!

Canyon likes this. His words...'and a fork.' hahaha

Sascha got 2 new blankies. The one Nana made a couple years ago is still here, but has been much loved (and chewed)

Purse, gift card, earrings...thanks Nana and Papa.
Canyon is figuring out what all is loaded on his kid-friendly ipad.
Gifts are opened. Time to chillax and play.

The boxes, the wrap, the cleanup.

Thank you everyone for all the great gifts.
The coffee cards from Georgia and Arizona and the Walmart cards from Alaska.

Love you and miss you guys!!!!!
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Goodbye Berry Blue

Berry Blue waits for Santa with the milk and cookies. See you next year!

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Cristmas Eve EVE

Friday night we had company. Our Arkansas family came for dinner and gift exchanges. I made a quite yummy pasta bake. Then we opened gifts and took some pictures.

The Mixon's

Jared got Canyon a fire truck. Canyon loved it :) He also got pajamas from Mila.

Jared got gloves from Mila and Sahara got footie pajamas from her too.

After they left, Sahara and Jared exchanged gift for each other. Sahara got Bob's from Jared.

And an Areopostale warm up set from his mom :) Jared got a Saints key chain and slipper/shoes and a workout bar from Sahara.

I made them both a collage of pictures of them together.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

TECH Family Christmas Party

We rarely go to the Non-Trad get together, but decided to hit the Christmas party. Santa was there and Canyon got to tell him for the 5th time this year, what he wanted. A fire truck. This big, or thiiiis big?

Pool tables were available and we played a few games. But other people's little kids kept coming over and steeling our balls and rolling them into each other. Grrr. Where were their parents???
So we hit the basketball game instead. Canyon got a workout here. He just kept shooting and shooting and shooting! I think he was just used to the kind at the arcade places that only give you so much time or so many balls to shoot. This one had no limit :)
(he made as many baskets as Jared - maybe even more)
Time to go so we stopped for a picture with Santa by the big tree.

We have too many cookies!!!

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Berry Blue

Our elf has been getting in a bit more mischeif since Christmas is nearing, however, I think it makes Canyon nervous to see him doing bad things like writing in canyon's school planner or throwing the bows all over the room. Plus, that's not really showing Canyon good behavior. So, he just mostly sticks to silly 'places to be found'. This morning, Canyon had left an over flowing laundry basket of stuffed animals in the middle of the living room and Berry Blue piled them one on top of the other with a horse on top and Berry was riding the horse. This, Canyon thinks is funny.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Semi Formal

I'm kinda pattin' myself on the back for coming up with a hair style that is completely bobby-pin free (looking) in 15 minutes. I do believe we spent $35 and 2 hours at the salon for prom to pretty much get the same effect last spring.

Helping Jared with his tie.

Glad I hung on to this dress jacket forever. At least she won't freeze.

Have fun guys!
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