Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Derby

Canyon had his pine wood derby race with his pack on Monday night.

His driver's license.

The line up of the 8 cars racing. Canyon's is #3, the gold truck.

Here he is setting his truck on the track.

At the finish lane he watches as his comes in first!

Here are all the boys with their cars. Even tho it appeared that Canyon won 3 out of the 4 races, he did not place for a trophy this year. :( He either got 4th or 5th because he does get to go to District in a few weeks.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

1st weigh in for the biggest loser

Well, the official weigh in scale was ugly to me :( It weighed me 6 pound heavier then my scale at home. Others complained of the same thing. But, it is THE scale we are to use so so be it. Just means I have to add 6 pounds back to the 5000 I wanted to lose in the first place.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Field of Angels

A Field of Angels Logo

Canyon was signed up for baseball and Sahara signed up as a volunteer for this years season today. :) I dont know if Canyon will be on the younger team or the older team because his age is sort of in the middle. I am hoping the younger team at least this year because he is small. I guess it will depend on how many kids of what ages sign up. Games will not start til the end of April.

The new set up

The Biggest Loser

Getting the treadmill and trying to lose weight has come at a good time. I seemed to plateau at losing 8 pounds even after limiting my calories to 1500 a day. Well, work decided to start a Biggest Loser program. It was $25 to sign up and that gets you Fruit Fridays (instead of the popcorn the school supplies on Fridays) and free healthy lunch with a meeting every other week and a pass to St. Mary's Fitness Center (which I didn't sign up for because honestly, I'd never go) for 10 weeks. Plus weekly prizes like gift certificates to sports stores and health food stores. I think the winner after the 10 weeks gets the pot of entry fees too. It's based on percentage lost and Tuesday (because Monday is no school for President's Day) is our first weigh in. Wish me luck!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I made out pretty good on this trade.

Dawn, the teacher I work for, traded me her treadmill for a color printer. I had gotten the Kodak printer a few months ago because the ink for the Lexmark was about as much as a printer. I think I got the better deal. We wedged the treadmill in the corner of the livingroom (facing the TV or course) and my goal or plan is 1 mile a work day and 2 -3 miles on non work days. So far, so good. Sahara has also been doing a mile a day and Canyon takes his 2 minute turns several times a day.

Oh how sweet!!!

Canyon got a note from his girlfriend Brittany (or how he says it 'gur-friend, bit-me.) He acutally blushes when you ask him about her. It's too cute!
It says: I think It is supposed to be 'silly'

hey canyon
was's up canyon
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yippy !!

Another round of snow days. Unfortunately, this means school will now be in session in June. Yuck! But we are enjoying our extra long weekends!
I tried to put a video of this snowman on, but it was too big and wouldn't post. :(

We were out Monday and Tuesday. I'm pretty sure we will go back tomorrow, but we are supposed to get more snow again on Thursday and Friday. The sun is out today but it is very cold.
Sascha loves running in the snow, but only if we are out there with her. If she is out by herself, all she does is scratch and jump at every door and window until we let her back in.

Yesterday was P - T Conferences at my school (canceled) and Thursday the kids have theirs at their schools. Plus we all were scheduled as having Friday off for a teacher flex day. This whole week is going to have to be made up now.
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