Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Canyon's school field trip

Canyon's class went on a field trip to Lake Sylvia on Tuesday. Even tho he was couch ridden with a stomach bug Monday, we was well enough to go and looks like he had a great time.

Fishing time

Someone helping with his aim and pull on the bow and arrow

Mrs. Wood helps him with the BB gun. She's brave!

Looks like he liked the BB gun, dont ya think!?!

Good Read

The only thing worth reading since the Twilight series....The Hunger Games Series. I can't believe I have to wait till school is back in session next school year for book 3 !!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Special Olympics !!!

The day started out bright and early and a bit chilly. We got to Conway at 8:30 and Canyon was a bit nervous and shy. He was the only one representing his school this year. We hope to change that for the next years to come.

I thought I was getting the whole Tennis Ball Toss on video, but my camera tells me different. :(
Here he is waiting in line for his chance to throw. He did AWESOME!!! Maybe even 3 times farther than any of the other kids his age.

This is a short video of his Standing Long Jump. I think he liked the Tennis Ball better, but that is mostly because his hands got dirty. That happens when you suck on your fingers then jump into sand.

1st Place for the Tennis Ball Toss! Go Canyon!!!

Second Place for the Standing Long Jump! WOOOOHOOOO!

Here are his 2 ribbons and a big smile on his face! Best of all...Dad came to the games and got there in time to see all Canyon did!

Next year we might enter another event too. Thank you Coach Tammie for your support!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A pretty busy Saturday!

First of all. We got new couches. They are a cheap set, but will be fine for a few years. Our old set was really nasty and falling apart.

We put the couches in and the old ones were put in the carport till we knew what to do with them.

Then, Canyon's Pinewood Derby race. He of course did not place or even win any of the 3 races he was in....but, we were there.

Setting his truck on the track.

Sitting with all the boys.

The line up of cars.

After 3 hours, he got a 'participant' award.

When we got home we went to Lowe's and got a load of pavers. While Zach and Jay Mac skinned, gutted, and de-boned the old couches, Sahara and I laid the pavers.

They found 2 old cell phones, a long lost remote and a couple handfulls of match box cars.

After unloading the pavers, Sahara sweeps out the back of the truck.

Canyon thought it was his job to stand right next to me.

The finished project. I know I did it wrong...I just laid the pavers right on top of the cement. probably was supposed to put sand down first...probably was supposed to brush sand between them...but I figured with 60 - 75 inches of rain a year, the sand would be washed out in a week.

The padding from the couches was put in the trash and the frames were hauled to the burn pile and set a blaze. They were completely kindling in 10 minutes flat! The kids stayed out with the fire till midnight and then the boys left and I crashed! Tomorrow, the first mow of the season! Joy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Braces on hold

Sahara had 2 appointments this month to get braces started. Spacers and a week later back bands. But both appointments were during school and they would not change them to later times. The office is open till 5:30 but they said these appointments have to be done at certain times of the day and could not be made for after school hours. Normally this would not matter but we are trying to avoid Sahara having to take the end of year exams because she is a really poor test taker. She wont have to take the tests if she misses only:
4 days and has an A in the class
3 days and has a B in the class
2 days and has a C in the class

She has all ready missed 3 days. So, we will start in the summer!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Morning

Easter was a little more simplified this year. Back to where it should be. It was getting to Nintendo DS's, scooters, and other BIG gifts. This year everything fit in the basket.

Sahara got the new moon dvd and nail polish. Canyon got a cars book with magnets and a cars cup. They both got a chocolate bunny, and other chocolates in big plastic eggs.

They each also got a light up squishy ball in another big plastic egg

Sahara likes that she can make Edward disappear on the cover. OOps! In this picture tho it shows that Jacob is the one who disappeared!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Early Easter

James' family invited us to early Easter with them on Saturday. There was a ton of people there. Sahara and Canyon have around 20 2nd cousins on that side of the family from 8 months to 12??? About half of them were there. The weather turned out pretty nice and the hunt was on.

Canyon found 37 eggs ! :)

Egg Coloring

Tried something new this year. Instead of buying eggs to color, Mila, our neighbor, gave us 2 dozen eggs from her chickens. They were all different shapes and sizes and colors of tan and brown. I didn't know if they would color very well.

Don't waste your money on Spin an Egg. It did not work well at all.

We went to regular dyeing after a couple tries with the spinner.

Sahara waits patiently for her eggs to get nice and dark.

Not so bad. Brown chicken eggs did pretty well with the coloring. Yellow looked more of an amber.