Saturday, April 20, 2013

PROM 2013

Sahara was actually able to get her make up done semi-professionally this time.
A friend of hers works for or is in training at AVON and set up appointments for girls to have a free make up session today.
I did her hair.  We practiced what we were going to do last week.
 We were actually able to do this all in 20 minutes.

We went to the gazebo in Dardanelle just to find out they were getting the place ready for a concert (and really not to friendly to let us have pictures there)  So we all headed to the Bona Dea Walking Trails instead.

Sahara finally got the flowers she had been wanting to get every prom for the last 3 years!  It's a blue/purple orchid and it almost glows.  So pretty.

Jared helps Matt with his boutonniere. 

And of course the traditional southern garder.

Canyon had to get a shot in.

Sahara and Carlee
Sahara and Diyana
Sahara and Kendall

Jared and Matt

 A little smoochie-smooch.  I have to take a picture like this each time just to disturb Jared's mom.  haha

Sahara and Matt.  They have known each other since 1st grade.  
Have to show off the back of the dress :)


And my favorite picture!!  I caught all of them at once on their own phones...being the social/anti-social teens this world is coming to.   

They went to eat at La Villa Italian Restaurant and then to the Prom.
At the Midnight Masquerade
  Hope they have a great time.  After Prom is at Hog Wild (pizza, arcade, bumper cars, rock wall, mini golf, go-karts) That should be a blast.
 They get locked in until dawn!!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love the Spring weather

but this Spring has been nothing but sadness and stress.

It's completely apparent that Sascha was stolen.  A lost dog would show up some where.  Police have even said dogs that are pure bred are often stolen this time of year because it's tax season.  She has been gone for 18 days now :(  It doesn't even seem like it's been a week.  I don't 'feel' her anymore either which I did for the first 2 weeks.  I don't know if that means she is dead or she is happy where she is and doesn't need us anymore.

Lawn mower lost it's steering ability Monday just as I finished mowing.  Sahara and Jared's friend came to look at it and he was pretty sure what it needed to be fixed.  I got the part and he is suppose to come back to put it together.

Air conditioner was leaking last year.  It flooded through the wall and into the living room for who knows how long before I noticed.  The wood floor is messed up and molded because of it.  It never got fixed so before I turn on the air this year I have to have someone come and look at it.

Washer started making strange noises last weekend.  I was pretty much done with it so I forgot.  Today I put some towels in and started it up.  It would not do anything but make a nasty spoiled egg/burning smell.  So, I tried to get all the water out (it wouldn't drain either) with a cup and bucket.  Disconnected it and tried to move it out of the house.  I figured either I was taking it to be worked on or getting a new one.  Either way it couldn't stay there with water in it for long.  When moving, the last 4-5 inches of water came pouring out.  The laundry room flooded and of course the water went under the walls to the master bath, hall bath, hall, and I assume my room.  It is carpeted so the damage there will sour later...oops I mean show later.  Something to look forward to!!!

My whole house is just one big mold-mess.  Or it will be.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rumble On The River

Before softball gets underway, they have a tournament sort of to introduce all the teams. Field of Angels was invited this year too.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


After I put the kids from my class on the early bus at work, I headed to the house.  On the 10 minute drive the weather went from wonderful to pouring.  So I detoured to the kids school so I could get Canyon and Sahara wouldn't have to worry about it.  Plus Sahara could follow me home.  Pouring turned to 0 visibility, 60 mph winds, hail the size of quarters and me on a basically abandoned hwy.  I was freaking out!  The radio and my phone were telling me to take shelter immediately....  Where was I to go??? I couldn't see a thing, no cars in sight either way.  I couldn't even see past the shoulder of the road. 
I continued on to the school and as usual, was the last one in the pick-up line waaaay down at the stop sign.  Storm still surging.  I had 2 choices; run to the storm shelter at the school from my truck in the storm and be pelted with hail and blown away in the wind and down-pour, or stay in the line, in the truck and hope for the best.  
So, I called Jared (wondering where he might be since he is usually at the house and his truck wasn't at the house when I passed by and I was worried he was driving around in that too).  He was in the pick up line.  He gets Canyon 2 days a week from school and I forgot his day was Wednesday.  So, I got out of line and drove to meet him.  His mom called him to get into the building. She works at Canyon's school.  I drove him around the loop and dropped him off and he mad-dashed into the building.  I went to the far parking lot to wait.  The kids were not being released and were all in the safe rooms.  As soon as I parked, he called back to tell me I needed to also get in now.  I guess it was about to get worse.  There happened to be a towel in the back seat and I wrapped it around me and waded my way through the parking lot to the cafeteria door where he let me in.  I was soaked and really had to run through a river through the parking lot to get there.

This picture was taken nearby but the tornado that went through our area I haven't got a picture of.  I don't think anyone could get a picture because the storm was so bad.
40 minutes after school was out, they finally released the students.  

Sahara said a neighboring school district and town, Dover, called from I-40 that they were coming back from a field trip with 3 buses of kids and asked if they could shelter at Pottsville High.  She said those kids went in their cafeteria.  

Checked back at the school I work at and only the early bus kids got to leave.  Everyone else was sheltered for over an hour there.  

We knew this storm was coming and we knew it would be bad.  We just didn't think it would develop right over our heads in a matter of minutes!!!

It was scary and exciting!  

Canyon came out of the shelter with 1 shoe on.  Apparently in the hurry to get to the shelter, he lost a shoe in the classroom and his aide said he was worried about it.  

Water is at it's highest in the driveway/carport.  Anymore and it will be in the house.  The pasture is a complete pond, again.  Luckily we don't have animals out there this time.

What an adventure!

By the way...still no Sascha :(  She has been missing 11 days now.  People tell me stories of theirs being missing for weeks even months and then being returned.  She's now on 9 lost/missing/animal/swap/garage sale sites, listed with 3 animal shelters, has an ad in the local paper, and 16 fliers are up.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

5th Annual Boots and Benefactors BBQ

This is the first time we have been to the BBQ.  Tickets are $35 a person, but because Canyon was going to be a featured rider this year, we got in free.  

First stop was the pony rides.

Then we made our over to the bump and jumps with a stop at the tee-shirt table.

SURPRISE!!  Sahara's design won the contest and so we had to get shirts.

Happy day :)

Then Canyon and 2 other riders were featured showing off what they do at hippotherapy.  Canyon thought he was the star.  He usually rides Dan at the barn but for the show he road Annie because she was more experienced with the arena and crowds.

( video is not working GRRRRRRRRRRR )
It was 2 1/2 mins long but only allowed me to download the first minute.

Dinner was bbq chicken, beans, the yummiest cole slaw I have ever eaten (and I am not a cole slaw fan), bread, and cupcakes.  

This cute cake was also there, but I don't think they ever cut into it.  I don't know if it was just for display or an oversight that it still was intact when the evening was over.  

Canyon with Sadie, a girl from Field of Angels, Shooting for Success and mom's class.

More pictures of the spotlight show.

Cute horsey cupcakes.

They had some great drawings for gifts but our ticket was 1 number off from being the winner.

2 thumbs up!