Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Planet fitness

With all the stress of this job change.  I decided that it would be a perfect time to join a gym.  Also, just happens that Planet Fitness has opened in town this month!
So after work today, the kids met me and we signed up.
Canyon waits in the hand chair for me to fill out the application.
We hit the treadmills first and then went on a walk to see what else there was to do.
We tried out about 8 machines and last the ellipticals.  
After about an hour there, we called it quits and headed home to make dinner.  Without our afternoon snacks, we were hungry!
Sahara and I in our Planet Fitness t-shirts.  We plan to make it a Tuesday / Thursday after school activity and hit it at least once during the weekend too.

We both got the Black Card so we can always bring a buddy for free.  Her membership will actually be reimbursed by her work!!  But this way Canyon can tag along and Jared too when he gets back.

Our legs are sore today!

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