Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Warrior

I didn't plan it this way:

First, I found that the dog was using my flower bed to dig a ginormous hole to sleep in behind the center bush. I decided to get that fixed and filled it in with what I had. After doing so, I realized that it wasn't potting soil but super concentrated fertilized soil that I put in the hole. I gave up in the sweltering heat and let it go. In the process I let the whole center of the flower bed die from waaaay too much fertilizer. So, after 2 days, I bought and replanted the middle section the the flower bed again in the sweltering heat. I hope I dug out enough of the fertilizer so that the next set of plants don't burn too.

Next I got the water bill. My toilet in the hall has been running pretty much since we bought the place. The toilet has been replaced and the guts have been replaced 3 times. But still it leaks. The water bill never reflected that it was much of an issue, just a bit irritating. The kids have been playing in the hose more than usual but the water bill has only been this high when we had the horses and someone forgot to turn off the water over night when filling up their drinking water. So, I decided maybe it is the toilet now and went to install a new (4th) flapper. After getting a good one with sealant this time and getting it installed, the water would not come back on to fill up the tank. I didn't have a clue why that happened. I went to the computer to find some fix-it troubleshooting sites and found nothing to really help me. Went back in the bathroom and the tank is full. OOOKKK. Well, that's up and running.

Then, went in the kitchen digging around in the pots and pans cabinet and I found mold! Did some more searching and found it in the cabinet by the sink as well. Then I realised that last fall we had a leak with the water heater on the other side of the wall from those 2 cabinets and sure enough, that's where it is coming from. I spayed it all with bleach and washed everything. I can only imagine what is growing in the wall! I decided then that my plan of putting shelf paper down wasn't just a nice idea, it was something that needed and should be done. So, I bought 2 rolls at Lowe's and did the 'important' shelves, but I need to go back and get another roll for the shelves not often looked at and up high. This is an on going project. At the least I got some cabinet cleaned out and the paper looks nice and like it was always there. You know you did something right when it looks like it has always been there :) Just is a shame it wasn't done for all the company last week.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look at this crazy dog!

First of all, she knows she is not allowed to be on the couch. But after sneaking up anyway, this is how she decides to lay down. She fits well don't you think?

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Trip to Spring Lake

Trying to keep some of the tan I got and tan more, we went to Spring Lake about 1/2 hour away from the house. The water was pretty warm. Almost too warm actually.

Canyon liked to climb up the ladder and jump off the wall.

As you can see, I'm not getting too much of a tan standing in the shade. However this is after being there for an hour and 45 minutes all ready. It's sooo hot for June. Next time, I will remember to bring a book and other kids for Sahara and Canyon to play with. It was nice tho, only 4 or 5 families there.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Branson trip!

Warning! - If you want to see our trip in order, you need to scroll down to 'Our Branson Trip' and read up, 1 thru 10.


And the adventure continues: Tony is still stuck in Little Rock (was supposed to leave out 3 hours ago) and now is being told because of the weather in Chicago, he can't leave out till Sunday! We may have to go get them, but no answer on his cell. Kristy's group just barely made their flight late to Dallas because of a medical emergency and Mom and Dad and Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim are an hour late on their flight.

Branson 10 The last hurrah!

Pizza night and our last night in Branson.

Afterwards it was Hand and Foot and Golf. What a great trip!
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Branson 9

White Water
Ahhhh, the cool water felt so good in the heat. 95 today.
Canyon poses by the Rainforrest Island. Great place for kids 6-12

He is off to chase down Nana.

Emily does a "10" run.

Kristy a bit surprised I took her picture. That happened a lot :)
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Branson 8

Canyon, Misty and Nana went to the Dinosaur Museum. The rest of the Collins/Moretz/Munaris went to Silver Dollar City and we didn't. So when they came back we were ready to go out and do something so they stayed to rest and we went out.

WoW! That guy is big!

Big egg is a dinosaurs, the little ones are eggs of today. The biggest of today being a California Condor and an Ostrich

Nana plays Dinotopia on the computer.

Canyon digs for fossils.
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Branson 7

At the Branson Landing. Jimmy and Levi go to Ride Makers to biuld a car. (like build-a-bear)
Canyon and Emily had fun playing with the table that let you pick the sound and music for your car.

Jimmy shows off the car he built.

Levi uses the tools to make his.

Caleb went back the next day to get one for himself.
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Branson 6

Really cute show called 'Breaking up is hard to do.'

Sahara is the bathroom of the show.

Branson Landing. Outdoor mall with 3 levels of condos above. Very nice, but very hot.

Neat little fire and water show every hour in the central area of the mall.
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Branson 5

Train ride. Started out great with the 'conductor" or ticket guy punching in the kids first name letter on each of their tickets. But then the ride was long and non-eventful. Sahara said she enjoyed the ride tho.

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Branson 4

Talking Rock Caverns

Very steep climb down to the bottom. And poor Levi wore his skate shoes. It was slippery.

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Branson 3

LOTS of swimming! We went to a beach too that was very nice, but I didn't get pictures that time.

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Branson 2

The Hollywood Wax Museum
Sahara and Caleb with 'The Terminator'

Pretty Boy with Hef

Sahara at some weird mirror room

Misty and Jonny Depp. We were disappointed that he wasn't in "Sparrow" attire.
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