Thursday, February 11, 2016

Honor Roll

I know it's not the same as the other kids, but he is a hard worker and I think this is the first time I ever saw his name listed :)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Field trip

Mom went with Canyon and his class to check out a post high school option. It was 'ok'. Small, homie, training for possible jobs, work on site, social skills, etc. It just seemed a little sad, sheltered, and a place he will never really leave. Got a few more options to check out and a year+ to make a decision.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Ranger Cain - 9 weeks old - 17 lbs

Saturday, January 23, 2016

So this just happened...

Sahara and Jared liked the idea of a black lab so much with our sweet little lost guest...
That they found this little guy that was being given away.
He was born around Thanksgiving, had 2 sister's that were black with white chests, and is so sweet. The agreement was that they (Sahara and Jared) will be responsible for EVERYTHING! Vet bills, shots, fixing, food, walks, house training, midnight potty breaks, repair/replace/fix anything destroyed. And, he is Jared's dog so he will be spending equal time there too. But of course, the first thing Nana does is snuggle him on the couch while the kids eat dinner. Don't worry, Nana's got the baby. No name yet.

Fur baby

We had the sweetest guest.
This little lost lab girl showed up and made herself at home. So soft, sweet, snuggly, and chill.
We listed her on lost pet sites, contacted the animal shelter, and planned to take her in to get chip checked. But, slowly driving by Friday evening, an SUV with a woman calling out a name, cruised by the house. When she came back down the road I flagged her down. Apparently Athena broke free from the wireless fence system. She was with her sister, Keena, who is still missing. Glad she found her peeps, but she would have been a keeper!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2nd Place

Picture of a picture out of the newspaper. We came in 2nd with our Christmas door decorating this year.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mom's B Day

We slept in and woke up to snuggles.  Then, Sahara and Canyon made me breakfast.  Cheesy eggs and sausage.

Next I opened gifts.
Sahara got me a new ice chest.  We will need to plan more trips!

Jared got me a bottle of Yellow Tail.

And a pack of coolers.

And cash for New Year's crab :)

The reason for the new ice chest.  Full, this broken handle makes it very difficult to move or carry.

Photo with the new selfie stick.

The we headed to Little Rock.  Jared didn't come with because he had to work at 4pm. We checked out the new Outlets, 2 malls, and Bass Pro. Some after Christmas sale items were bought (mostly by money bags Sahara).

Bass Pro was awesome.

Dinner at Red Lobster!

It was a great day!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

The night before...cookies and eggnog for Santa

Canyon thinks he is going to wait the big guy out!

Finally off to bed and all is ready!

Christmas morning and Jared is over for the unwrapping.

Canyon with his loot. 

Sahara and her loot.

Mom and her loot.

I gifted myself a new bed set and sheets.  I love my new bed!

Jared left to see other family and we had annual cinnamon rolls with turkey sausage and fruit for Christmas breakfast.  Sahara left to go where Jared was shortly after.

I wasn't sure if Canyon would like this, but he seemed interested.

M&Ms were in the smaller round dish and Malaki stayed right by his side for a good 45 minutes (even though the M&Ms were gone).  I think he thought the pegs were M&Ms too and was waiting for a treat.
(no he didn't get any)

Dinner was planned to be at 2.  I started cooking and got a text at 1:35 from Sahara that dinner where they were was just finished cooking and they were ready to eat.  I was not a happy mama.  I wasn't even informed they were eating some place else.  When our dinner was ready, Canyon was watching a movie so he ate at the coffee table.  So, it was dinner for one at the table.
Not exactly what I had wanted for Christmas dinner.  I later told both Sahara and Jared that his families' random, multiple get-togethers were not ever again going to 'bump' our 1 dinner.  That was ridiculous.

I also tried out Sahara's new hair waver.  It's very simple and only took 2 minutes to do.

In the evening, after I calmed down, we played golf and stix.

It didn't feel like a very merry occasion and a day I would like to have a do-over with.  I'd also like to not spend Christmas without family around anymore.  

Thank you all for the cards, gifts, pictures, goodies.....LOVED them all!
Miss you guys!