Saturday, November 9, 2019

Special Olympic Bowling

This is Canyon's last year at Special Olympic Bowling here in town.  Over 21 year olds go to Conway to compete.  It was only he and Michael (also from baseball) on the Star team but Michael didn't show.  

He tried to bowl the regular way for half the time switching back an forth to a between the legs roll.  He has much better aim between the legs.


Actually one of his better games.  The 2nd game was only half the points.
He was not competing between these two other bowlers.  They only shared the lane.

He ended up in 2nd place in his division.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Liquor Cabinet Project

At the Sweet Retreat, my alcohol was on a wine rack over the stove.  Here it was on that same wine rack on the kitchen counter and then on a table in the hall.  I saw this cabinet and decided it could be transformed to give the alcohol it's own space. (and maybe wont get as dusty since it's more covered than out in the open).

So it was my next chalk paint creation.  I need to get new brushes though.  So many bristles fell off during painting and I spent more time trying to get them out of the painted surface than anything.  A few I missed unfortunately so they are stuck in there now.

Halloween at the Poppy Patch

The weekend before, we went to 2 parties.  Canyon and I went to the Bost party ourselves.

The next morning we went to the Downtown Fall Fest.  It was very cold and windy.  We were working Dr. Paul's Counselling booth for 5-6 hours. Sahara was with us and we left there to go home and get ready for the Star party/dance.

We carved our painted pumpkins.

The next day was Halloween.  Our plan was to sit on the porch and hand out candy.  Lots of 'new' for us.  New house, new neighborhood (with a great front porch for handing out candy), Sahara's not here, Canyon is 21.  I thought it was a good time to switch Canyon from being a treater to being a passer-outer.  
Turns out it was too cold to just sit on the porch.  It was our coldest Halloween in documented history actually.  Starting off the month with our 2nd hottest Oct 1st. So, we sat inside and watched out the big window for treaters to come up.  Actually, at 4:10 I had the first treaters arrive.  I then put a sign on the door that candy would not be ready until 5:30.  That was crazy early!  It was 5:45 before we got the next group.

By 7:15 we had 85 visitors.  Not bad for a cold school night.  I had over bought candy though and still have enough for another Halloween.

Then I caved.  We turned out the light and hit the 7 houses left on the block that still had their lights on. 

Never too old!!

Red Ribbon Week

I'm glad Canyon's day center participates too.  He loves the dress up days.

Family Pumpkin Painting

My work holds a couple after school activities for the staff and their families during the school year.  This time it was pumpkin painting.

A coworker made the crocheted Jack Skellington.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The BIG 21

Yep!  He is legal to par-tay!

His b-day was Thursday so we waited until Saturday for the celebration.

The lady that did Sahara and Jared's wedding cake made Canyon a hamburger cake!
So cool!

First swig of a legal adult beverage.
He said he liked it, but didn't want another swig.

After burgers, beans, chips, and potato salad...and was time for gifts.

He got, cards, many fast food gift cards, a denim jacket, a Canyon University hat, bed sheets, and a burger stacker

The 16 party attendees were, the 4 of us- Canyon, mom, Sahara, and Jared.  Dad, Rita, and grandpa, Logan and his family- Teri, TJ, Ethan, and Caysen, and Morris (Melanie) and her family- Rylan, Addalyn, and Susan.  

After the party and clean up, we tried Canyons burger stacker and put on his new sheets.

Happy Birthday Canyon!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Halloween in the House

A little here and there added to the fall decor.

Ok, the porch is just fall...

...after you pass the spider's grave yard.