Saturday, February 10, 2018

Night To Shine

Tim Tebow's Foundation puts on Night to Shine yearly all across the US.  We had our first one here.  It for young adults with disabilities to be buddied up with an escort and attend a prom-like dance.
Honestly, Canyon has been to prom and a few weeks ago went to a semi-formal with his day center group, but, he had friends from baseball going to this, so I signed him up.  Same vest as his other dances, but a new red shirt and tie this time.

He didn't miss a beat or look back when getting in that limo.  He was excited!

His escort was a lady named Marlie.

After some good eats...

He met up with some baseball friends in the lobby for pictures.

Then down the hall for the dance.

We got there early and he was just about the only one on the dance floor.

3 hours that boy danced!  A few slow songs with Marlie too.

He had the most fun with Logan.  
They were like 2 peas in a pod!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sahara and Jared won a contest for "couples" for a mini shoot out of about 25.  It was by the photographer they will have for their wedding.  (Actually I think she chose them so she could get acquainted with them)  There was supposed to be a second couple, but apparently something came up.

First they went to a greenhouse.

Then they went to a coffee shop for a more relaxed and natural feel.

I think they get a handful of digital images for free. 
 (better quality than the screenshots I put here)

Sunday, February 4, 2018

These Lovely Ladys

Sahara worked many hours creating 'invitations' for her girls to ask them to be in her wedding.

They also each received a shirt for wedding shopping and rehearsal.

And a shirt for herself.  Yes, spelled like BeyoncĂ©.


Carlee and Lisa and Emily

And the sister-to-be Hanna.