Sunday, December 10, 2017

On the move....

Another move!
A house this time. Happy dance for the doggos!
Jared getting ready to start dinner on a gas stove for the first time ever.
Small eating area.
1 bath.
The craft, storage, dogs room.
The guest room.
Their room. Still a work in progress. But its getting there.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Getting Our Christmas On

The day after Thanksgiving, as usual, we start getting the Christmas stuff out. The tree went up and so did the rest of the inside decorations.
The next day I worked on the lights for the outside. I thought I was finally going to get to use those little Globe Spinners to make dancing lights on the house, because this was going to be the first year that the dogs were old enough not to chew up all the wires. Hahaha and then there's Jupiter. We're giving it a try anyway.
Christmas present to myself arrived. Not exactly what I was expecting but hopefully they will last me a couple of years.
We we went to the December art walk downtown on Friday, and of course Canyon got to see Santa Claus again. I think the pictures came out really cute: having a discussion, having a smile, being goofy.
On Saturday, we went to the outlet stores in Little Rock to get some Christmas shopping done. We did pretty good! They have such a pretty tree there.
Then we went out to eat at Taziki's. Pretty yummy Greek food.
Then on to the Sherwood Enchanted Forest. It was a free drive-through Christmas display that was collecting canned goods or donations at the end. We had brought some canned goods with us. It was a very very long line to wait in. They had the cars zigging and zagging all through a parking lot until they got to the entrance. It was like trying to get into Disneyland.
It was very nice! An hour and a half away from home but worth the drive.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gobble Gobble

On our way out to eat with a big portion of Jared's family.
My offering was a last minute concoction of brussel sprouts and ground lamb.
Then we went to James's mom's for round 2.
I brought pepperoni spinach dip but it was completely uneaten because they had already eaten by the time we got there. So I brought it back home.
Sahara and Canyon got to visit with their dad and Uncle Thomas. It was a pretty good Thanksgiving although we miss our out of state family!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fur Friend Overload

Coming back home from Sahara's one day before Halloween, we found a mama dog and her litter of four puppies who were about 8 weeks old wondering the street. Of course we could not just leave them there. So they got loaded into my car and taken to my house.
Even mama dog came with us.
Right away friends of Sahara and Jared took the little brindle pup. They named him Hank.
Then we were left with these three and Mama. We decide to give them all planet names. That happened because one of the pups was 16 lb when the others were only six. So his name became Jupiter.
This little guy was Pluto.
And this one was Mercury.
Jupiter just had our hearts from the beginning because he was so cuddly.
Updated pictures of little Hank as he's growing through the last 3 or 4 weeks.
I thought it would be very hard to find Mama a home, which we were calling Venus. But somebody wanted her. Here she is, Baby Girl, at her new house.

Mercury went to a girl who said he is adjusting well in her house.  I love his little goatee.

A co-worker of mine took Pluto, and named him Ruffy.  Ruffy has a nice new bed.
Currently, Jupiter is 1 pound bigger than Hippie.
So we're just down to Jupiter now. If he stayed this size I keep him for sure.

At one point for awhile, we had 8 dogs and a cat living here.  It was a good thing 7 of them were under 20 pounds.  Lots of love, cuddles, and kisses!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Return

He's back!
All the families lined up in a semi circle in the hangar. Then the soldiers lined up outside and the doors opened.
Jordan was on the first flight and his girlfriend and baby (who he met just 5 minutes earlier).... it's a long story....were there to greet him.
We had to wait over an hour longer for Jared's flight.
Everyone gave out the hugs.
Then we went out for a late quick lunch as we had scheduled a return dinner in a few hours.
After dinner, I finally got a picture with the dude. Another family welcome home lunch for the 2 of them at Nanny's tomorrow.
One little sister, Hanna, happy to have her brothers back. Welcome back Jared and Jordan!