Friday, January 15, 2021

Birthday Gift to Myself

My other rug was barely over 2 years old, but it would not lay flat on the edges and it had been bothering me for awhile.  It was a Ruggable, the kind you can peal the top layer off and put in the washer.  After the 1st wash, it didn't seem to lay quite how it was supposed to and after 4 or 5 washes it would curl up a little on the edges. So, I got a different one and hopefully can sell the old one. I do like them colorful!

Old one when I 1st got it so it is laying just right in this photo.

New Year Resolutions Anyone??

 OK, I'll start.

I really didn't plan on making any resolutions. Actually, I don't really think I have any, but I decided to walk in the halls for 15 minutes 2 times a day at work briskly.  A few days later I loaded a step counter on my phone just to see how I was actually doing.  Turns out, I was getting approximately 2.75 miles in a day doing that.  1 mile per walk and 3/4 a mile doing other stuff. The app has achievements to reach and one of them is 500 miles so I made that my goal for the year.  To get to 500 by 2022.  So far I have about 17. 😀 OK, not a huge deal to most but miles I wouldn't have gotten at all if I didn't decide to do this.

I'm not counting weekends and the summer will be more challenging because I either have to talk Canyon into going with me (HA!) or leave him at the house.

My other thing is to lessen my carbon footprint by using the silicon zip bags I got for Christmas as much as possible and not use ziplock bags (which I use in my lunch 5 days a week and when I separate meat to freeze and for leftovers).  Again, not a huge thing but at least it's something and will save 5-8 bags a week which is 260-416 bags a year.  Who knew!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Birthday 51

I get birthday snow!

Liam gets to try new food in his new high chair.

Rib Crib for dinner, yummy!

Then, ice cream cake and gifts and cards.


And Liam and Canyon have a moment of snuggles.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Christmas Time is Here!

Christmas break is here and we made cookies.

Then we headed to Bost so Canyon can get goodies.

We set out treats for the delivery people and made a gift sack of treats for the mail lady.

I cooked the turkey early because we also had a ham to cook and I didn't want to spend more hours than necessary in the kitchen during our Christmas. It's been a dozen or more years since I cooked a turkey, but it looks like it came out ok.

Canyon and I went to see Christmas lights in other neighborhoods. We also stopped at Santa's shop and sleigh.

We had to wait until the day after Christmas for our Christmas because Jared had to work Christmas day.

Neither Liam nor Canyon knew the difference so it was all good.
They set out treats and headed to bed to see what Santa would bring.


After gifts, it was our traditional cinnamon rolls and fruit for breakfast.

A few Christmas morning pj photos, (except Canyon who doesn't come out of his room without regular clothes on). At least he remembered to put on his Grinch shirt.

Liam got his first baby food this morning.  Sweet potatoes for the win.  He only took a few bites but seemed to enjoy them.

Then he got cleaned up and went to have cousin pictures taken with Hudson, Nora, and Asher.
They look so cute!

Later that night, Liam got more sweet potatoes and did even better.

And that's a wrap!

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Christmas Cheer at Work

 Reindeer Cheer Squad.

I wasn't a part of the squad.  I was just in the hall when they took the picture and they told me to jump in.

I missed Monday, stuck in Bentonville in the snow.

     Tuesday - antlers or hat          Wednesday - plaid or flannel

Thursday - warmth wear        Friday - pajamas

And that's a wrap to 2020 pandemic school.