Tuesday, October 20, 2020

At Home Away From Home - Fair, Masters, Bumkin, and Daycare

Checked out the Spanker Creek Farm Arts and Crafts Fair.
So many more things to do in NWA.

Totally should have gotten this dragon but it was $150.

Chillish and windy so Liam used his cloak of invisibility and it worked out great!

Beautiful mums but I can't keep those alive.

Sahara officially graduated with her Masters!!!

Way to go Sahara!!!

The houses that do the Christmas lights do Halloween also so we checked them out.  Pretty cool!

Sweet Liam in his bassinette.

Then we tortured him with bumkin pumpkin pictures.  He hated it but the whole thing from start to finish was less than 10 minutes from paint to bath.  He threw a fit the whole time.

Monday came before we knew it and it was his first day of daycare.  He did great.  They adored him.  He drank from the bottle and napped just as he should.  He was spoiled.  They use an app which sends mom and dad little updates throughout the day and tracks feeding and diaper changes and mood.  How nice!

Oh, it looks like daycare is going to torture him with arts and crafts too.  😂


Monday, October 12, 2020

Canyon's 22 in Bentonville

Canyon's birthday weekend was spent in Bentonville.  We went to a little roadside pumpkin patch but didn't buy pumpkins there.  They wanted too much for them.  Later we got some on sale at Walmart that were just as good anyway and $3 a piece! Sahara even got a huge tri colored mum for $12 instead of a single colored one for $20.

We also hit The Razorback Shop and Target where Canyon picked out a few things and then back to the house with Subway for lunch and to open gifts.

Thanks everyone!

We made cookie brownies and sang in the evening after dinner and that was about it.


Liam got his first Dolly Imagination Library book.

And we decorated the house for Halloween.

Thursday, October 8, 2020


Ok, heard a gun shot.  It was close, but not unusual.  We have a small stretch of woods behind the house and a big farm land past that.  Then two more shots.  Really close.  Decided Canyon and the dogs needed to come in from the back yard.  The dogs were unusually quiet considering. Now that I'm outside I hear people yelling out front and more bangs which I can tell are coming from the front and not the woods or farm.  I had left the back door open and they went charging in.  I got Canyon off the swing and notice sirens from all directions heading this way and rush him in the house as quickly as possibly.  He hears them too now that he has his music out of his ears.  I'm trying to keep us quiet because I'm not sure what all the ruckus is out front, civil war, WWIII, zombie apocalypse...all I know is that I don't want the yelling/gun firing people in the front yard to know we are in the back yard.  So I'm trying to get us locked in the house.  Canyon gets in the house and sees the firetrucks through the front windows from the back door and makes a mad dash to the front door.  I stop him still not knowing what is happening and go to check the window.  Then I see what it is.  My neighbor's house is totally engulfed in flames.  At first we just watch and then I realize Canyon has a baseball teammate that lives in either that house or the one next to it so I facebook message his aunt and uncle to check on him.  It took 20 minutes for 1 of them to notice my message which seemed like forever.  They were not home and are the neighbors.  Their house and the house on the other side had some damage too. The residents of the home burning, mom and 4 kids, were able to get out but lost everything. Our road was blocked off from 7 until 10:30 and at 9:30 when I went to bed there were still 3 firetrucks in front of my house.

What a sad mess.


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Little Liam

 Here he is in Uncle Canyons sleeper!

Having a happy walk around the block.

The difference 3 weeks can make!!

Wooo Hooo!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Friday, September 11, 2020

Sahara's Birthday Weekend

She's 25, 2 weeks postpartum, and weighs less than she did before getting pregnant, the turd! 


Saturday we went to the Ozark Corn Maze.  The actual corn maze part was not open but the sunflower fields were.  Liam went on his first hay ride at 2 weeks old and seemed to like it.  Jared was afraid he'd get shaken baby syndrome but I had to remind him it was the only way of travel for all babies once upon a time.

It's was so hot though. 

We each got to take a sunflower home.

Bees really really love sunflowers.  😬

Back at the house I caught some sleeping Liam smiles.

He is also down to 1 elf ear.  1 decided to round out on us.