Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ranking Up

Jared completed and graduated from training today. He has paperwork to file (which could be months) before his pinning ceremony. So its not quite official yet.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Jon and Lisa

Jon, Jared's friend from baseball for the last 8+ years, and Lisa, a friend of Sahara's, tied the knot.

It was supposed to be outside, but like all things planned in Arkansas, you can not predict the weather from one hour to the next.  It was way too cold and windy.  Luckily, the reception hall was right there and plenty big enough to also hold the wedding.

Sahara was one of her bridesmaids (as she will be one of Sahara's).

Jon and Lisa April 14, 2018

 We thought we were going to be part of the clean up crew so we stayed late, but several guys pretty much took care of all the clean up while we danced.

One down, one to go!  They get to reverse roles in 6 months!

Area 17 Games

We made it to the 2018 Area Games.  Wasn't sure we would because I hadn't had any word about Special Olympics this year.  Even though it had been discussed many times throughout the year that S.O. was something I definitely wanted him to be included in.

And when we get there and found his group, his badge says he's in the 100 meter walk.  WHAT!?!?
So basically they just put him the easiest thing for them to get a score or time for and not even in 2 events like he (and everyone) should be in.

Since it was only he and I this time, I decided to let him walk out himself.  YIKES!

Luckily I was able to find him when the games got started and we had a looooooong wait until his event (which was dead last!)  So we sat in the freezing bleachers for over 5 hours waiting.

Finally, the sun came out and his event was on.

And just as I assumed, he did not walk, but jogged the whole way.  I figured this would disqualify him but they gave him 1st place anyway.  He was not the only jogger.

Even though I know he was bummed about not getting to do the events he thought he was going there to do, he was proud of his medal.  Does this mean State?  Do not know.  I did talk with someone from his baseball who has put together a team that he can be included with next year instead of the day center that doesn't seem to care.  So he will probably be with that group next year.

All that waiting was exhausting!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Saturday

I forgot to check to see if I had food coloring. I only had gel. It still worked ok. YaY!
It was a sunny 70 degree day on Saturday, so thats when we did Easter.
All the littles, most which are not so little anymore!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Rest Of Spring Break

World Down Syndrome Day happened and we made sure to wear our crazy socks.

Chloe Cat had her 15th birthday!

The sump pump from hell finally got installed but it is basically rigged.  Need to do more work to it but hopefully it will do what it is supposed to until I get around to it.

Did some weeding.  The flower beds are growing like crazy with ground cover.

Found some bulbs on clearance. 

We went to Munchin on Main St in Morrilton.  Yummy food trucks, music, arts and crafts, and free carnival rides.

Crazy door and steps tucked in a nook down town.

Awww. Sad little arcade is no more.

Cake pops for dessert.

I think this was the first time ever Canyon has been on a ride by himself.  Sahara said no way to the ride but if Jared or I went on it with him we would be over weight. :[  So he went by himself.  He loved it.

He also did a teacup type ride...

...and tried the rock wall.  He didn't get much higher than this.

82 today!

After some shopping and dinner, we came home to Jupiter carrying around Malaki's bowl.  It was 8 o'clock and way past dinner time he says!