Sunday, December 16, 2018

Small Tree

Canyon's day center put on a play. He was a snowflake.
Walking out with snow.
Singing Christmas carols after it was over.
Of course he saw Santa again.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Getting Christmas Ready

The Poppy Patch is coming together.  I have a few boxes to go through in the spare room and a little work to do in the garage and we can be officially done with the move in here.

The Sweet Retreat is coming along too.  Stoves have just be swapped.  The black stove at this house is the same model as the white one at the old house, but my old one is in much better condition.  Even though it wont match the microwave in color, the dishwasher and refrigerator are both the darker stainless steel so only they match anyway.

The white one removed from the old house and the cord from the black one put on it.  The black one from the new house installed at the old house.
 And the reverse here at the new house.

Why? The black's drawer won't stay on track, the bake button has warn through the touch pad and is now a hole to the actual button underneath, and the glass top is pretty scratched.  The white has a working drawer, no warn buttons, and if it is scratched you can't tell because of the speckled glass top that they don't make anymore. 

 I need to do one more trash collection at Sweet (can only do 2 cans a week) and clean/wipe out the kitchen cabinets and sweep and mop, pull command strips down in all rooms, fill in the sump pump hole and it will be ready to sell.  Yay!  Neighbor has a friend or relative interested but I need to figure on a price.

Christmas is up at the Poppy Patch too.

I didn't do to much for outside lights but we have more than 80% of our neighbors which is a little disappointing.  At least the people across the street and down a house do a nice job with their lights so I have some to look at through the dinning room window.

All the gifts got wrapped last weekend and are under the tree.
Cards and mailed gifts are going out today.

I gifted myself 2 benches.  1 for shoes and dog leashes in the under seat storage by the garage door and 1 in my bathroom by the shower for towels and clothes.

The plan is for Jared and Sahara to spend the night here Christmas Eve and do Christmas together in the morning.  Then I'm sure they will be off to do 2 or 3 more Christmases with his family.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Art Walk Santas

At the Art Walk on Friday, Canyon saw a Santa at Joshuas Jewerly store where we always go for good eats.
Then we ran into another Santa at Dog Ear Books.
He also found 2 more painted rocks for our collection.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Dinner with the Guard

Holy Moly there was a lot of food!

It was all last minute notice though apparently planned for a long time because a lot of work went into putting this huge meal together.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New Homestead!

While recovering from oral surgery, Canyon and I (with a lot of help from Jared) moved into this great home in the Oak Forest subdivision.

We're calling it 
The Poppy Patch.

The front has a nice porch that is the length of the home.

The garage needs some work because I don't have the tool benches here yet so things are a little piled up.  But I can still park my car.  A garage!  Whoop-Whoop!!

Coming in from the garage and take a right into the laundry room.

A few feet down and take a left to the master bedroom.

A very nice size.

Between the bedroom and bathroom is a nifty office...

...and a fabulous walk in closet.

The bathroom is huge.

It has a jacuzzi tub and it works great.  My sore muscles from moving really appreciated the jetted soak.

Looking back to the bedroom.

Standing by the kitchen, this is looking to my room on the right, the laundry on the left and the door to the garage straight ahead.

Pivoting around to the living room.

The dining area is open to the living room.

The entry, next to the dining area with a wall separating it.

And the kitchen.  Even though the kitchen square footage is the same as the old house.  I went from 10 uppers and 10 lowers to 5 uppers and 6 lowers.  It was interesting to figure how to get it all in.  No pantry so 4 of my uppers became food storage too.  But its a very pretty kitchen.

Off of the living room is a small hall leading to Canyon's room, the spare room, and hall bath.

Out the back door of the living room (also door from my bedroom) is a small deck with puppers! :)

Plenty of space to run and play.

It's crazy to think that we lived 18 1/2 years at Our Sweet Retreat.  More time there then the house I grew up in actually.
We've spent 6 nights here now and I have to say that even on the very 1st night, it felt as though we have always been here!

The house is very comfortable.

Thank you mom and dad for making this possible!!!