Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Family Day and Graduation - will update

Sahara went with Jared's mom to Fort Sill Oklahoma see Jared, attend graduation, and bring him home for 2 weeks.

He posted this on Instagram last night.

Finally, together!

As Sahara sends me more pictures, I will update this post!

Spoiled Much???

Because of semester testing, today could be Canyon's last day, but because Sahara is out of state and I am at work, he has to go tomorrow too.  But the Christmas party was today and look at what all this boy brought home!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kitties love Kristmas

She can't get under the tree anymore because gifts took over her spot.  But she made this her spot for 2 weeks :)

So she found a new spot. 4 feet from the tree on a foot stool. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Delivering a little fa-la-la

I have my buddy gifts and cards ready to take to work on Monday.  

I love these gift bags.  So cute :)

Busy Holiday Weekend

It's been a busy weekend.
Gifts wrapped and under tree.
Work gifts and cards ready for Monday.
Minor house repairs.
Pack Sahara.
Walmart shop.
Relocate swing so it will stop submerging in mud.
Baked Christmas cookies.

And went to the Bost Christmas Dance.

Sahara has 3 finals tomorrow and then she is off to Oklahoma for a couple days with Jared's mom to watch him graduate and bring him home for the holidays.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Door Contest

We have never had a Christmas Door Contest at school/work before, but this year it was mandatory that we participate.  So, I was put in charge of it.  It had to be student created (Mrs. Lee still wanted to see out the window). We traced the kids hands and had them cut their hands out.  They also wrapped their own presents, and one student filled out the name tags.  I did all the hot glue gluing for safety.
We were the first classroom with our door completed.

I think they did a great job and our door looks awesome!

Apparently the judges did too because...

Russellville Courier Newspaper:

Our door with our neighbor's door, Mrs. Chagnon's class.  They are a class just like us.

Others from around the building.

Mrs. Kuras' 2nd Place (which she came up on the weekend to do I overheard her say :/ )

The ALE classroom I go to in the afternoon.

For the ALE classroom, we had to make an elf body for our silly head shots.  This is what Clay (another teacher who comes in for a bit) and I came up with.

His short body cracks me up!


It was fun, but it's going to be hard if we do it next year to find new ideas.  There were so many good ideas this year!

We made the local paper over the weekend. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Downtown Parade

A few shots of the Christmas Parade in Russellville.

Santa Visit

He getting too big for Santa's lap... 
but never too big for Santa!!

Business to attend to

Canyon has to sign Sahara's time cards every week.  He looks so official.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Early Bird for Bowling

Canyon had to be at school at 6:30 this morning.  Even though he was sick and could not participate in Special Olympic Bowling several weeks ago, he was the 'alternate' on his team.  Then, another boy couldn't go, so Canyon took his spot today.  Breakfast of eggs, pancakes, sausage, and milk was served at 6:30 sharp at his school.  Then they got on the bus at 7 to head to Little Rock.
I received these photos saying that the team was doing great!

I guess so!
They got 1st PLACE!!!

One crazy school family!

Lunch at Larry's Pizza! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

For the first day (Wednesday) of the Turkey Break, we took our yearly pictures, caught Mockingjay at the newly remodeled theater, and did Black Friday shopping early!!  

Some of the shots we liked. 
 And the winner is:

Turkey dinner tomorrow at Mila's. 

Thanksgiving day!
I got all the out of state mailing packages wrapped and ready for the post office.
Made corn bread to take with olives, soda, and a pie to Mila's for dinner.

Black Friday
No shopping for us. We went to Planet Fitness to work off our turkey thighs. Came home to eat more, then dug out the Christmas. 

We were planing to go out and cut down a tree but Sahara got this pre-lit 3 footer at the after Christmas sales last year for $10 and we forgot we had it. So we put it up instead of her putting it in the bedroom she never uses. 

Yep it's tiny, but so is our space. 

And if some monster decides to chew up some lights and extension cords...Jamocha Jane...I hope it sparks her butt pretty good.

Small Business Saturday

Nope, didn't shop, put away Christmas tubs from decorating yesterday. Took 2 online tests and wrote my last essay for the semester. Went to the marina. It was beautiful in the 70's today!


Found Jared in a Basic ceremony picture on Facebook. 

Did a work out at Planet Fitness

Plan B
On the way back from PF, we stopped by the woods and brought home this guy.

The other tree just looked like a decoration to me and not a Christmas tree.  This one is Charlie Brownish and we have no idea what kind it is.  Very stickerish for sure!  
 Here is a caparison in size from what we were using.  I like our new tree :)

The little one now is in Canyon's room since his little white tree broke in storage and he didn't have one this year.