Monday, April 14, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Area 17 Special Olympics

It's that time of year and we are so excited that we got to go this year.  (Last year there was an 'oops' and the scores for our school didn't get entered :( It was really disappointing)

We woke up at 6 am, ate left over KFC and headed to Conway.
College girls hold the signs for the different teams to get the athletes to line up in the correct order.

We got there right at 8:15 and Poncho and Brittany were there too.

 Let's get this party started!
Later, Shawn and Chance showed up too.
Good thing Shawn is a good sport because Canyon is really attached to that kid.
Of course Canyon has to get a picture with another pretty girl.  Miss University, McKenzie, was the one who officially started the games after the march in.

Canyon went from the Tennis Ball Toss straight to the Shot Put.  Because Shawn was doing the Shot Put.  He bypassed the Soft Ball Throw. 

Here is Shawn and wow that boy can push that ball!
Canyon and Shawn were not classified together so they were not in competition.

Here is Canyon's warm up throw with the yellow ball. 
Not too bad!

The game ball is bigger and heavier and his first throw...not so great.
Better on the second throw (you can see it in the house line).
And even better on the 3rd try!
Next event, with a 20 minute bathroom and snack break, was the Standing Long Jump.  I think this has always been his favorite.

1st jump.
 2nd jump.
 3rd is the best again!
 3rd Place goes to Canyon in the Shot Put!
 1st Place for the Standing Long Jump!!
We had a great time and luckily the weather held out.  It was overcast, windy, and chilly, but no rain :)

SO proud of this boy:)

After Special Olympics we headed to shop (when in Conway, one must shop!) And then to Buffalo Wild Wings for late lunch.

Way to go Canyon and the Apaches!
In a week or 2 we will get to know if Canyon qualified for State!  

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Canyon was invited to a Superheroes band concert at the Center for the Arts.  
It was a special performance for families with people with disabilities.
(which I later gathered that it was the dress rehearsal for the evening performance)
Canyon made sure to get pictures with all the usual suspects.
But I have no idea what this was.  It had a turtle shell on it's back with spikes.
Canyon and most of the crew.

Most of the band were also dressed up.
They played the theme songs to 7 or 8 super hero movies/ shows.
The Ironman guys looked so cool.  I think their costumes were the best.
It was just Canyon and mom because the other 2 were at the zoo. 
After the show the kids were invited to go on stage and try out different instruments.  Canyon didn't want to.  I tried to talk him into it but he was shutting down.  So we left and on the way out he grabbed Wonder Woman around the waist to hug her goodbye.  What a flirt.  At least she was a good sport.

Zoo Trip

Usually these type of trips we do as a family, but Sahara and Jared got up bright and early (Jared got off the night shift 2 hours ago) and headed to the zoo.
Who me?
After the zoo they went to the mall and then to eat.
When they came home they had a shirt for Canyon.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

HUGE mistake!!!

Back in December I had closed my old electric account and opened a new one in only my name.  It's about time right??
Well, I forgot to change where the payments were going to on my online banking.  Oh No!!  They have been going to the old, closed account ever since.  I was so confused as to why I was getting disconnect notices and yes!, even got disconnected in February.  When that happened, I used a credit card to pay over the phone to get connected again.  So, THAT payment was actually the only payment that ever went to the new account.  Finally, I sat down and looked at all the payments I had made, all the in between payments too to avoid being cut off.  I realized I have made 6 payments in 3 months and the amount was double what I would normally pay at this time of year.  Then I figured out what happened.  After speaking with 7 different people from 'We can't do anything to refund you the money because you are not the account holder of the old account'
(old acct. and amounts shown as transferred)
to EVERYTHING transferred to the new account like I thought it was all going to all along....SHEW!!!!
I was the squeaky wheel for sure.  I had to fax my bank statement to show that in fact those payments had come from my account and cleared my bank.  I had to explain to 7 people the entire story.  I had to assure and get them to believe that anything that comes to my house with James' name on it will not be delivered and will not be forwarded to him.  2 refund checks were somewhere out in snail-mail world that they would need to cancel or void them.  It didn't take as long as I thought.
(new acct. with transferred amounts and now a credit of $303.96 - notice the late payment charge.  There was also a reconnect charge - I guess I could fight to get those removed, but it was my fault that this happened)
In 48 hours from start to finish I got all my money on my account.  

Goofing off

Canyon and his classmates are making dolls to take to Children's Hospital in Little Rock on Friday for a field trip. Looks like they were trying to one-up Santa with the stuffing. 
Can you tell that he loves school!?!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Christmas in April

From the magazine Canyon got from Nana and Papa for Christmas, a gift card came in the mail recently as a thank you for subscribing. Most everything there is moto-cross and dirt bike gear. But they had a huge clearance section
They had 1 of these left and it was in his size!!
Prefect!  Thanks for the bonus gift Nana and Papa!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Break

Well I started out with 7 or 8 things I needed to get done this week on my list.  Somehow I ended up with 47 by the time the week was over.  Almost all scratched, so that's the good news.  
First was flight tickets for summer vacation.  Yay!  We're booked!
Then, as every spring break, we cleaned out our closets.  4 trash bags of clothes and a shoe bag to be donated.  You'd think we didn't have anything left to wear...
but you'd be wrong.
Then I colored my hair as I do 4 or 5 times a year.
And we all went for haircuts.
What a difference for Sahara.
Sahara and I also went to the Mirage to use up our gift cards Jared got for us for Christmas.
Very nice and relaxing.  I thought Sahara fell asleep!
Sahara and Jared bought a puzzle and started it, but on day 5, it still looks pretty much like....
Off to the races.  We went to Hot Springs for the day and spent some time at Oaklawn.
Jared put his bet in and so did I.
After parking, entry, betting, and lunch, I was down $44.  I only won $3 on my $8 bet (same with Jared).
We stayed for 3 races and it started pouring.  So we left in a clear moment to shop.
First we went to the Hot Springs Mall and Jared and Sahara bought some shirts.  Then to the shops in front of the bath houses.  Canyon found a hat, but he got a shirt instead.
Hot Springs is known as a hang-out for Gangsters of the past.  Sahara found this statue.
The water coming from the springs is sooo toasty.  It was a fairly warm hot tub temperature. I could have eased right in!
Then it was off to Red Lobster to use my gift card from Kristy for my b-day :)
Really the only thing left on the list is to mow. Which I had planned to do early on, before the rains. The mower was a no start. All last mowing season I jumped it every time I used it so I got a new battery. That didn't help. Someone was supposed to come look at it and it appears he was here when we sneeked to town to get a new filter for the house. Haven't heard back from him for a diagnosis yet. Neighbor offered to mow but because of the rain it's too wet now. I hope its fixable because $1500 for a new mower is not something I'm willing or can do now. 
Sahara says I need to embrace the beauty of the purple flowering weeds. If they stayed 8 inches tall and flowering all summer that would be fine.  But the grass will be 4 feet tall in another month if it's not cut weekly. 
Back to school / work tomorrow!!