Monday, August 30, 2010

I survived!

My first online assignment (well I got it turned in and posted on the website correctly and on time anyway) and my first campus class! GO ME !!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Foos' ball

The season is getting started and we went to Jared and Jordan's scrimmage with Two Rivers and Russellville this evening. Humidity is down so it was hot, but manageable.

Jared and Jordan play for the Sand Lizards.

Jordan 50 Jared 14

Random pictures with Jared.


Sahara has a full set in her mouth now. :) So, with hope, she will be corrected and have them off in time for Senior pictures!

Pool fixed....

.....sort of. Got the new filter up and running and after 3 days it's mostly cleared up. I will have to take test water in to see if more salt is needed. But it is swimable now.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Why do I bother ?

I guess spending $500 on a pool this summer was a total waste of money. No one really swims much. Chlorine is very expensive. I bought the saltwater system and salt but all the system does is beep at me and I now have pea soup. I dont know if the system will continue to work if it is beeping, but I left it on and will see in the morning. I think I may just be draining and tossing the whole thing. Buying season passes at the local pool would have been a whole lot cheaper....even if they never got used. :( :( :(

First Day !

Sahara was not at all looking forward to school since she is in the high school this year. But after the first day she was ok. Canyon was not wanting to get up at 6:15 in the morning but was happy to wait for the bus :) Zach was at his house and since we have several 'first day' photos with him...we called over to him to come for a picture and he did before the bus came.

Canyon 6th - Zach 10th - Sahara 10th

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dallas Trip

We headed to Dallas on Thursday morning. All went well until we got to Dallas and they were doing major construction. We ended up missing our turn off somewhere and had to drive a completely different way then the directions I brought. Luckily when we got to a gas station, the people there were very nice and helped us out and got us on the right next 5 freeways to get to the hotel. The freeways there are INSANE!

We enjoyed the pool all to ourselves Thursday afternoon and Friday too! After that for the weekend a HUGE crew for a family reunion took over the place.

We also went to the mall Thursday night.

Then Friday we headed to the Dallas Aquarium. Direction were correct and we made it there with no problem.

Canyon got to feed a toucan!

There was a Mayan dance show.

The dancers were very nice and let us take as many pictures as we wanted.

Next stop was at Ripley's.

We went to the museum and the maze of mirrors. The maze was great! Video of the maze at the bottom.

Saturday was 6 Flags day! It was extremely hot! 110 and humid. Free ice water was given out all over the park. Canyon got heat stressed and had to be taken into one of the stores for about an hour to cool off. But that caused him to pretty much be done for the day.
Trying to get cool in the shade.

Zach was crazy enough to try this...The big hang from a wire and swing thing.

It was so scary to watch. He LOVED it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sahara's schedule

1st year in the high school....1st year with a locker

Her schedule:

1 PreAP Biology
2 Drivers Ed / P.E.
3 PreAP Art
4 English
5 Spanish 1
6 World History
7 Geometry

We assume they will feed her lunch somewhere in there, but we don't know when. I hope it's between 4th and 5th so she doesn't end up with 4 hard classes at the end of the day in a row. 2nd period is 1 semester each.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I guess I should have taken Jared up on mowing for me 2 days ago.....but nooooo. I had to do it this morning and did this:

Now I either get to spend $200 on a new filter ( the salt one I was planning to get next summer ) or put the pool up for the year. It's 105 out! We wanna swim!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

me this morning:

At first there is a loud rushing noise...and a million thoughts come flooding in. So fast I can't really make out or make sense of any of them. Then I say to myself, this isn't my bed. It's harder and colder. And my body aches. It's hurting more and more and more. Ok! Open your eyes, why does my body hurt? Why am I looking at a washing machine? On the.....ground? Tingling all over now and then back to normal. Yep! I passed out in the hall after I woke up this morning. I went back in my room to look at the clock because I was sure at least an hour went by. Nope, only 1 minute. Thats good. The feeling is so strange. I go to Sahara's room now laughing at what just happened. Shes awake and asks what that noise was. I told her the story. She said it sounded like Canyon had thrown one of his monster trucks at the wall. I'm surprised that I didnt split open my head. My thigh is bruised and my neck hurts. I'm such a dork. I never even felt it coming on. That was really strange.