Wednesday, July 28, 2010

finally...a vacation planned

The kids and I along with our neighbors, Mila and Zach will be heading to Dallas for a very end of the summer get-a-way. We will go to Dallas for a couple days and weather permitting go to Six Flags. Then its back home and work and school start the same week. Were did the summer go???

college...r u kiddin ???

Yep. I got signed up and will start my first 2 classes next month. 1 online and 1 at the campus. At this rate I will be in college for the next 12 years to get a 4 year degree. Oh joy! Sahara will probably be graduating from college before me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Malaki and Sascha

Malaki is getting a lot more playful and Sascha a bit more tolerant of him.

(please excuse the mess on the floor...we had a BBQ last night and the house hadn't been restored from the mayhem yet)

Sascha 4 1/2 years ~ Malaki 8 1/2 weeks

Friday, July 16, 2010

Championship gamez

It was only about 5000 degrees out but we hit the ball fields.
We got there late because Canyon had a drs. appt. in Little Rock and it took forever. So we missed most of the first game, but Jared scored -we missed it! :[ - and they won! 7 - 0

Sahara and Jared between games.
Paige (Sahara's BFF) and Jordan (Jared's twin brother) between games
I don't know...maybe they are playing pattycake.
Sahara and Paige made shirts to support the team.

2nd Place. They totally bombed big time the second game, but all the players were in great spirits anyway. I think it ended up being 0 - 19 and towards the end they were all pretty much acting silly and switching up positions to try out different things for the fun of it. Their team even got the good sportsmanship award. Actually the team who got 1st were a little upset that the second place team were in such high spirits. I guess they wanted that 'rubbed in your face' victory.

Paige - Jordan - Jared - Sahara
After the game we went to IHOP with another teammate, his parents (the coach) and Jared and Jordan's mom. There were only 10 of us but our food took an hour!

Home at 1 am!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baseball season is about over

And Sahara's favorite player got to pitch! Jared's team won against Sahara's was hard to know who to cheer for :P The boyfriends team or classmates we have been cheering for - for the last 9 years...

Last games tomorrow...a double against Little Rock for STATE!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Malaki 6 week and 4 days old.

Chloe and Malaki check each other out. Chloe does not take Malaki as a threat. Sascha does however. She will not get close to the pup, I think shes afraid she will get in trouble if it makes a sound or yelled at for being 'big' next to this itty bitty ragamuffin.

Malaki's first video ~ playing with a 1 1/2 half inch water ball. Too cute!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July

Of course, living in the south, since the 4th of July falls on a Sunday, we have to celebrate on Saturday. So this evening we went to see the fireworks. Good, but not as great as years past.

Before that we went to Paige's house for a pool party.
Paige and Canyon. Yes Paige can swim and is a goof with her floaties!

Sahara poolside.


Happy Early Birthday to Sahara....

She got her Yorkie puppy.....

He is 6 weeks and 3 days old and got to come home with her today!!!

Prince Malaki
or just Malaki for short.

YAY! Russellville decided NOT to change the 4th to the 3rd so we got to see a free concert at the park and watch fireworks again. Much better show than last night. :)

Horse Camp

Sahara went to Bar J Ranch this past week. She was every much against going (mostly because she thought she would not be allowed to have her cell phone with her) but by the end of the first day....she LOVED it!! (they were allowed to have phone time mostly the last hour before lights out)

Penny - girls bunk mom.
Mary - Sahara's camp BFF.
Arizona - a rescue horse they got at the end of the week.

A bunch of camp kids filling up water balloons for their daily cooling down water fight.
Sahara waits for directions in the rodeo ring.

Getting ready for the rodeo.

The campers get a certificate after the rodeo. ( Sahara in back row in center)
Last picture of Sahara and Trooper together.
Trooper is a Red Roan Tennessee Walker.

Other fun things she got to do at camp were the zip line, water slide, smores, talent show, line dancing, herd cattle, and trail ride.

Entrance to the rodeo.

Hat Trick

Standing on Trooper!

Unsaddling Trooper for the last time.