Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Our day started with getting our meal put together (mostly so we can have left overs for the rest of the weekend)
Then we ate, packed a LOT of ham away in the freezer, and put all the left overs up. 
Next was a nice nap. 
Then off to Mila, Joe, and Zach's for another meal. Sahara and Zach's friend from high school, Jason, was there for grub too. 
Happy Turkey Day!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's been a crafty day :)

Made these for my teacher friends for Christmas today!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eagle Trip

Canyon and his class went on a field trip this week to scout for eagles.  They even went out on a boat on the lake. 
Canyon, his class and teacher Mrs. Van Ez

It was a pretty chilly day and was supposed to rain.  Canyon was prepared.

No eagles were found unfortunately, but they did find an eagles nest.
After was lunch in the park.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bangs and Blonde

Sahara's weekend project

Sahara decided to do a project. She wanted a place for pictures in her room and wanted to create that place herself. Not buy a premade board. We hot glued foam board on the back of the cork board because it's never thick enough and tacks poke through. Then she hot glued thin rope. Originally the rope was to tuck pictures behind, but that wasn't working so it became a design element. 
It took until the next day to figure the pattern she wanted to put them on the wall. The are held up with that double sided foamy tape. 

Pictures went up fast. 

Even before she remembered that she had bought little starfish to glue on the ropes.
She's going to take back the unused roll of rope and get more starfish to finish it. 
So until then, here's the finished project. $25. 


No. Not me, 
or Sahara, 
or Canyon for that matter. 
Sahara's friend Brittany and her boyfriend Tyler got engaged this weekend. Waaaay too young, but they plan on at least a year engagement. 
Her ring is beautiful but we could not get a picture to do it justice. 
Sahara took their 2 year dating pictures :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super Star

Canyon is a model for a brand new campaign called:
It just formed 3 weeks ago so if it becomes more then a Facebook page, I will let you know. For now, he and around 15 other kids are there to spread awareness that they need to be thought of People First and they are not DS kids or Downs kids or but kids first, who happen to have Down syndrome. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Special Olympics Bowling

It's that time of the year for Special Olympic bowling.  At 8:10 Saturday morning we left the house to head to Sportsworld Bowling Alley. Canyon and his team were set up on lane 16.  He found a gold ball in his size and soon the games were about to begin.

I sneaked over to the side to get a shot of him in action, but lighting is pretty dull so they all turned out blurry.  

He made a couple Spares as you can see in the picture above.  

Awesome job Canyon!

The team: Chance, Shawn, Canyon, and Tyler

Pancho, our neighbor and Canyon's bud in the Jr. High, got his medal for Individual Bowling.
Another happy kid.
Everyone awarded and just in time for lunch at Ihop.
Way to Go Canyon!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So this is how I work now....

Officers performed a complete sweep of Russellville Middle School Monday night
Police do a 6 am locker search before school on Tuesday.


KATV - Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports

In case the video doesn't work or take forever to load:
RUSSELLVILLE (KATV) - Two students were arrested Wednesday after death threats were made against other students at Russellville Middle School through the online message board Ask.FM.
More than half the student body stayed home Wednesday. More than 70 percent didn't show up for classes on Tuesday.
Thursday may be a different story, though, thanks to those arrests.
Police arrested the first suspect Wednesday morning as part of a separate investigation. She originally went on the same site asking how to make a bomb, according to police, and was charged with falsely communicating a terroristic threat.
The second female suspect was interviewed and arrested Wednesday afternoon, directly connected to the Ask.FMdeath threats.
Police emphasized that while both girls were arrested for activity on the same site, they were not working together and their alleged crimes are in no way connected.
The case took major steps Wednesday morning thanks, in part, to help from federal law enforcement agencies that were able to ping the IP address from the chatroom.

Neither suspect has been identified because of their ages.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Evening visitors

I took these pictures from inside my house. They were about 50 feet from the patio. We've never had them come so close before (that we know of anyway). 

Christmas came early

Even though we worked really hard a couple weeks ago to make a make-shift loft bed for Canyon, I decided to order him a real one for Christmas. I ordered it on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday. I was shocked. I was told estimated time of arrival would be mid November. Well, we couldn't just let it sit there for 2 months so we dug in. 
All the parts and pieces were accounted for even though it appeared that the box had been opened and retaped. Maybe it was delivered to someone else but was the wrong color. It came in black, white and grey. 
It took Sahara and I a little over 2 hours to get it put together. 
Finally! It's one bolt short because the hole wasn't bored out correctly to allow the bolt to fit in (wasn't a major needed part) and 5 of the 44 slat fasteners broke when we tried to get them on. They also weren't super needed because there were other components in place to keep them secure. 
His insanely thick mattress is taller then the guard rails!
 I'm not excited that the ladder can only be placed on this side because it means he has to crawl over pillows to get up and down. He likes his pillows by the wall. But it's just tall enough to get 1 of his 2 dressers underneath which was exactly what I was hoping for. Going to Lowes tomorrow for pipe insulation for the rungs. Because they are round they are hard on the feet. 
(After these pictures were taken, we flipped to the window wall and now he climbs in and out at the foot of the bed)

Merry early Christmas Canyon. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

There everywhere!

Wow!  Look what's growing in the yard. I heard some shots outside so I went to investigate. Didn't find the source of the gun fire, but found mushrooms everywhere.  
The first picture has a resident perched on top. Yikes!!
Some are nearly as big around as my hand fingers and all. The underneath is pretty cool looking.