Sunday, October 31, 2010


Living in the South and Halloween falling on a Sunday (as The 4th Of July did) the holiday was 'moved' to Saturday.

After the Fall Fest downtown....and then a little down time....we got dressed and headed out for trick-or-treating.

Had a good time in the hoods. The kids sat on the tailgate and I drove from house to house (seeing that only 3 houses on this block and 4 on this block participated) Most houses are out of candy and have their lights off by 8. The reason is because they are in 'good' neighborhoods and everyone flocks to them. My friend Dawn lives in one of these hoods and has 200 kids from 6:30-8. We got to her house at 7:50. Her light was out so I called. She was expecting us so she saved some for Canyon.

I put a candle in the baby pumpkin and fixed the big pumpkin's eyes. I like!!!

Downtown Fall Fest

We went as we always do, but got there a little later then we planned. We weren't planning on entering Malaki in the dog show but should have. They only had 30 enter and were taking the 1st 35. Maybe next year! Everyone thought he was adorable.

He's a pirate!

Canyon had a few cars he loved and had to have pictures with.

He is obsessed with firetrucks these days!

The car show is 10 times bigger then it was a few years ago. From maybe 15 cars to well over 100 now.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Party

This was so much fun!!

It was round 3 of Canyon's b-day. I know. It's totally out of control. What happened is that we were going to put off Canyon's b-day per the request of friends who were going to be out of town. But Canyon knew it was his b-day so we had to go ahead and do something before. Now, we had the friends, had to carve our pumpkins Thursday because of high school football Friday and so much going on Saturday. So I decided we will have a pumpkin carving party and a cake and call it good.


Sascha and Malaki even dressed up for the occasion :)

Just a pumpkin sweater (that is actually too small but is all the store had left)

Malaki is a pirate :)

Party table set up

Sahara and I moved the couches out to the carport to make room for lots of carving and people.

So it begins :) Rylan and Melanie think about Rylan's design and Mila and Hannah get busy on theirs.

We had Mila and Zach
Paula, John, Kristy and Hannah
Rusty, Melanie, Zane, Rylan and Addylin
Me, Jared, Sahara and Canyon

Zach and Canyon dig in. I think this is only Canyon's 2nd time actually wanting to get his hands in the goo.

Can't keep Mila away from the babies. She got to hold Addy for awhile. I haven't even held her yet!!!

Jared takes the first stab into his very first pumpkin ever. Yes, he has never carved a pumpkin before. I love that he gets to do new stuff like this with us :)

Canyon looks like he is having a great time!

Rusty helps Zane with his pumpkin. This is also a first. Rusty has never carved a pumpkin before either. He does not like the goo so he chose never to carve before.

It was funny to watch Jared and Rusty. They took the most time, were the most careful, and were the most serious carvers of the group.

Melanie decorates Addy's pumpkin with a marker.

Sahara tries to be very careful and actually her pumpkin this year looks the best ever!

Here is the groups efforts (- Zach's pumpkin which I think was on the back of my truck and I didn't realize it till after pictures were done)

This household's masterpieces :)

I told everyone we eat our babies here. Maybe that's why they kept Addy away from me. hahaha

Jared's Superman

Misty's Monster

Canyon's Crazyhead

Sahara's Goofballhead

It was a lot of fun. I think if the Buddy Walk b-day thing doesn't work out, Canyon's b-day will just be moved to the end of the month for this. Or we will just do this anyway for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All too soon, Basketball ends :(

Shooting for Success is only an October program....then the regular basketball session starts. He LOVES it. Lots of excitement running up and down the court.

This is one of the 3 baskets he made this game:

The cake for all the players

Everyone got pizza and bread sticks too.

He went up with his team for awards. They got a medal, draw string back pack, team and individual pictures, and a graphic novel style bible.

This was the girl who was his one-on-one for the practices and games. Unfortunately, I do not know her name :(

Next up will be baseball in the spring.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Growing.......a little

Measured Canyon and he grew 2 1/2 inches this year. That's great! He is now a hair shorter then Sahara was at 10 years old. hahaha. My little guy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Basketball is way too short. Only the month of October. Canyon is on the red team this year. Because they have so many kids this year, it's also been broken into 2 groups. 4 teams from 6-7 and 4 teams from 7-8. He's the early session which is fine with me!

Better pictures coming soon!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Like a Duracell....Canyon's b-day just keeps going and going and...

Canyon's birthdays always seem to come in stages.

We went to Hog Wild for phase 2 of Canyon's b-day. Since today is actually his b-day we thought we better do something. Jared and Jordan came along. Canyon loves the boys and looks to them as older brothers so he was very happy.

Jordan playing Canyon on air hockey.

Canyon ~ Jared ~ Jordan

Sahara didn't play much of anything
Jared and Jordan really like the shooting games. Yes, they hunt too.

Jared doing some more hunting.

Jordan at Guitar Hero.

Sahara helping Canyon drive a log truck.

Jared and Canyon did what Canyon loves best. In fact he runs over to the bumper cars as soon as we enter the building....but I always try to save it for last since it's his favorite.

Well, had a video but I tried 3 times and it would not load :(

Thank you Aunt Kristy, Uncle Rodd, Caleb and Emily!! Your gifts arrived today :)

Thank you Uncle Brian, Aunt Mel, Jason, Parker, Tobey and Zoey for the card money and gold coin!!

A little partying

At the Buddy Walk, everyone there sang Happy Birthday to Canyon. After they sang he asked for cake and presents. When they didn't have any he was sad. Even with the pouty lip. So later when we went to do the Walmart shopping I picked up a cake. Since Jared was all ready over and it was a good time for Mila, we decided to do the cake and the presents that had all ready been waiting on Saturday night.

He got a new Tonka and a handful of movies from Mom and Sahara.

Nerf guns and more movies from Grandma and Grandpa Tom.

A bank we have to build from Nana and Papa.

Money from Gran-pa.

We sang and had Reese cake. Very yummy!

Thank you for all the gifts!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

1st Annual Buudy Walk

We did our walk today!
It was very hot for this time of year and the hottest day we have had in a few weeks. At least it was a sunny and not rainy day.

Smokey the Bear was there for a bit.

A couple police cars came for the kids to see.

Sitting in the shade. The only way to go!

Logan with Malaki! He loved that pup and said it was his dog! He took off running with Malaki shortly after. We had to chase him down!

Canyon and Logan with the Dz Girls. Not sure who they are, but they were the main helpers today with checking in, lunch, clean up and so on.

The view of the walk behind me.

The view of the walk ahead of me.

Logan and Canyon in the bump and jump.
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Canyon being a ham for the camera.

Canyon and Logan in the bump and jump.

Good time. Lots of people for a 1st. We will have LOTS more next year!