Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween

Our night was not scary. We got to head out right at dusk after getting some pictures. 

We walked the hood for a little over an hour. This was one of the last houses. My kind of people!

Then we hit a fire station. They all pass out candy and let the kids check out the trucks. 
Then to the HardBack Cafe for grasshopper Frapps!  Yum. 

School tomorrow and Malaki out in the truck, so we headed home at 8:30. It was a good night. Not too hot, not too cold, breezy but not pouring like the weather has been telling us for the last week. Canyons bucket is 3/4 full and he had a good time and was excited. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Canyon played sick yesterday and I picked him up from school at 11. He did take a 2 hour nap when we got home. Congested. Today I got a call at 8:45 that he was running fever. I couldn't take off work again so I picked him up and he went with me. He played on the iPad, read books, and built with Legos. He ate all his lunch and seemed fine. I canceled horse therapy because he was tired. 

He was in good spirits though so we hit the pumpkins. 
Canyon was really good about cleaning out all the guts. Then he took off with my phone to listen to music and I carved his pumpkin. He did give me instruction on what he wanted: 2 eyes, round nose, happy smile, 4 teeth. 
Then mom got busy on hers!

Sahara and Brittany took their time and were not into the gut removal. 

Sahara told me in the future, her kids will be coming to my house for pumpkin carving. I told her she will get faster every year. As she was starting to think of a face for hers, I had both Canyon's and mine done. 

Brittany hard at work with hers. 

Canyon's finished product. 

Mom's pumpkin. 

Brittany's happy pumpkin. 

And Sahara's design. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Canyon's PowerPoint

Canyon has been making PowerPoints at school.  This one says '10' on it and it is the 10th week of school, so I guess he has one a week to work on.  For him, it would take awhile.  He gets 5 new vocabulary words (words he will never use, but it's exposure and that's how things go) - he is exposed to the words, the technology, typing, image search, workings of a PowerPoint, etc.  
This one is about his favorite; FIRETRUCKS !
His aide spells the word to him and he does all the typing.  He is pretty good at typing.  You can say "The, capital T, h, e, space f, i, r, ....." and he will be able to follow along and capitalize and space where needed.  He looks for images on Google and has help placing them where they go on the slide.  
Good Job Canyon!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Party

I got spider web stuff this year. Never used it before, but for $1 it makes a pretty good impact. 
Then it was time to decorate and get the goodies and food out. 
I used the coffee table for the paint station. 
The kids Mila brought were Ivy and GlaSean. 
Canyon was next. 
Then Sahara, Brittany and Brittany's boyfriend's sister Hunter. 
Mila, Sahara's friend Seth and I were last. 
Mila brought a very happy baby too. I think her name is Zakira. 
It took forever to get a fire started because it rained for an hour just before party time. 
GlaSean, Ivy,
Zakira and Mila leave just before dark. 
Some of the painted creations.