Saturday, December 30, 2017

Another Trip Around The Sun

Sahara and Jared took me out to eat at Pasta Grill.

Then to ice cream at Freddo's.

Thank you for my cards and gifts!

My ring is currently still being designed and will arrive in another week or 2.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Vacation in Florida

We arrived at Brian and Mel's in the evening and had yummy crunchy chicken for dinner waiting for us.

The next day...

We visit this 'Little Cuba" called Ybor.  

I loved this shop.  I could easily have bought an item or 2 from each table in there.

There was an inside-out bar in the alley.

Chickens wandered everywhere.

There was a 911 memorial.

That evening we watched Tobey sing in her choir's Christmas program.

(she's in the middle bottom row which unfortunately is right where the microphone is)


The next day....

We went to a lot of model homes.  Big, beautiful homes with more room than we could ever use.

We also walked an outside mall called Wiregrass and drove by the kid's schools.  

Then we went to see Downsizing (which was not what we were expecting but gave us a good laugh for the next few days) and out to eat at Pinchers.

I'm not sure which day we made gingerbread houses.  I'll just stick them here.  :)

The next day...

We went to the Lowery Tampa Zoo.

We rode the train for the African section.

Papa gave Canyon a dollar to give to the eagle for the donation box.  He then got a sticker that read 'Bald is Beautiful'.

That evening we went for ice cream at Twisty Treats.

The next morning...

We went to the Tampa River Walk

It was a beautiful day!

I found a rock!  A piggy.  We're keeping it and taking it home.

Then we went to lunch as Portillo's.

The next morning.... CHRISTMAS!

Our last day in Florida....

We went to the Clearwater Aquarium.  Parts of the movie, A Dolphin's Tale, was filmed here.

 OOPS!  Photo duplicate.

Then to Pier 60 for shopping and lunch.

Only the toes are going in.  Too cold!

Catching some rays!

Then off to the airport for our evening flights home.

Goodbye Florida!

Thank you Brian and Mel for having us and Parker, Tobey, and Zoey for the use of your rooms.

She Said YES!

On December 21st, these 4... Sahara, Jared, Jonathan, and Lisa headed to Branson for a stay at The Grand Oaks.  They went to see the Branson Lights for Christmas.

They also went to get ENGAGED!!

After, at the fountain, there was a light show with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra music. Perfect timing!

Jared did fantastic choosing and designing a ring that Sahara loves! 

I was part of the ring fiasco.  Jared was sent to find a parking spot in the afternoon for the parade downtown.  Actually, he was getting Sahara's ring.  Sahara got off work and found a spot and was trying to get a hold of Jared to come and park his truck there.  I had to meet him in front of a bank to get the ring and take it home so she wouldn't see it.  We were running all over town trying NOT to run into Sahara!  It was crazy but exciting.