Saturday, October 14, 2017

Clinton Buddy Walk

We were hoping to get a Buddy Walk for this area started.  But that didn't happen so we headed to Clinton, Ar., a little over an hour away, to join theirs.

Since we registered late we didn't know if we would get t-shirts or not so Sahara made us some.  They say Canyon's T21 Tribe.

After getting lost 3 times in Clinton (they have way too many things called Archie Fork there!) we finally found the park.

There were games and bump and jumps and of course safety vehicles that Canyon had to try out.

They had made each person with DS a banner and we brought the poster.  They were lined up around the walking trail.

Canyon's friend, Logan from baseball was there too.

One of the games was quarters in the haystack.  Canyon found 5.

We did end up getting shirts, but Sahara's were cute and it was easier to not lose Canyon in the masses of yellow there.  He stuck out in his red shirt.

After the games and the walk we had hot dogs, chips, soda, loud music and dancing.  We also opened Canyon's cards and gifts for the rest of his birthday celebration.

Thank you for all the gift cards, money, gifts and happy birthday wishes!!

I almost forgot, Canyon's name was the one called for the main giveaway door prize!  He won an Origami DS necklace (for mom :) ) 

Even though it was 20 degrees above normal for today, 90!!, we had a great time in Clinton and if we don't have a local Buddy Walk to go to next year, I'm sure we will come back here again.  Even getting lost, it was a very nice town.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sahara changes up for Fall

What a difference a new cut and color can make!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Canyon turns 19!

After a fun day at STAR (he went bowling and the ice cream truck came), we went out for pizza and then shared a jumbo cupcake.
Happy Birthday big guy!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Last box

Sent our last box to Africa this week.
He should be on a flight by mid October to Texas and back home a week or so after that. 😁

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Class of 17 Yearbook

It seems really strange, but here you don't get your yearbook until the following year. So you don't get to have anybody sign it. But you get everything up to and including prom in your yearbook.
Canyons little senior shot. He was supposed to have a quote, but we couldn't think of anything that really related to him. He wants a cheeseburger and french fries whenever he goes anywhere to eat. So that's what his quote was.
He kind of dominated a lot during cap and gown day. I was told that everybody wanted to take a picture with Canyon.
And then of course, this awesome class voted him Prom King.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


We picked up Canyon's new C-PAP machine last week. Here he is trying it for the first time.
I have to say, it's been an ordeal getting this boy to put this mask on every night. He needs a drink, he needs to go to the bathroom, he needs to rub his face, he needs another drink, he needs to cough...
What he's been doing till now is staying awake and waiting for me to go to bed and then taking it off. So instead of sleeping right away like he used to do, even though he was not sleeping well, now he's staying up later to wait for me to go to bed to take it off. But last night, SUCCESS!! He wore it the whole night ... 9 hours! I told him we're having hamburgers for dinner!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Moved in!

We were able to get help...big THANK YOU to Randy, Nicole, and Hanna.
Kitchen. It's pretty skinny but works.
Standing in pantry.
The extra room Canyon and Hanna will stay in for sleep overs.
Their room
Livingroom window and view.
View from the door. Hoping they stay put awhile because this moving game bites!! It's small, but cozy and cute.