Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Break

Well I started out with 7 or 8 things I needed to get done this week on my list.  Somehow I ended up with 47 by the time the week was over.  Almost all scratched, so that's the good news.  
First was flight tickets for summer vacation.  Yay!  We're booked!
Then, as every spring break, we cleaned out our closets.  4 trash bags of clothes and a shoe bag to be donated.  You'd think we didn't have anything left to wear...
but you'd be wrong.
Then I colored my hair as I do 4 or 5 times a year.
And we all went for haircuts.
What a difference for Sahara.
Sahara and I also went to the Mirage to use up our gift cards Jared got for us for Christmas.
Very nice and relaxing.  I thought Sahara fell asleep!
Sahara and Jared bought a puzzle and started it, but on day 5, it still looks pretty much like....
Off to the races.  We went to Hot Springs for the day and spent some time at Oaklawn.
Jared put his bet in and so did I.
After parking, entry, betting, and lunch, I was down $44.  I only won $3 on my $8 bet (same with Jared).
We stayed for 3 races and it started pouring.  So we left in a clear moment to shop.
First we went to the Hot Springs Mall and Jared and Sahara bought some shirts.  Then to the shops in front of the bath houses.  Canyon found a hat, but he got a shirt instead.
Hot Springs is known as a hang-out for Gangsters of the past.  Sahara found this statue.
The water coming from the springs is sooo toasty.  It was a fairly warm hot tub temperature. I could have eased right in!
Then it was off to Red Lobster to use my gift card from Kristy for my b-day :)
Really the only thing left on the list is to mow. Which I had planned to do early on, before the rains. The mower was a no start. All last mowing season I jumped it every time I used it so I got a new battery. That didn't help. Someone was supposed to come look at it and it appears he was here when we sneeked to town to get a new filter for the house. Haven't heard back from him for a diagnosis yet. Neighbor offered to mow but because of the rain it's too wet now. I hope its fixable because $1500 for a new mower is not something I'm willing or can do now. 
Sahara says I need to embrace the beauty of the purple flowering weeds. If they stayed 8 inches tall and flowering all summer that would be fine.  But the grass will be 4 feet tall in another month if it's not cut weekly. 
Back to school / work tomorrow!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Sascha

1 year ago today, we let Sascha out after dinner never to see her again :(
Hope you're happy somewhere safe Sascha.  We miss you. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CBI Field Trip

Canyon's class get to take so many trips. There usually around town, but that's exactly what CBI (community bassed instruction) means :)
This week was the Library and the fire station. Canyon got to turn on the lights. I somehow lost that picture when his aide texted me these pictures and I went to save them. Bummer.  
Thumbs up in every photo. He's a happy boy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another ice day

Not so far away in this state they are dealing with this.  Some people have been stuck in their cars since Sunday and the National Guard are out looking for stranded people.
 We did get 2 days off of school/work (which will have to made up - yuck) but inside we did not stay today.
We went to Bona Dea and walked for awhile.  A man and his dog left just as we were getting there and as we were leaving a girl came to jog.  
It was pretty chilly and kind of slippery.  At least we didn't have branches fall on our heads.
Sahara tried to glide along the pathway.
We also went to Dardanelle State Park.  The road to get there was pretty slushy but the road to the Marina was solid ice.  We drove on it anyway.  YOLO!
Some districts have already lost Spring Break due to too many days off for ice/snow :{ I hope we get ours!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Titan = ice ice baby

Didn't really see this one coming. At least not bad enough to close schools again.  We got about an inch of ice and then a slight dusting of snow before morning.  
Jared's Titan in Storm Titan.
The streets are covered in a layer of ice.

Too bad he didn't slip on his butt!
Sahara's car is frozen stuck to the ground.
2 inch long icicles on every slat of the siding.  Never seen that before.
Look how everything has a layer of ice on it.  Even the walls of the house.
These 2 bushes are usually standing upright and are as tall as the peak.
It's noon now and snowing again.  With a high of 21, I don't think we will thaw out for school tomorrow.