Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tech Family Day

Originally set up so that parents and family could come see how their student has adjusted to college life, Tech had it's annual Family Day.  Now, with so many non-traditional students, it's for all families.  Unfortunately we got there late and missed out on the free food.  (Have to note that for next year.)  But we did get to do all the other things...

Free cotton candy.
This line was very long and while the big kids were waiting, I took Canyon to see the Tech band march and then to the basketball toss blow up.

I have no idea...

Of course Canyon spotted a cop car and had to get a picture.  He also saw an ambulance but it had left before we made it over to it.

This was the biggest praying mantis I had ever seen!  Head to tail, over 4 inches long.
It's on the cop car behind Canyon in the photo above :)

He found a tractor for a picture since the ambulance left.

Free sno cones.  It was really hot today so Canyon and I went to that line twice :)

 Free face painting.  He was not too happy about it.

Free bump-n-jumps.
Here is Jared and Jonathon racing.  They were so fast I could only get one picture.  Start to finish in about 3 seconds.

Canyon and Paige went a little slower.

We got to see Jonathon's dorm room.  Very nice and secure.  A key-card to enter the lobby, a key to enter the floor, a key to enter the entry of the double rooms which is the sink area of the bathroom, then a key to enter the room.  2 per room, 4 to a shared bathroom.

We stayed for about 4 hours, listened to the Areosmith cover band and enjoyed all the freebies :)

Firehouse fun

Look who got to go to the fire station?
Mila took Canyon for a fire truck surprise. 
It looks like he had a grand time.

I bet he is gonna ask to do this often!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The cutest couple marks 16 months together :)

After taking Sahara to do her 16 photos, Sahara and Jared decided to do pictures together as well.  I know there are tons....but they are just so darn cute!!

Sahara is 16

I took Sahara to have her pictures made for her 16th b-day.  Her pup had to be there too :)  

This is one of my favorite ones.

I love the log pictures :)

We went to the beach part of the Arkansas River on Dardanelle side.  It was a great spot.