Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big day for Canyon

Canyon had his first game for Field Of Angels this morning.  I wish I got this on video, but I had no idea what he was planning to do!

How it goes with this league is that each player hits and then runs to one base.  The last person that is up to hit gets an automatic home-run and everyone comes in.  Canyon was probably 5th or 6th up to bat and he did his bases one at a time like he was suppose to.  But when coming home, he decided to run the whole thing through again!  Everyone laughed and cheered him on.  It was great!

He hates being on the field so we found last year that catcher was a good place for him.  And this year he took it upon himself to claim the spot.  He has a good arm for throwing the balls back to the pitcher.

After the game it was food shop, lunch and naps.  Then we got ready for Canyon 'Spring Fling' put on by BOST. (the company that his waiver person works for who take Canyon places and do things with him a few hours a week)

We have been putting this shirt an tie through some good uses this Spring.  The Pageant, sibling pictures, this dance, and once more next month will be for Jared's graduation.

At the dance, as usual, Canyon got shy and clingy.  He refused to do anything or see anyone.  Jared suggested sugar to get him going and what do you know....a chocolate cookie did the trick!!

Canyon shows Jared and Johnathon some moves.

A stop at the drink station.

A slow dance with mom :)

The girl is Zoe.  She has Down's too.  She is part of a HUGE (22 adopted kids) family but for some reason she took a BIG liking to Jared.  

Canyon waiting patiently for more snacks.

Johnathon and Canyon.

Canyon loosened up after the cookie and got jiggie with it!

A fast dance with Mom :)

And Jared and Zoe....he told her he has a girlfriend, but she said 'no, you with me!'  And that was that.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Transformation

After 5 'work' days after school and Saturday, this is what the Junior's (Sahara's class) came up with for Prom for the Seniors.  

The theme was 'A Night Of Elegance'

They completely covered the entire entry, hall and 'commons area' with black, lime green, white, and paisley.

 Sahara drew and painted this mural. (in picture below)  She was going to ask if she could take it after prom, but it was gone when she showed up for clean up the next day.  And, it's 10 feet tall, so I don't know where we would put it.

I don't have a picture, but the hall was a 75 foot stretch of white lit trees to walk through to this room.  It was really pretty.  I think they did a great job :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Prom Night

They are attending 2 Proms this year.  Sahara has worked over 25 hours as a Junior to put on the Senior Prom at her school.  This gets her in for free.  In 2 weeks they will attend Jared's Senior Prom (granted his baseball tournament does not run too long).

Pottsville Jr./Sr. Prom

Same dress as last year when she went to Jared's Jr. Prom, we just tweeked it a bit.

They went with Sahara's friend Terena and her date Tyler (who is from Russellville school and who is also having their Prom tonight so they will attend 2 in one night!)

They also met up with two other friends who went single.  Carly and Taylor.

A lot of money and time was spent on those hair-dos.

Jared helping Sahara with her earing tangled in her hair.

Is it a Southern thing?  The garters?  Well, for some reason they have garters here.

Since we don't get to see them at the dance, their dance pose.

The group all headed out to dinner and about an hour later I was summoned to go back to town for more pictures.  They ran into other friends and wanted pictures with them too.

Sahara and Paige

Jared and Johnathon


There is no point what so ever in buying shoes to match.  I had to take this picture because it was not even planned.  All the guys ended up carrying the high heals at the same time.  hahaha

Hahaha.  They are so cute.

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