Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hippie Joins the Family

For the past 2 weeks, I have been thinking that it is very odd not having a dog at the house.  Malaki stayed with me for an extra week or so because he is a very nervous dog when things are different, new, or changed.  So we waited until the moving around of furniture and things were finished in the condo before he went there to stay.  Well, he has been there for 2 weeks now and my house went from 3-4 people, 1-2 dogs, and a cat to 2 people and a cat.  I really liked the huge pitty I thought I might be getting, but that didn't happen.  Plus Canyon really prefers small dogs.

Today, this ad came up on facebook:

So I answered back that we would like to meet him.

Of course I knew that we wouldn't be able to say no unless there was a real problem.

So, here we are with a new dog!

The kids in the family we got him from called him 'Doug' for the time they took him in.  Completely fitting name, just not one I loved.  It took us all of 5 minutes to come up with Hippie and it stuck.

He really likes Canyon.  Canyon prefers Malaki and always will (don't tell Hippie!) But he is small enough for Canyon to carry still and Malaki only 'tolerates' Canyon carrying him.

Hoping for a good bond.

And even though you don't see Chloe the cat in this picture, she was all over rubbing on everyone and had to be shoo'ed away from the dog picture.  She's already accepted the new boy.

Sitting Pretty

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yearbook Photo Session

This is making it all too real!!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Next Room (semi) Done

Wow!  What a contrast!
I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to paint my wood trim or leave it honey.  I'm glad I asked mom and she told me to paint it.

This room is semi done because I was going to buy new furniture, but these painting and redecorating jobs are taking more money than I thought they would.  So I opted for slip covers.  They will not be shipped here for as long as another month!  Back ordered.

Moving on to the kitchen next week!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More Painting and Organization

Continuing with the house updates...I managed to get some more areas done.

My room did not get as much attention as I should have given it.  But, it was in the process of being painted during the big condo move.  I was a very busy gal.

Pictures of the before were forgotten until I was already in the process. 

Next was the laundry room.  It too was during the move.  Some of it only got 1 coat of paint and some, well let's face it, didn't get painted at all.  I wasn't about to move the washer and dryer by myself and jump over them to paint back there.  Plus, getting the dryer hose back to semi happiness is nearly impossible even with 2 people trying to maneuver it from the top.  Anyway, if it needs to be painted at a later date, like when we move out, it can be then.

Next was what was left of Sahara's room.  Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

Other than being extra space for now, I don't know what I will do in here.  It will be last if I do anything at all.

Notice how different the "whites' are?  It looks more like thick light grey and white stripes.

 Kitchen and living rooms are next.  I may wait a week or so.  It's been very busy around here and I am worn out.

The Condo Kids

Finally moved in and utilities on!

It's all been a little surreal.

These kids are totally spoiled, but thankfully have a lot of support.  Thank you family and friends for all that you have donated and gifted to make their new place homey.

It's not completely photo ready, but I did a walk-through anyway...

Sahara and I created this with stuff we had on hand.  Their front door and area is really needing a spruce up and Canyon can't remember which door is theirs.  Now that is solved.

The kitchen.

Thank you Nana and Papa for the pots and pans and the grocery food gift card :)

Thank you Mom (Misty) for the cleaning supplies and household essentials and pantry food.

Thank you Nanny and Pawpaw for the groceries and the silverware.

Thank you Mom (Susan) for the dishes and glassware.

Thank you Mom (Misty) for the microwave and the coffee pot.

Thank you Aunt Kristy for the bistro set, cooking utensils, knives, and toaster.

The living room.

Thank you Mom (Susan) for the recliner and end tables.

Thank you Betsy and Joel for the couch.

The spare (Canyon's) room.

The Main bedroom.

The upstairs bathroom.

Thank you Mom (Susan) for the bathroom decor.

The stairs and hall closet.

The downstairs bathroom.

That's about it!

They are planning a housewarming party for this Saturday so friends and family can come and see their new diggs.

Sahara found out she has to work that day so this may or may not happen.

Once again, THANK YOU for helping them out.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Flying the Coop

And their off!  I guess I can't complain too much...most of her friends left home directly after high school either away to college or just out on their own.  She said it was time for her to grow up.  (snif-snif)

Of course on move in day she has to work.  So I went through her room and made choices for her.

This girl has a major problem.
In the basket, nothing but boots! (1 pair of water shoes)

At the condo, how in the world did she get all this in her itty bitty closet at the house???

The chaos left in her old room.

Canyon hanging in the livingroom of the condo.

The boys are excited about stairs :)

Bathroom nearly put together after Sahara got off of work.

We cooked a pizza there because it is now 10 pm and we didn't eat AND to make sure the oven worked.  It did :)

More to follow as they finish getting furniture moved in and everything organized.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Independance Day

Pre 4th Sparklers

Waiting for the show on the 4th

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Creek Dayz - Long Pool

This is a popular swimming hole here, but one I had not been to.  We came here early but rain started.  We waited for about 45 minutes but it was still raining.  So back home we went to grill our hot dogs on the patio.
Then, a couple hours later....sun.  So we headed back.

Panorama of the water from the beach.

Panorama of the beach from the water.

We were mostly in the shade as it was later in the afternoon, but the water was warm.

No dogs this time which was good since there were no dog signs.

My view watching crazy kids jump from the rocks.

Then back to the house to grill steaks and do some fireworks.