Saturday, January 29, 2011


These pictures don't really do it justice....but in 8 months, Sahara's teeth have become almost perfectly straightened!

May 2010

January 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Algebra...'nuf said :(

Well, class is off to a rocky start. Not only did I somehow test into college algebra when I haven't had any math class since 1988 ( and I think failed!!)...I have to use a graphic calculator and they expect I know how that works! I bought a used one. I found a down loadable manual. 466 pages!!! Even if I read the thing, I wouldn't understand it. I did find an online interactive has helped. And an old friend from high school has offered help too and gave me a website to check out for more help. All the teachers I work with are old school and don't have graphic calculator experience either. So, today, Dawn (the teacher I work with) will have her son come to work and help me out. He's in his Jr. year at Tech. Because the math is all online and interactive as well, I can get all the problems for homework done and done correctly (even if it takes me 30 minutes per problem and I have to do it 17 times!) AND, no matter what the weather is like, if class is not cancelled, I will be there....I hope I can at least make a passing grade. Tests will be another issue all together!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Animal cell

One of several projects Sahara has to do is make a model of a cell. The cell part is done but she still needs to do the write up that goes along with it. I think it looks pretty cool because it can close up and open without messing it up.
We should have painted the outside white but had a pale yellow at the house. We still have time to respray it white if we want but colors don't really matter.

Snow Day 2011 :)

Had our first snow day of the season. Not much, but enough for the buses to not be able to get the mountain kids so schools were called off.
We went on our traditional lunch out. Then built a snow dude and had a snow ball war.

Jared gives our guy a face.

Canyon tried snow angels but it was very cold.

Sahara tried to stay as dry and warm as possible...not touching the snow at all.
Our happy little snow dude :)
Sahara, still trying not to get attacked with snow balls.
Sometimes Canyon's hat doesn't co-operate with him very well.
Jared's idea. Our snow dude became a snow dudette.

(By the way, the snow ball war was a tie - I could not keep up with a 16 year old who's in athletics....not until his asthma kicked in and we had to call it quits and go in and chill out with a movie and a wheezing kid)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back to school

2nd semester started for the kids. I will start later this week. Sahara has so many projects due. One especially is a 6 week project that even her teacher said will be the hardest thing to do in all her high school years. YIKES!