Saturday, July 18, 2015

Update on Malaki

I don't know what to think about this little stinker. The vet gave him antibiotics at the clinic. When we got home Malaki started acting really weird, walking in circles, walking sideways, looking at things cross eyed, and running into furniture. We decided it's probably not a good idea to continue on the antibiotics and Sahara consulted with another vet at a birthday party who also suggested that we stop all meds. Then I realized something, he had a flea collar on for the first time in his life. I looked at the flea collar on the Internet. It had all kinds of side effects that he was displaying such as confusion, closing of the pupil, muscle weakness, and diarrhea. It just seemed to me that maybe he was having all these side effects so we took the collar off of him. For the rest of the evening he was on and off acting weird and acting normal but didn't want to eat. This morning he wouldn't eat as well. I didn't know if I should give him antibiotics or not. All he wants to do is hide under my bed be completely antisocial and sleep all day. So today he's doing better, but since he wouldn't eat, I made him chicken and rice and he finally ate it. I locked him out of my room so he wouldn't go in there anymore and hide. Then I started to think that maybe he's been acting kind of like this for the last month or so, maybe it's not JUST the flea collar. Then I had another thought. He hasn't had Jamocha to worry about who's going to eat first, to steal toys from, to fight for attention for. Maybe he's just sad and lonely. Maybe he's a big fat faker. He's driving me crazy that's for sure. But when we're on vacation I'm thinking it'll be good for him to be at Jared's house with other dogs. Max came over to visit. Malaki seemed just fine when he was over.

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Oh Wow!!

Messing around on my phone and tried out this 'what if we were symmetrical' look on both sides of our faces.
Sahara looks pretty good. Canyon on the other hand....I had no idea. Hahaha.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Pre - vacation drama

Our crazy luck before the vacation. Sahara has a UTI. Since her Obamacare application has still not been processed, she doesn't have insurance (on month 11 now), so we were private pay.  Good thing I have a decent amount of money in my HSA. Her doctor said it was a pretty heavy infection including blood in her urine but she had been on cranberry juice for the past four days trying to knock it out herself and that helped some with keeping her urine (bladder and kidneys) hydrated. She had to get a shot in her booty and she has to take pretty strong antibiotics for the next 10 days. She was told she has to stay out of the sun which is going to be interesting being on the cruise. Maybe I need to get a higher SPF sunscreen. Then Maliki decided he needed to have bloody diarrhea again. He had it back in the beginning of June also. This time the vet said he couldn't detect a parasite or an infection, maybe he just ate something strange. We don't know what that could be because he's in the house all day long and only goes outside to pee and he's back in again. But the vet said even eating on grass could cause that. So he's on antibiotics too (for a troubled tummy because we don't know why this is happening). Hopefully we don't have to go to the doctors anymore next week and both of them will be feeling much better.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Aquatic Center

Took the troops to Clarksville about 30 minutes away to check out their pool. Completely forgot they had this there. It opened last summer.
I didn't get many photos. None of the lazy river, the whirl pool or the big slides. Here Canyon is chillaxin' on the turtle.
Sahara and Jared chattin' by the big pool. It was a good time. Cheap concessions and fair entry price. Our town is supposed to get one but they have been talking about it with no progress for 2 years :(

Monday, July 6, 2015

Look what Jared got!

Now they are both in debt up to their armpits!
It's very roomy. I hope he keeps it clean too.


Awesome looking storm rolled in. Looks worse then it was, but loved watching it roll in.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th

We were invited again to Jared's grandparents for a bbq. I was told about the invite with enough time to actually make something.
Just went for it with this idea, and it came out fine. Yea!
Canyon did some poppers and sparklers. The sparklers were kind of sad.
Went back to the house to wait for the firework show.
Jared set off some grounders in our yard. Then we went to the river to watch both the Dardanelle and Russellvile shows. On the way home we stopped to jump some people with a dead battery. Then sat on the back patio and watched the show the church down the road put on in our back yard.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We Went Glamping

I'm not sure exactly how glamorous our glamping was, we rented a yurt at Petit Jean on Bailey Lake.  It was a nice 20 foot round space with 3 bunk beds, a table, 4 folding chairs, an ice chest, lanturn, life jackets, paddles and a canoe.

Check in time wasn't until 3 and we got there hours early so we checked out some other things on the mountain.

Sahara is hearing wedding bells at this open chapel.  It was really pretty.  There were actually many choices for having inside and outside weddings on the mountain.

Yep.  That's a butterfly on the window.

Then we checked out the waterfall.  It's a looong way down.

With plenty of time to spare still, we hiked down to see it up close.

45 minutes later we found the bottom, but no waterfall.  Somehow we would have to hike down stream now to get to it.  We decided to break here and then head back up.

We didn't plan on this hike and didn't bring water with us.  THANKFULLY my camera on my phone is forgiving of sweat and somehow eliminates it from my face.  I was pouring sweat.

Next we headed to Mather Lodge.  It had recently had a make-over and is beautiful.  Another wedding destination possibility.

The Mather Lodge Restaurant and it's view.

Canyon and I went into the Lodge to check out the new look.

This was one of the 3 or 4 lobby rooms.

Finally, time to check in to the yurt.  And get some water.

And eat some pudding.

Then the kids took the canoe out for a spin.  Sahara is about to lose her balance.

Back at the yurt and a picture of the neighbors yurt.  They left before us and gave us their firewood :)

The next morning we went to the Turtle Rocks.

Then took a hike down to the Rock House.

It's a huge open cave but I didn't get many pictures.  I spent most of the time here determined to find the petroglyphs that are said to be here, but didn't find any.

Next we took a drive on the Rock Cliff Loop.  We found a look-out and guess what?...

That house on the point that I took 2 weeks ago isn't a house after all.  It's this shelter at the look-out.

Back at camp for lunch and more canoe.

Then the kids went to the public pool and mom stayed behind with Maliki.  This is also the only picture of the inside of the yurt.

The boys, making s'mores.

The next morning we went to the first cabin on the mountain.  It's smaller than our yurt and a family of 11 lived here!

We also drove 2 miles away to the Rockefeller Institute where another wedding venue is. They have a boat house, huge barn, and beautiful grounds for weddings.
(no plans yet, just checking places out)

Last canoe ride for Mom and Sahara.  At this point Jared was wanting to head home to sleep before having to go to work tonight.  Canyon was just done.  TOO hot and too much hiking.  This trip, if ever done again, will be much more enjoyed during Spring Break or Thanksgiving Break.  It was just awful hot in the summer.

Goodbye yurt.  Thanks for having us!