Saturday, October 29, 2011

Logan's River Walk

It's National Down Syndrome Awareness Month and time again for the annual Buddy Walk.

Canyon rode on Radar first.

Then he rode the big horse, Bordeaux.

He had way too much fun dancing with the girls from Delta Zeta.

We talked him into getting his face painted again.  He is not a big fan of this, but likes the outcome :)

He chose a blue cat.

Sahara's turn.

Awww how special.

Jared's up.

Polar bear...
...don't ask me.

There where bump and jumps and toss games.  Canyon liked this one the best.

And a balloon man.  Pink pig please.

Next to the bump and jumps was the sumo wrestling.  Canyon put the suit on for a picture, but that was it.  At this point it was toasty outside and no one was doing the wrestling any more.

Food was AWESOME this year.  Chicken and fries and beans. Quite tasty :)

And finally, the walk is on!  I don't know what the turn out was, but we were a sea of orange!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy Busy Weekend + !

Here is my list.  But at least I get a 3 day weekend to help me get ready for it :)
Buy stuff for Pumpkin Carving Party and Halloween
Food shop (and party shop)
Lunch with Canyon at school
Football game
BuddyWalk for DS
Create costumes
Downtown Fall Festival
Clean house
Get started on laundry
Rest of laundry
Clean yard
Decorate for party at 3:30
Have party
Clean up after party
School/work as usual
Last basketball game
Trick or Treat :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Our stats this year:
Sahara grew a whole 1/8th an inch taller.
Canyon grew a whopping 4 inches taller.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Canyon's party

Having Canyon's party in the evening left us with plenty of time to get ready. 

Waiting was hard work for Canyon!

Party goers were:

Jason   Zach
Jonathon Paige Sahara Jared
(later came his aide from school, Tammie and....???)

He got a football from Jared

An Apache shirt from Sahara

A shake weight and an ab twister board from mom

A Hot Wheels racetrack and Lincoln logs from Mila

Spooky Buddies movie and a truck from Grandma

$15 from Grandpa
$13 from from Uncle Brian and Aunt Mel and the cousins :)

Cars legos, a movie, and a Lightning McQueen car from Aunt Kristy

An their homemade card :)

3 t-shirts from Nana and Papa

A cars story book from Tammie

Then we roasted hot dogs on the fire :)

Mila    Tammie   and    Canyon

After the sun went down and I really couldn't get anymore pictures, Daddy came!  He got 3 old-timey fire and police cars from him.

After gifts, hot dogs, and cupcakes....we roasted marshmellos and made s'mores

Basketball Birthday

Canyon's first game this year fell on his birthday.  The whole place sang to him before the game :)  

We really lucked out this year and it looks like we have a whole team of high school boys helping our little team out!  I will have to find out what group they are with.  They all seemed to enjoy helping Canyon out and he LOVED the attention.

Canyon is on the purple team and tonight they played the yellow team.

Here they are warming up.

Canyon is trucking down the court.

Sometimes it takes him 5 or 6 shots to make a basket....but this one actually went in on the first shot!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Augsburg Fall Festival

Where is Augsburg exactly???  Well, apparently about 20 miles away although I have never heard of it.  My GPS never heard of it either, but we managed to find it.

Everything was free:  face painting, pony rides, petting zoo.  Plus they had a silent auction, live country band, craft booths.

Canyon's favorite was the tractor pulls.

There was a line for the pony ride and everyone wanted the big ponies.  So I pushed Canyon to the front of the line to ride the donkey.  It was fitting.  They were both extremely stubborn.

He also did the bump-n-jumps, but they were kind of the smaller versions and meant for the smaller kids, so he only went on them a few times.