Friday, March 29, 2013


Canyon went to the fair grounds to practice with the horse he will be riding for the Boots and Benefactors BBQ next Saturday. He hasn't ridden Annie before and they wanted to have the 2 get to know each other before the show.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And so it begins

2 days ago they started clearing the brush and undergrowth away from the established trees. It looks a lot better actually. But I know they aren't doing it for the looks of the field. Their getting ready to divide and build there.

Sad to see our field go away. It's gonna make things a lot different with neighbors right next door.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's rare

...that Canyon can throw words together to make a coherent sentence, but I love to hear when he does :)
Talking to Sahara yesterday he told her:

Your car is cute but trucks are forever.

It's in there!! I just wish we could pull it out on a more regular basis!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sad Face

The more I think about not getting to do Special Olympics this year, the more bummed out I get.
He really looks forward to going to that...we all do.

Spring far

Sahara got her MRI results back and they showed nothing (as we expected).

We went shopping in Conway.  Sahara got a bathing suit and a purse.  Canyon got 6 pairs of shorts and crock type shoes.  Mom got a purse.

Truck went to the shop and some little things like door handles and a non-rolling window were fixed.  Will need a new battery and is going back in maybe tomorrow for some coolant something or other leak.  But otherwise looks road worthy for summer :)

Sahara and Jared went to the tux/flower shop and got everything set up for prom (one month away).  I cant believe it's that time again all ready!!  Plus Sahara got new shoes for her prom dress (again).

Chloe cat is still spraying after 3 different antibiotics.  I dont know what to do with her!

Working on getting graduation announcements/invitations made ( 2 months away! YIKES!)

Trying to 'redneck' fix the siding on my house so I dont have to come up with $2000 to have it all torn down and reattached correctly.  Got the back of the house done which was the worst.  But still haven't been back outside (too wet) to see if it is holding up.  Of course I have to use 2x4s to brace it so I dont know how exactly I will do that for the pieces in the eves since they are 12 feet high.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Special Olympics looks like is a no-go this year.

Canyon's teacher texted me that she dropped the ball and did not get times and scores turned in this year for Canyon (and I assume all the kids in her class who participate) for Special Olymipcs.  This means no area games in Conway, and worse, no State games in Searcy at Harding University.  Canyon loves going there, having his 'quick trip', staying in the dorms, eating in the massive cafeteria,  doing the long jump with his famous wind up, getting his metals, watching the motorcycle show,  dancing at the opening ceremonies and at the dance party at the park, hugging the baby tree for his growth picture, and especially feeling super special and being a winner.
We are really disappointed and bummed out

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apache State Champs!

 Sahara's senior boy's basketball team won 4A State Champs.  Sahara went to the game in Little Rock on Thursday and didn't get home until 12:30am.  

You can see her in  the center below in a light grey jacket and in front of the boy with the white tie and hat.

Below you can see her in the center right (there is an orange circle thing in front of her stomach).

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Some things say 'not microwave safe' for a reason.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Monday, Sahara had an MRI to help figure out why she's having so many migraines. Results probably won't be in for another week but when she did it, they injected her with the stuff to make her blood glow in the pictures. This is her bruise 3 days later. It's going up her vein. Kinda icky.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day Trip

We hadn't been on a day trip in a long while.  Plus, going here, I can write a paper about our trip for class and get extra credit :)

Subiaco is a Benedictine Monk monastery. The Abbey is also a boarding school for boys.  It's about 45 minutes from the house.

We got there, checked in, and met up with a group touring with a guide.  You can also get a map and self tour.

Inside was pretty cool.  The ceiling was really high and arched.  Very little decorations except for the traditional purple for Easter and thorn bush.

The Abbey wraps around a nice courtyard where the school holds their graduations.

It was built in 1878, parts of it caught fire and rebuilt 1927.

The group we toured with.

In the monastic refectory (dining hall), someone in the group saw a bottle of hot sauce on the table.  Monk Sauce.  Sure enough they make it there and sell it in the gift shop.  We bought one to take to Myrtle Beach :)
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Art Walk

We went to another Art Walk. Russellville has them every couple months. We had only been to the Christmastime ones before. This time, we spotted a door the led up to a 2nd floor art gallery and studio. Sahara wanted to watch this guy paint forever. His pieces were amazing! Now we know where to go next time. This place was set up for 15-20 artists to work and had several rooms showing off their work. Canyon also liked looking at all the art, but he liked the big windows looking at the train station more.

Seuss's Birthday Bash

The public library was having a birthday bash for Dr. Seuss on Friday. I went straight there from work and met the kids there after school. The place was mobbed! So we snuck out and decided that a free piece of cake was not worth a 30 minute wait in line. On the way out, making its way to the library was The Cat in the Hat. We got the first picture!!!