Thursday, January 28, 2016

Field trip

Mom went with Canyon and his class to check out a post high school option. It was 'ok'. Small, homie, training for possible jobs, work on site, social skills, etc. It just seemed a little sad, sheltered, and a place he will never really leave. Got a few more options to check out and a year+ to make a decision.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Ranger Cain - 9 weeks old - 17 lbs

Saturday, January 23, 2016

So this just happened...

Sahara and Jared liked the idea of a black lab so much with our sweet little lost guest...
That they found this little guy that was being given away.
He was born around Thanksgiving, had 2 sister's that were black with white chests, and is so sweet. The agreement was that they (Sahara and Jared) will be responsible for EVERYTHING! Vet bills, shots, fixing, food, walks, house training, midnight potty breaks, repair/replace/fix anything destroyed. And, he is Jared's dog so he will be spending equal time there too. But of course, the first thing Nana does is snuggle him on the couch while the kids eat dinner. Don't worry, Nana's got the baby. No name yet.

Fur baby

We had the sweetest guest.
This little lost lab girl showed up and made herself at home. So soft, sweet, snuggly, and chill.
We listed her on lost pet sites, contacted the animal shelter, and planned to take her in to get chip checked. But, slowly driving by Friday evening, an SUV with a woman calling out a name, cruised by the house. When she came back down the road I flagged her down. Apparently Athena broke free from the wireless fence system. She was with her sister, Keena, who is still missing. Glad she found her peeps, but she would have been a keeper!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2nd Place

Picture of a picture out of the newspaper. We came in 2nd with our Christmas door decorating this year.