Friday, February 27, 2009

Derby Days....The race is on....

We had the pack derby at the scout masters house tonight. 8 boys raced.

On your mark, get set, RACE!

With 8 boys, you get to race about every 4 times. That wait is not too hard to do.

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Derby Days... And the winner is....

Canyon gets Best Of Show!!!

He got Best of Show last year so we did not expect it this year at all.

He got 1st Place too!

We certainly did not expect 1st place!!!
Go Canyon!!!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doctor update

Canyon's thyroid test came back normal.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

A doctor disaster

Canyon had a physical today for the waiver program which lets him go with a worker a few days a week for a few hours. Gives him time and experience with someone else and keeps him from being bored all the time at home. Anyway, the doc saw him and except for Canyon refusing to let him look in his ears, all went well. Then the doc asked when was the last time his thyroid was tested? I honestly couldn't remember and think he was just a toddler when it last was. In fact, I think he was little enough that he could still have blood drawn from the bottem of his foot. Because of Down syndrome,, it needs to be tested every few years. So, off to the lab we went. He sat in the chair, got the big rubber band on his arm, saw the needle coming at him and as the nurse held his arm, he panicked. So, she called for back up. I told her it has taken as many as 6 nurses, a dr and myself to hold him down at the ear dr. She came back with 3 other nurses. I sat and had him on my lap with my legs around his waist. A nurse had his legs. One had his other arm. One had the arm to draw the blood. And I used my arms to hold around his chest. They were able to extract about 1/2 and inch of blood in the little tube and he was squeezing so hard he popped the needle out of his arm. Then he melted to the floor and refused to get up crying and crying. I got him to get up after much pleading and promises. They said they hoped they can make do with what they got. I over heard them talking about having hard to deal with kids before, but never had one soooo strong before.
He finally got over the ordeal after an hour.

OH and he is 52 1/2 inches tall and 71 pounds now. Gettin toooo big!

My My My...What do we have here?

Sascha started barking like crazy on the back patio and she usually never does that. Sahara turned on the back light and saw she was barking at the dog food container right next to the back door. This guy's tail must have been hanging out when Sascha came up because the end of it was bitten off and blood was drip-dropped in a puddle right next to the container. We managed to get the dog to come around to the front to get in the house, but Chloe the cat was just sitting by the food container waiting to be scooped some food. She would not come to the front. So, I had to open the back door and have her come in that way squeezing thru a space about 4 inches big because I was afraid 'mouth of teeth' there was going to either attack her or come running in after her. I stuck my hand and the camera out the door to snap these pictures. It was pretty scary tho. It's teeth were 1/2 an inch long.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

midnight visitor

We found these hoof prints inches from our front door. Didn't have time to investigate before school. After school we found hundreds of hoof prints all around the house and back yard and a pile of horse poop by the shed. We lost the trail out by the ditch a ways down the road. The neighbors at the end of the road have our old Poncho and he is the only horse on the street. The other neighbors down there say he is in the pasture back there. Hmmmm, either he came 'home' for a visit in the middle of the night and then went back or we have a phantom horse stalking us now.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Special me :)

I got a treat Saturday morning. Canyon woke up pretty early and Sahara ended up getting him and bringing him to my bed. We all tried to go back to sleep but we all have colds and have a hard time breathing while laying down. So, I turned on cartoons really quietly for Canyon and I think I got a wink or 2. Then Sahara took Canyon out of the room and 15 minutes later he asked if I wanted coffee. "mommy?, coffee?" I said yes and a few minutes later I got a tray of chocolate chip pancakes and coffee in bed :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We have a poltergeist problem

Saturday night we went to bed really late and when I was just about asleep, around 2:30 am, I heard either my bedroom door or my bathroom door squeak open or closed about 6 inches. That's what it sounded like anyway. It was definitely one of those 2 doors tho. 2 nights later at about the same time at night, but when I was asleep for quite a while, it sounded like someone backed into the gun cabinet next to my bed. I even felt the puff of cooler air hit me. On the way to work that day I kept feeling puffs of wind in my hair even tho all the windows in the truck were up. Today before the kids got home from school, I was sitting on the couch with a really bad headache and heard the squeaky door thing again coming from way down the hall (same 2 doors???) and at the same moment, so did the dog. When I told Sahara about the happening today, she reminded me that this past weekend wasn't the first time. About 2 weeks ago I was waiting for the kids to come home laying on the couch and heard someone say 'hello?' in my ear that was laying on the pillow. My first thought was that I had been talking on the phone and it slipped but that was just a zip of a thought that went thru my mind when I realized I hadn't been on the phone. Weird! Plus Sahara had that dream with the dark beings in my room just after Christmas.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Win or lose, we have to support our home state!
that was heartbreaking.
At least it wasn't a landslide. And the Steelers only won buy the tip of their toe.