Friday, August 29, 2008

There's a fungus among us

After discovering Sahara's ringworm sore. We checked out her whole body and found 6 more of the little suckers. She was devastated and bawling. She was told by the school nurse that she would have to keep the 1st one found under a band aid until it healed. She thought she was going to have to go to school today with 7 band aids. All the other ones were the size of an eraser head or smaller. I told her not to scratch and not to tell anyone about the others. The whole school all ready knew about the first one. But, can't blame it on school. It is definitely the cats. They are on her neck, chin, chest, and arm. Perfect snuggle spots for cats. I hope and think we will be getting rid of the cats this weekend. At least downsize the tribe. We have 7 currently. LOL, I guess one cat for each ringworm she has. :P So, I'm sure she will be crying about that too.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

and....let the fun begin!!!

We have been in school now for 9 days and Sahara came home today with ringworm. Of course, you can get it from cats too and we currently have 7 of them. I have some anti fungal cream that actually expired last March, that's going to have to do her till I get to the store Saturday. It's only a spot about the size of a pea so maybe we caught it early enough that it wont take long to heal. And of all places, it's just under her collar bone where clothes don't cover. So she is walking around with a sunny yellow circle band aid for all to see and ask 'what's that?'
After 4 days and trying every home remedy thrown at me, my arm is not as itchy and the swelling is gone. It just looks like a big bruise now.
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Monday, August 25, 2008

I hate bugs!

This is my arm 24 hours after getting stung by a red wasp. It itches like #%*& too!
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Pucker up

Wont Daddy be proud of this picture??!! This is what 'watch your brother' looks like to Sahara while I was at pre-school workshops.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008


A schedule we can live with! Sahara's schedule has been changed more times then there have been days of school. But she came home today with one that works for us. I told her not to except a new schedule if she is given one. lol. Not that she can actually do that but I want this one to stick.

I get to sign papers on Monday to remove the bus belt item on Canyon's plan. YaY! Driver told Sahara to tell me he is doing awesome on the bus and is fine sitting where he has been and it hasn't been a problem without the belt. He sits in row 4 and Sahara is a few behind him. She likes it because she can actually sit with kids her age now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We can't get happy with JR High

The first day blitz has worn out. Sahara's schedule has been changed 4 times now and it still is wrong. I am getting pretty frustrated with the school. I can't call and get a hold of who I need to so my only option is to go to the school, sit and wait. I can't do that because all ready I am taking 6 days off of work for one thing or another in the next few weeks. I have always been great on attendance, but I know people are also depending on me to be there to do my job. So, I give the school till Friday to get it right. Monday I have a dr. appt. so I will try to work it out to get that taken care of also if it's not fixed yet too. Sahara told me no schedule changes will be made after Friday, but I think if a parent is there it might help things along. Plus I enlisted the help of a teacher at the school to check on the schedule problems. Hopefully I will hear back from her tomorrow.

Haven't really heard anything about Canyons school. They have a new bus driver and this driver is letting Canyon (and Sahara) sit farther back on the bus. That may change when Canyon's seat belt is installed, but I hope they just get rid of the belt. The belt is something I had requested for kindergarten and 1st grade. I was afraid he would pop up or try to get off the bus when he wasn't supposed to. They got new seats on the bus this year and the belt hasn't been put back on yet. Their assigned seat has been the front since he was in kindergarten for safety. He also is getting on and off the bus himself now. I wait at the door of the house and watch. We used to walk him onto the bus or wait at the bus door. Little mister independent is doing great.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day

The first day of school has arrived!!

Going to bed early just wasn't going to happen. In fact we didn't eat dinner until 7:30-8 the night before. But we all managed to to crawl out of bed at 6:15 and have ourselves ready for the big day before the bus came. We waved him (the bus driver) on and got this picture. James took the kids in to school and then went off to work. I also had my first day. It seemed to go pretty well. For some reason it seemed more like we had a week off and not a summer tho. Why is that? I am now waiting for the kids to come home to let you know how their days went.

Sahara ~ Says: ahhh, it was not a good day, it was school. But she said she loves her new science teacher. No homework tonight. Yay! Open House tomorrow night.

Canyon ~ Says: good.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Looks like we will be popping this year.

Canyon joined Cub Scouts back in March. We missed all the fun activities this summer because they always happened on a day when we were out of town. Hot Springs, Memphis, wedding... But, we did go to a BBQ today and had the popcorn kickoff. Lucky for us, they now have a web site for out of towners/staters to join in on the fun! :) So, family can order popcorn online and the count will go to the specific scout. We need an 'order key' for the pack and right now we don't have one so when I get that info., watch out! We will be hitting you up!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

school, here we come!

Canyon had Open House at the middle school last night. Middle school here is 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. His classroom is right up by the office which is nice for the 1 1/2 periods he is there, but the rest of the the time he is allllll the way down in the elementary special ed classroom in a separate building. I guess he will be getting nice exercise just going from one to the other. We met his new regular ed teacher and she seems nice. She was a co-teacher in his regular ed class last year because I think several kids in that class were resource as well as Canyon being in there. This year, he will have Music, Art, Computer lab, Library, and P.E with his regular ed class. His new P.E. teacher is a lady I worked with at my school and she looked nervous and overwhelmed. I went up to her and she smiled like she was so glad to see a familiar face. I introduced her to Canyon and she just looked at him like I was introducing my kids to anyone. Then I added, 'and believe it or not, he is a 4th grader this year so you will get him too.' Her eyes lit up and she gave him a big hug and they talked about jumping jacks and running. They also gave him another period in the regular ed room as well for special events he can do with that class. Then we had to make the rounds. The office staff, Mr. T, the principal, the nurse, the Music teacher all had to have their hellos and hugs. I rest assured he will be well loved and taken care of in the middle school as he was in the ele.

Sahara got her schedule changed to Art and P.E. all year instead of Art 1 semester and P.E. 1 semester and cross country all year. She is happy with that. Her Open House is usually a few days after school starts (which to me is weird because the kids cant check out where they are to go for each class ahead of time and parents cant meet the teachers ((especially for the 7th graders who are coming to a new building))) Other then that I can't say much because a schedule is all we have for her so far.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

64 Galore

Some of you may know but for others who don't, we had 64 Galore this weekend. It's 160 miles on highway 64 of yard sales, flea markets, antiques and collectibles. It stretches from Fort Smith to Beebe. Sahara and I along with the neighbors, Mila, Zach and Nana Mixon did about 35 miles and called it a day. We did get some great buys tho. I got a new purse and wallet, Sahara got dolphin statues, sunglasses and a blue rug for her room. We got Canyon 2 tapes of kids singing songs and a little people school bus. The others got shoes, wallets, cookbooks, sunglasses and coffee mugs. I think all together we spend around $60 and all of the stuff we got was brand new except for the rug, the bus, and the dolphins. It was hot but a little breeze kept us going for about 4 hours.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Here we are! I have new color and the kids have new cuts. And no, Sahara is not standing on something. Oh, we are also wearing our new tye-dye shirts we made 2 weeks ago in another attempt to stay inside and cool and have something to do.
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Hair and school around the corner

My hair is processing as I write. I always seem to go for the same color. But I have to have ASH because I turn really red/copperish if I don't. I will post a picture when it is done. Canyon and Sahara also got new doos. Sahara got a bob-flip and Canyon just about a buzz cut. They both look really nice :)

Other news, Canyon got a letter from his new teacher. It was a co-teacher who helped out in his regular ed class last year, so that is good, he knows her and she knows him already. He still will only be in that regular ed class for an hour or so a day, plus lunch, recess, music, art, p.e. and library with that class. The rest of the time he is in spec. ed. Sahara got her schedule for next year too, but we had to take it back because she really wanted art and was given cross country. Plus cross country is only on her schedule for the first semester. After that it was blank. School called and told us to come back and pick up the new schedule on Monday. They said they added art and p.e. So we will have to wait till we get it to see if it looks better.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Look what grew in our flower bed :)

I don't know what it is, but it's pretty!

Do I hear a rumble of thunder out in the distance???

Of course I do. It is now raining. That's because I got the yard half mowed yesterday. I was going to finish today with a 20% chance of rain. Well, it's 20%ing all over us right now. But :) it's cooler out!!!


For the last 3 weeks we have been stuck in the house all day. It is so miserable outside. We used to be able to go out after the sun went down for an hour or so, if you could stand the dozen or more mosquito bites, but it is even to yucky out now for that. I am so ready to move north!

Here is what we have been doing to keep cool inside:
books on tape

building blocks

goofy pictures (Canyon's idea)

da-da-da-daaaaa dentist

I got to go to the dentist today. I was expecting it to be bad because the last time I went was 3 years ago and was told I had 6 cavities. I didn't get them filled then because of insurance. But today I got to find out I have 2 more to add to the stack. Yea me! I go back in Oct. to get the 2 worst ones filled and we will see what happens from there. I did have the option of getting my wisdom teeth pulled as well, one does have a cavity, but that will max out my insurance. So, I'm keeping my wisdom (don't laugh) and getting that one filled last, in case I do decide to have them pulled.