Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arkansas Angles Pageant

2nd Annual Arkansas Angels Pageant, but first for us.
We had to make Canyon a sign. But since I was back stage and Sahara was up front to take pictures, no one was there to hold the sign and yell for him so it was kind of useless. Next year, if we do this again, we will have to bring a cheering section!!

He really didn't know what was going on or why, but he was a happy guy!

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The Greens at Bella Vista

Our Spring Break: We headed to Bella Vista straight from the Pageant to meet up with Nana and Papa. This is where we stayed. Very nice place :)
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Wild Wilderness Safari

The first day there, we had great weather. It rained every day after. We went to Wild Wilderness Safari.
The giraffes were not there this time tho.
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Crystal Bridges Museum

New museum that opened at the end of last year. Weather was going to get icky, so we first hit some of the walking trails.
Then inside and just in time for the rain to hit.
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War Eagle Caverns

Didn't think these caverns would be much, but according to the guide, we picked one of the 4 best days to visit in the year! Because of the rain, the underground river was rushing thru. It was a pretty cool place to visit.
Duck all the way thru for 'Headache Rock' (Papa!)
Tiny little bats clung to the ceiling everywhere.
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Terra Studios

This artist community did not have any working artists, except for one.
We didn't eat here, but we had a picture at each of the booth/caves that you could eat at. They were works of art themselves.
( at the end of this one, click on 'older posts' for more )
The only artist was the guy who made the 'bluebird of happiness' which is how the community got started in the first place.
Out on the grounds there were walking paths and a labyrinth. And rain of course.