Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Tuesday, May 31, 2011
RMS Yearbook ‘5 worst people’ list rouses ire

Story date: May 29, 2011

Controversial item lumps George W. Bush, Dick Cheney with murderers

Courier staff
A list included in the Russellville Middle School yearbook detailing the “Top 5 worst people of all time” that identifies former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney as Nos. 4 and 5 – after Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden and Charles Manson – is raising eyebrows and ire.
The yearbook, produced by students under the supervision of a faculty advisor, were distributed to the student body Friday, with the text in question covered by a sticker.
School board member Chris Cloud said the stickers, however, come off easily, and is less than pleased with the solution arrived at after he and school administrators spoke about the problem last week, he said. He learned of the list in the yearbook Wednesday.
“I was assured that we would speak to this problem with some tape that would not be able to be moved off,” he said Saturday, referring to the sticker solution as “a Band-Aid fix to a major problem.”
Superintendent Randall Williams said when reached by cell phone later in the day that the issue had been addressed by the placement of the stickers in the yearbooks distributed to sixth- and seventh-grade students, and added the district had caught the issue in time.
He declined comment on the matter of who was responsible for the content, and whether disciplinary action might be taken against that person or persons.
“We’re going to review our process for editing the yearbook before it goes out and that’ll be about it,” he said.
Cloud took a firmer stance, saying he agreed to the sticker fix only with the understanding it could not be removed and the content viewed.
“I can assure you, as a board member, that this will never, ever happen again,” he said, adding he was “embarrassed” by the content, and reiterating the need for additional precautionary measures that would prevent the inclusion of such material.
“That’s not who we are, what we are,” he said. “That’s totally against the mission statement of who we are. ... You don’t compare any human being to those people.
“It could have been anybody — Democrat, Republican, Independent, anybody – it’s wrong.”

Time to get the pool up

With the weather in the 90's this week, it was about time to get the pool up.

Glad we had some help because that thing is about 200 pounds to drag around.

Canyon in the first 2 inches.

Paige and Sahara dancing.

Canyon had fun attacking Paige. One of Sahara's only girlfriends who will wrestle him.

Pools not up yet. Should be but it went up lopsided so we had to drain 3/4 of the water out, reajust it and it is being refilled now.
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Canyon's last game

Canyon's 'last' game was this weekend. Actually there will be one more, it was supposed to be next weekend but they are having regular baseball tournaments that weekend and had to move it to the weekend of the 11th when we will not be able to attend. :(

Being a silly as back catcher.

Since he wont be here for the last game or trophies, he got his early :)

Yay! Baseball. See you next year!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Special Olympics STATE!

Special Olympics 2010, we found this little tree and decided to yearly take a picture to see how both the tree and Canyon have grown.

Well, one things for sure...they both have grown in the trunk area!

This is the little water fountain where the tree lives.

We didn't realize last year that around the corner was a bigger water fountain.
He could have stayed here for days!

Our dorm room was a lot nicerthis year too. We had actual furniture instead of built-ins, a very large walk-in closet, and an actual bathroom!

Hundreds of bikers come to support the Olympics.

After all the athletes walked around the track for opening ceremonies, the bikers take their turn.
It is very loud, but very exciting!

At Olympic Town, Canyon make a beaded necklace. He also played some basketball games.
Look who showed up! If we knew ahead of time, he could have rode the track with the rest of the bikers the night before.

Standing long jump is Canyon's favorite.

He gets best of 3 jumps.

He took 4th place.

What a ham!

Next was tennis ball throw. He was almost disqualified because he kept stepping over the line :(

They moved him back and he did find :) He took 2nd place :)

We could have stayed for the dance in the evening and the events the next day, but Canyon's events were done so we left a day early. We had a great time :)
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

PROM is ON !!

2:30 and after a nap it was time for hair. I knew she had a lot, but her style took 1 hour to do.

I took them to a friends house for pictures who has a beautiful house and view from her back yard.

(this picture is my favorite-back to back)

After they went out to eat with 3 other couples, Jared, Sahara, Seth, and Meredith came back to the house for a few pictures.

and the all-important-in-the-South's garter placement.

Next stop - PROM at Camberlayne Country Club
a quick drive to Seth's for a change of clothes and to the High School gym for After Prom. Games, activities, dancing, etc. in a lock-in till 5 in the morning.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nice and cozy

MY little house of 3 people, 2 dogs, and a cat has just jumped to 5 people, 5 dogs, and a cat. We now have the diningroom table with the leaf in the livingroom and an extra sofa in the dining room with Canyons bedroom tv set up for a game station. Mila's house sold and they had to be out yesterday. She, Zach and pets are staying here till at least the end of the school year. So far, it's worked out fine. It's tight, no room for leaving things where they dont belong, but we all have a place to sleep, a place for our things, a place to watch tv and a place to eat. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

2nd Game

And picture day. Here is Canyon, hamming it up for the photographer.

For his first attempt, he hit a pitched ball and did it right handed. He did awesome!

He makes it home!

For field, we tried him as back catcher. He did pretty good and liked actually having something to do instead of standing in the field bored.

For his second time up, he grabbed the T. I don't know what he is doing here....is there a wind up for the bat???

Coach gives them a talk as they line up to congrat the other team.
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