Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer House Guests

A Science teacher I work with needed a sitter for her class pets for the summer.  Since we didn't have any plans for a vacation this year, I offered for Sahara to do it.  The teacher usually keeps them herself, but her father is ill and had to move in with her and they would be occupying the room he took over.

This is ONYX

He is a little people shy and is known to bite.  So far we have gotten nibbles but not a real bite.  But he is much more skid-dish then his brother.

This is CHILI

He is more people friendly.  Although he refused to come out of the cat carrier when we got them home and Onyx came out no problem.

We know nothing about Chinchillas, so this will be interesting.  But their care is pretty simple.  
They are set up in Sahara's room since they need quiet in the daytime and we can close off her door from the other animals.  Plus, they can be as loud as they want (nocturnal) at night because Sahara never sleeps in her room.  Also, the tile floor will make accidents easier to clean up.

With the door shut, Sascha and Malaki have been taking turns guarding it.  I think they think we brought them home for them!
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

State Special Olympics 2012

Woo-Hoo!!  Canyon finally got a fan club to join him this year!  Because we started school a week early in the fall, we were out a week early and Sahara and Jared were able to go with us this time.

It turned out that the school paid for a hotel for the coaches this time. AMAZING!!  And because of that, we were able to spread out a little and have a 2 room suite.

Our original dorm room,

the connecting bath,

and the other dorm room we lucked out and got.

The view from the first room.

After arriving and Chick-fil-A for dinner, we headed to the stadium for opening ceremonies.  Canyon was dropped off with his team and coaches to march in.  He is the one waving towards the center of each picture.

Then he came to sit with us for the rest of the show.

The motorcycles are always a BIG hit!!  The sound of 400 revving engines echoing all over.

As the darkness continues, so does the show and by the end it's a big light and dance time.

( I meant to only post the last 30 seconds of this but the whole thing loaded.  It's great when they all shuffled together on que :) at about 1:35 )

Like last year, the helicopter landed in the field with the torch from the torch run that the police sponsor. And other helicopters and planes do low fly-bys too.  

Opening Ceremonies last about 2 hours and everyone is ready to hit the showers and go to bed soon after.

UNFORTUNATELY, sleeping on plastic dorm mattresses is not something that is easily done.  I think we each got about 2 hours of sleep that night.

After breakfast, we did a walk around the campus.

For 3 years now, we have stopped by this baby tree by the fountain.  

This year:2012

Last year: 2011                              First year: 2010
And every year he has hugged the tree the same way.  AND remembered where it was for a picture!

Like the regular Olympics and their Olympic Village, Special Olympics has Olympic Town.  Canyon made another necklace to add to the collection with the help of Jared and Sahara.

Nice creation :)

Then we all had our fingers painted (YES, ALL)

Canyon did his in black with a sliver star.

Jared only did one thumb in gold glitter.

1st Event!
The Standing Long Jump

He tends to go higher then he does further.

His facial expression is priceless!

2nd Place!  

Great Job!!!

We went out to eat at Chili's.  Special Olympics supplies lunch, but it is a sandwich and chips and served on the fields.  It was really hot so were went to eat and then back to the dorms for a nap.  I told Sahara that I think I slept better in our hour nap then I did the whole night before...she agreed!

Then we hit a Walmart because we forgot to bring a nice outfit for the Victory Celebration Dance at Berryhill Park.  Then back to campus for dinner.

At the dance, we realized only about half the people really dress up for it.  Oh well, we got new clothes!

At first, Canyon didn't want to do anything but sit and watch.  But once we got him started, there was no stopping him!

I was at least hoping we didn't have a repeat of the first year when he got so over heated that he threw up.  But it all was fine.

Tell me why I shouldn't like Jared???  He is AWESOME with Canyon!!  And it's not just Canyon.  He would stop and help any one of these people if he saw they needed help with a positive attitude, a smile, and respect.  He wants to be a coach but he would be amazing in special ed or therapy.

Back to the dorm for showers and sleep.  Better night for all.

2nd Event
Soft Ball Throw

Another SILVER!!  

The 2 boys who won first in both events were very good!  Probably at the top of the age bracket, but even so, threw 3 times as far as the others and jumped 3 times as far.

On the way home, we stopped at TGI Friday's in Conway for lunch and a little shopping and that rounded out our trip.

Until next year.....

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birthday and Graduation

Today we went to Jared and Jordan's Birthday/Graduation celebration.  I got them the Birthday Boy ribbons :)

Apparently their family doesn't believe in gifts because we were the only ones who showed up with them.  They do believe in ca$h tho!!!  I think by the end of the night, Jared was up to $1400.

We got Jared Nike sandal shoes

A Nike / Tech pullover,
and a Tech ionic necklace.

Jordan we gave a gift card to a sports store.

After the party, we headed home for a nap and then got ready for Graduation!

Jared, second to next to walk out.

Their class of 92.  

We sat with all of their family.  And got loud!

YEA!!!  They did it!

The brothers and dad.

The brothers and mom.

Of course Canyon had to try the cap on.

After, we went to Colton's for a late dinner.  

Next stop for both of them... Tech to get a schedule made for their freshman year in college!!!