Friday, December 30, 2016

Mom turns 29 again 😁😁

Thank you Papa and Nana for the wine selection! 😊
Thank you Sahara and Jared for the salt lamp and dinner! 😊
Thank you Canyon for lunch! 😊 Thank you Brian and Mel and the kiddos for the well wishes and card. 😊 Thank you Kristy and Bob and the kiddos for the gift card and love! 😊

The Cameo

One of Sahara's Christmas toys was put to the test. She got a Cameo. It can make decals or monograms for just about anything.
After the decal was made she applied it to Jared's Yeti.
It worked!
Next she made one for her Yeti. I get to design my own so maybe that will happen this weekend. :)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Papa and Nana visit for the Holidays

Yea! Nana and Papa came to visit for Christmas! First up is a visit to Arkansas Wine Country.
We visited four wineries and this was the first time that Sahara got to taste test!
We had a nice lunch at the Weiderkehr Wine Cellar Restaurant.
Cutie pups by the tree.
Sahara nominated me for a free cake from a local place called The Cake Place. I was one of the runners-up and won a Christmas cake! Thank you Sahara!
Christmas morning! We had to wait for Jared and Sahara to come over to open presents.
After presents we had cinnamon rolls and fruit and then we went on a walk with the dogs. After a little while we started our Christmas dinner. We had ham, smashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pickles and olives, cranberry relish, rolls, green beans, pie and cake. Yummy!
Today we went to Little Rock to the Clinton Presidential Library.
These eggs were funny. Sahara snapchatted them and put the filters on them so they were even sillier with antlers and elf hats.
I tried to get us all coming down the escalator together. It really didn't work out though.
Outside the library is a walking bridge. It used to be an old railroad bridge but now it's just for people. We had to hurry up so that we could see the barge going underneath.
It was very windy but unseasonably warm today.
About a mile away we visited the Old State House Museum.
Lots of construction going on out there. They tore down an old bridge that was 94 years old I believe. And they're building a new one.
Nana signing the guestbook. She should have put in the comments section that when she walked into one of the rooms she still smelled the cigar smoke from one of the old congressman who must have traveled through there before. She told the guy at the front desk. He said, "no no don't tell me things like that. I have to come back here!"
The next day we went to Hot Springs to the Mid-America Science Museum.
Canyon loves to play and jump around in the big net like it's a trampoline. It's kind of scary.
Sahara was dragged to the center unwillingly.
We created some pretty creepy versions of ourselves by adding other people's eyes, noses, mouth etcetera.
Beautiful sunset on the way home! We played lots of games of hand and foot, sticks, golf, boulderdash, and battle of the sexes. We also went on a walk with the dogs to the Bona Dea walking trails. Sort of celebrated Misty's birthday early. Went to the movies. And most importantly, drank a lot of wine! 😄 Thank you all for the gifts and calls! Have a Happy New Year!!