Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monster Jam

Since Sahara is rolling in the big bucks now with her new job, She decided to treat the family to monster trucks! 
I thought it was way too expensive but she talked me into it saying it was a once in a life time event.  Which is probably true.

Party in the Pit is first and you get to go down and meet the drivers, take pictures, see the crush cars and the monster trucks up close and personal.

And of course there is tons of merchandise for sale.  Canyon wanted a shirt but I only sprang for a pennant flag.

Canyon only waited in line to meet one of the drivers.  It was a 10-20 minute wait to meet each driver so one was plenty.

He signed the back of Canyon's flag.

Here are some of the crush cars before they get totally mangled.

Then it was time to head up to our seats.  It was still 2 hours to show time so we got pretzels and pizza to eat.  The food was priced a little more logically.

We watched as they slowly kicked out all the people at the pit party to get ready for the show.

The six trucks lined up and the announcer came out to explain how the judging takes place and how the show the night before went.

Then they were off.  They did 4 activities:

Intermission happened and then they brought out the cage for motorcycles.  It was a family with a dad, daughter (16) and son (11).  All 3 went in the cage together.  It was crazy.  Sahara was dying.  She did not like that and thought for sure there was going to be an accident.

Canyon didn't have headphones, but they were selling them of course for $20.  Luckily Sahara and Jared thought ahead and bought a pack of ear plugs that we took with us.  I didn't think Canyon would have anything to do with the ear plugs but once those truck engines started, he was ready.  He actually asked for them.  It was LOUD!

Here is one of the trucks doing donuts.

This one is freestyle where they just crash up as much as possible and do as many tricks as they can in 1 minute.

It was a pretty good time.  I think they all enjoyed it but it probably was a once in a life time event.  For 4, the entire event ended up costing about $180.
Thank you Sahara for treating us tonight :)