Sunday, May 30, 2010

A day in Little Rock

After Canyon's game on Saturday, the team went to Little Rock to the Arkansas Travelers game. It was VERY HOT!

Jared and Sahara

They had free food and drinks for us. That was great. Too bad we were all way too over heated to eat anything. We did enjoy about 5 refills each of drinks tho.

Canyon ready to leave after the 5th inning

The only shade we ended up finding was in the beer garden.

Hailey, Jared and Sahara

We stayed for about half the game then decided to walk across the bridge to River Fest.

When we got there we found out it was $30 a head to get in!!!! So we walked back over....stopping to watch boats and a train on another bridge) and went to the mall instead, then to Cici's pizza.

Field of Angels Team Picture

Canyon is in the center with his knees up. He is on the big kids team this year.

Anybody got a good used shot gun for sale cheap???

Saturday, May 22, 2010

State Special Olympics

We made it to check in an hour early. It's hard to judge what time to show up when you've never been there before. It was raining, but the rain stopped shortly later and we didn't have any more for the olympics.

Here is the dorm we stayed in. Not much to look at, but the pictures actually make the place look better than it was (and smelled!)

Canyon took this picture. We got 2 beds and a sink. Toilets and showers were down the hall. Showers had clear shower curtains and no hooks or benches for clothes and towels. We took showers once, after that we took sink baths! It's a mens dorm and apparently they just like to walk around naked!

Here we waited for about 1 1/2 hours for the start of the walk in for the opening ceremonies. I guess we didn't have to get there so early, but there was nothing else to do. All the areas got shirts of some sort of red, white and blue.

Moving along to the walk in, we came to the section with over 100 motorcycles. Canyon loved them, but not their loud engines. Lots of bike clubs and groups support special olympics.

On the way to and from the cafeteria, we pass this little water fountain that Canyon liked to sit at. The landscaping of the campus was beautiful!

In the Olympic Town, there were things to do to keep busy between events. Canyon's favorite was the drums.

He also made an anklet for me.

Patted a dairy cow but we didn't get to see her being milked.

Got to explore an ambulance.

And eat an ice cream sandwich.

Tennis Ball Toss. This is how it apparently works: There were 3 boys in this age group. Canyon came in 3rd. He could very well have gotten the bronze and that would have been just fine. They have places for up to 5th and everyone always places. BUT, they divide according to ability. The two boys Canyon was with tossed that ball way way out there. Canyon's ball maybe went just over half their distances. So, they were put in divisions. The 2 other boys in 1 division getting them gold and silver and Canyon in his own division getting him gold.

Canyon got his gold for the Tennis Ball Toss.

This is a baby tree by the fountain that I thought if we come back year after year we could mark both Canyon and the tree's growth with a picture.

Canyon took a picture of me by the same tree.

Mrs. Wood (Tammie) and Canyon at the dance. After sweating all day, eating a big dinner, dancing and lots of hard core spinning on the dance floor, Canyon threw up back at the dorm. :( At least it was only once and he did make it to the toilet and it didn't happen at the dance or in Tammie's car.

At Staging. This is where you go when your event is getting ready.

The Standing Long Jump. I barely made it here for pictures. I was making my way around to the front sand pit where we were sure the event would be. We didn't know they had another pit to the back.

These are pictures scanned that they gave us as souvenirs each time the athlete gets a metal.

Whew! We did it! Very hot and a lot of hurry up and wait! But it was a good time and we will look forward to next year!

VIDEO CLIPS !!! Out of order, but here they are:

Helicopters and Canyon going crazy!

The police bring in the torch run.

Tennis Ball Toss

The dance at Berryhill Park on Friday night. Canyon put on quite a show!

Canyon gets the silver for the Standing Long Jump. They got the paperwork confused so the boys had to stand there and wait for a while. When Canyon got his medal, he was done!

Monday, May 17, 2010

BrAcEs !!!

Top braces (and bottom bands in the back) are on!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sore mouth

Sahara got her spacers in for her braces last Monday. Her mouth has been really sore. She has been eating and requesting mush food. She will get the first half of her braces on Monday the 17th. The day after she has a field trip. Her teacher agreed to let her bring in Ibuprofen so she can take it at lunch. Since she has the spacers in on the top and bottom, I think they may go ahead and do all her braces. I guess we will find out soon!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let's play ball

The first game was called due to rain. Today was picture day (which ended up taking 1 1/2 hours!!!!) and then the game started. The way it works...every player on the team gets to hit and run 1 base in the 'inning'. The last player up gets an automatic home run. Canyon was first up to bat, but the last boy did not want to bat so Canyon did for him and that was the home run bat.

One of Canyon's hits!

Canyon's home run!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Little weather

The tornado sirens went off 3 times. The first when we were in the parking lot of a restaurant. Sahara was freaking. I also got 3 calls from weathercall which is nice to know that it actually works to warn you in your immediate area.

The next morning was Canyon's first baseball game. We made it thru the handing out of uniforms, but there was lightning in the air. Then a down pour and the game was called. 2 hours later the sky was blue and cloudless. It was a beautiful day.


He lost another tooth! This is #5 and I think the only one he has lost in the last 3 years!

He was not happy about it and did not want to take his picture. The tooth is in my hand.

He finally got over it an was ready to show his new goofy smile off.
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Sascha got a bath

This is something she not only hates, but rarely gets because she goes straight to the neighbor's pond for a swim and is back to her ratty self.

Well, she managed to stay clean for about 2 hours.
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