Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween at RMS

A lot of great costumes from the teachers and staff!

Pumpkin Time

We got to pumpkin carve this afternoon.

We went with smaller pumpkins because the larger take forever to gut.  Plus the larger ones at our Walmart were HUGE this year.  Only 3 fit in a cart!

Jared wanted his 'throwing up', but I decided the guts were not coming in the house except for a picture or two.
(excuse my hair, I was in a costume all day)

Sahara and mom chose the traditional orange and Canyon picked white for himself and Jared.


Thursday, October 29, 2015


Canyon came home with this poster size painting and was so excited that he ran off the bus to show me.  He helped tape it to the door and was so proud.  :)

Then today he came home with this little masterpiece.  Even better!
Painted, Modge Podged, sewn and stuffed.  It's a keeper for next year.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Bost Halloween Bash

We didn't really have costumes ready for this party so we used what we wore a couple years ago.  They were unpacked and ready to go.

Out of 20 or so participants,  3 prizes were awarded.  Canyon got one :)  Cutest Costume.

Here he is in a line up doing the Electric Slide (of which I have video but have been fighting with my phone for over an hour trying to load it to blogger :(  grrrrr)  Also in the picture with him, 2 of my former students and one current student :)

Saturday, October 17, 2015


The altars are up!

I wish I had more room in this crackerbox. Also random huge spiders (of the synthetic variety) and our 'enter if you dare' yard decoration. Let the candy begin!!

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Canyon is 17

Happy Birthday Canyon!

We drove up to Wiederkehr Winery for their Oktoberfest for his birthday.
There were hundreds of people there.  

Found this cute little window box for pictures.

We ate German food and listened to a German band play instruments we had never seen before.

There was horse back riding, a camel ride, tractor ride and lots of booths selling goodies.  We took the tractor ride.

It drove us out through the vineyards.

We stayed for a few hours and ended up back at the orange flowers.

Home for a nap and then we got ready for a cook-out and bonfire.

Then it was time for gifts!  Thank you everyone for the gifts, cash, and gift cards!

When we sang happy birthday, after he blew out the candle, he proclaimed, 'I'm 20!!'  What a nut!

Happy Birthday kiddo!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Homecoming Week

Homecoming Week means we get to dress up.  I usually have a lot of fun with this, but sometimes I dont have co-workers that want to join in.  This year we made it through all 5 days :)

Monday - Character Day
Wendy was the cat and Lequita and I, the Things.

(Sorry I screen shot these from facebook and forgot to crop out the phone stuff)

Lots chose today to dress up today.
Mr. Pennington and Mr. Roys

The counselors Mrs. Chaffin and Mrs. Forehand

A group of us who made it out between classes for a 10 second photo op.

Tuesday - Sports Team Day

Wednesday - PINK OUT! Day
Canyon's school had Homecoming too and we both had pink day today.

Thursday - Tacky Day

Friday - School Colors Day
School color day is the only day Mrs. Lee will take part in.  Party Pooper!

This week seemed really long, but we had fun :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What a Crack Up!

Conversation I had with Canyon's teacher. What a nut. I wish I could get him to talk more at home!