Sunday, June 23, 2013


Canyon's room got quite messy the last week and a half so last night we decided to clean it up. I discovered, after we found some floor, that he had a broken picture frame and the glass was everywhere. After carefully finding pieces as small as an eyelash to the size of the palm of my hand, I vacuumed 3 times. Still this morning I found another chunk. And these were in the washing machine after doing his laundry this morning. 
I'm surprised we haven't had to take a trip to the ER. 

I also found stashed behind his radio...
I don't think he has been stealing Little Debbie's. He does have 1 everyday around after school snack time. He has just been stuffing the wrappers from them in the same spot apparently. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Hairdos

Thought I'd save a bit of money this time so we hit up the local beauty college. Actually we saved about 75% so that's the good news. 
Sahara got a strip of blue put in her hair. 

Canyon got a regular boys cut which took 45 minutes. I was very surprised that he had that much patience!!

In the paper

The May Students of the Month were in the paper in the beginning of June. Since I only get a paper at work and work is out for the summer, I missed it. We went to the Library the other day and I just happened to be by the newspaper section and there she was!!!


Sahara applied and was accepted into the SSS - Student Support Services program at Tech.  I am so glad I talked her into this.  They have workshops to help with skills for note taking, writing papers, studying, and have tutoring.  Tutoring is available to anyone at Tech for free, but you get whoever is available.  In SSS, she will have a group that is a constant throughout the year/s.  They also have parties, field trips and get-togethers.  She will also have an advisor to help her make a plan for her years there.  Someone more in tune to what she wants and needs unlike the advisor who signs up your classes in 15 minutes and you never see them again. To me, it's almost like an extension to high school.  Which in her case, being 17 to start, I think it will be a great thing.

(May newsletter)

Thursday, June 13, 2013


A King Snake from what we've been told.

It's a good guy.  Eats bad snakes and mice and rats.  But it is living under the metal plate of the front door threshhold!!
And that's Malaki's out door.  He is 4 pounds and field rats actually get to be his size. 
It 'disappeared' before we could get it out.  Probably up under the siding or farther into the woodwork of our well put together house.  I took a shovel and banged it on the metal plate hoping to make it realize this is not a happy place and it will move on.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Canyon on the morning news

I got a Facebook message to turn on the tv at 8:45 am. I expected to see a few of the kids from the pageant, but had no idea they'd use a picture of Canyon too!!  I didn't sign him up this year but after the news the pageant people called to ask if I wanted to. They had 3 last minute cancelations. It turns out we will be on vacation at that time this year. Maybe we can do it again next year!!

Click on link:

Arkansas Angels Pageant
He is at 2:28 in the video.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last day of the season...

Last game and our last nice weather day. Yep! Gonna be hot and humid from here on out. 
We got individual pictures back too. 
Every kid gets their trophy. 
And each one of them is super proud of themselves :)
Here is his team picture. They didn't do team pictures so parents just took what they could get. 

Took Canyon 5 years of baseball but he finally participated in the chicken dance!!  He is in the center with the red shorts.

After was a cookout. Bye baseball!  See you next year!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Account

Today we opened a checking account for Sahara. She doesn't need checking because she won't be using checks, so its more like a savings account with a debit card. Like me, she got to pick her card out of a catalog. I didn't figure they would have peacock, but.....
Now her graduation money is safely stashed away along with the 1st half of her Pottsville Scholarship :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tech ready!

We went and got Sahara signed up for her classes at Tech for the Fall. 
She's going back in the morning tomorrow to take the Compass test to help improve her scores for Math and English. But for now her schedule is:
•Principals of College Success (required for all first time Freshmen)

This will be her Psychology classroom. 

And this is POCS class with really cool pod chairs. Her advisor that helped us today teaches this class. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Before and after

Had my wisdom teeth removed today. I opted for local instead of being put out. I have never been put out before and I didn't know if I would do all right like that.   Got about 10 shots in random places in my mouth. I felt like my jaw was going to snap or dislocate with all the pressure. 
Not much fun but I saved about $350 doing it this way.