Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here we go!....

Sahara and Jared's schools are having there Homecoming at the same time. That's frustrating for many reasons. Jared and his brother were chosen to be the Junior escorts. We will miss that because we will be at Sahara's schools game. Also, both schools are having a dance afterwards. Not really a Homecoming dance, they call it -5th Quarter- and it's directly after the game and it is come as you are. He wants to go to his. She wants to go to hers. I told them, that's fine. Go to your own. Have fun with your friends.

Turns out Jared's school canceled their dance because they only do 2 dances a semester and had a back to school dance all ready and later will do a Christmas dance or something like that. So, Jared is going to take Sahara to her dance :)

This is going to be their actual first date --- and it's this Friday :).

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our 1st ever Buddy Walk

A little boy I met 9 years ago, with his mom and grandma, in Walmart, I just got reintroduced to. He was 5 weeks old at the time. Canyon was 3. His last name was Collins as well and we were so excited that he would be going to Pottsville eventually too. We thought it will be very interesting because they look so similar and have the same last name that people, especially the kids, would assume they were brothers. That didn't happen and we never really knew where he went.

Now we do! His name is Logan and yes, he has DS too. His mom is starting a Buddy Walk and this is the first year. It's going to be the day before Canyon's 12th b-day. He lives in Dardanelle. Yep! Another Sand Lizard!

We are excited! Like Canyon, Logan is the only one in his school with DS. He does however have 2 younger brothers and a baby sister. Playmates abundant! Canyon really could use a buddy tho so we are looking forward to getting to know Logan and his family better.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We went to church today

Only for the baptism of 3 of Sahara's friends. Zach, JayMac and Tyler, all who have graced this blog in the past, got baptized this morning.

Zach was up first. He did not look nervous at all. The church was packed!

Next was JayMac. He did look nervous.

Last was Tyler.

The cake was beautiful!
Mila cut the cake and I served. No, I don't even belong to the church and never have even been there, but I jumped right in.
Jared came with us [of course :) ]
It was short and sweet. It actually took us much more then twice as long to get ready then the ceremony lasted.
After, Sahara, Jared, Canyon and I went to a new Mexican place for lunch. It was very crowded (all the after church goers tend to have lunch out on Sunday's) and the food was good, but I still prefer Las Palmas.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Jared's football picture

Looks like he has his game face on.

Don't look too closely, one of those daggers might get you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Same ol' same

I hate that I haven't posted in awhile. Things are just the same. I turned in my very first rough draft for my first essay for class today. I'm kinda nervous....but we will see.

Sahara's grades for the first 4 weeks of school have been great! But she thinks she bombed her Biology test last week. No results on it yet.

Canyon has sinus issues lately. Hope he feels better soon. His teacher is acting odd this year too. Let you know more on that later...

The lawn is about 2 feet high but the mower has been out of whack. It's on the charger now and maybe (keeping fingers crossed!) it will start after work tomorrow so I can at least get the front done.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy 15th !

Sahara, Jared and I went to the movies for Sahara's b-day this year. No party, no cake. It was a very different year. Canyon stayed at Mila's because the movie Sahara wanted to see was too scary for him. Jared does not do scary movies at all so it took a lot of talking him into it and I haven't been since I was 20ish.

The Last Exorcism

In the theater waiting for the movie to start. Save your money (not that anyone was going to go see this anyway)

Out to dinner at Brangus looking at the menu.

For some reason Sahara hands the money to Jared. Did I not teach her anything???
Thank you Grandma.

And the check too??!! Thank you Grandpa.

Jared stuffs himself with peanuts. Look at Sahara's face :)

A credit card from Nana and Papa! Thanks! Looks like shes gonna hold on to that!

One from Aunt Kristy too! Thank you!

Plus a couple of nice American Eagle shirts! Thank you!

Jared's turn :)
His actual birthday is in May, days after we met him. So we blew it off back then. Now that hes a regular around here, we decided to make it up :)
Gift card to Game Stop.
He reads his card! Wow!

Sahara didn't have anything to do with the picture. If she had known I was doing that, she wouldn't have let me because she would have found something wrong with EVERY picture of herself. It's actually a beautiful shot. And he loves it!

Canyon enjoying his corn on the cob.

All the waitresses came to do a b-day song for the 2 of them. Sahara said she was embarrassed but Jared said he wasn't. The picture tells a different story :)

Spoon feeding each other Possum Pie.


After dinner we went to Hastings and got Clash of the Titans and watched that at home. That about rounds out the night.


Jared came over today with a gift for Sahara.

Ed Hardy Cologne :)
(oh, and she is wearing the other Aunt Kristy shirt)