Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TrIcK - Or - TrEaT

We are all costumed up and ready to hit the streets.

 Canyon and Jared are jail birds and Sahara is their warden.  I made these costumes before Sahara was born!!  I'm glad they got use again :)

Oh, looks like Warden Sahara caught her some baaaad boys!

And then there's mom.  I totally didn't go with their get-ups, but it was a last minute decision.

We headed to the Hughes Center.  It's a community center and has lots of free games and things to do on Halloween.  It was PACKED.  And Canyon didn't have much interest in playing the games for candy.

All he wanted to do was to go outside and see the many police, ambulance, and rescue vehicles.

This is fitting!

Canyon's first house.  Houses were few and far between because Halloween fell on church night.  Gotta love the Bible Belt.

After 3 streets and 15 - 20 houses, we headed to the fire station to trick-or-treat.

Canyon had to inspect every truck.

Last, at 7:30, we went to Sonic for their .50 corn dogs only to find out they were sold out.  
So to McDonald's we went for their dollar menu and back to the house to eat and 
'examine' Canyon's candy :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3rd Annual Pumpkin Party

Luckily I had the day off of class so we kind of threw this party together.  Invited were a handful of teens, and 2 families.  1 family never responded to our invite :(  The other family called to say they couldn't make it after all 1 hour before the party started :(  So, that left me and a handful of teens.

The invite stated that if you wanted to carve, to bring your own, but that I would have a few for painting.

The paint table set up.

The food table was going to go outside, but since few were coming I just left it in. We had cocktail wienies, chicken salad sandwiches, 7 layer chip dip, chocolate covered pretzels and punch.

Canyon starts the ball rolling and is the first to dig in.

Sahara gets down with her white pumpkin with Terena looking on.

Danielle and Gabrielle chose little pumpkins to paint. 

After Canyon got most of the gunk out of his pumpkin, I tried to scrape the sides.  There was no end!!  This pumpkin would have been perfect to make pumpkin spaghetti with! And it was only 1/2 an inch thick so I stopped trying so I wouldn't collapse the sides. 

Mom's pumpkin. Very simple and quickly made so I could get a fire going.  It was nice, but a tad chilly.

Sahara uses a screwdriver to put holes all over hers.  So she didn't do a face this year.

Canyon heads to the paint table to make his black and gold. (school colors) I believe he did the same last year and he is very aware and remembers things like that.

Canyon passed a little pumpkin to Terena...

...and to Paige to paint too.

Jared shows up from his class and gets busy with his zombie pumpkin / gourd thing.

After using a few tools and finally getting thru 3 1/2 inches of skin and flesh, he busts a hole and to our surprise and disgust.....

BUGS!...little gnat type bugs come flying and crawling out!!!
There were MAGGOTS too!!

And the whole thing was rotten inside!!

Enough of that!  Time to eat!  hahaha

All the food was a hit and everyone started creeping closer and closer to the fire.

Not much of anything was left and some of the dishes were wiped clean.

Even the smallest guest went back for seconds and thirds.

Then back to painting and for Jared, whatever he was planning to do with his nasty nightmare.

This is how they turned out.




Jared still working til after dark.

And finally.....

Well, it does look zombieish!

I love these little cuties.  I saved them so they wouldn't get painted or carved.

But wait.....Sahara wasn't done.  She decided to melt crayons on hers for color.

Finally finished!