Sunday, January 31, 2010

More fun in the snow

Since the forecast said it was going to be 40 today, we decided to get out there and get our snowman built. Not too big, but at least we made one.

Bird prints.

Scratch marks out in the open snow. Our guess is that a hawk swooped down and swiped up some breakfast. There were little mouse prints all over the place. Zigging and zagging every which way. I guess they were having fun in the snow too.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

3rd and final Pine Wood Derby Car

Canyon is working on his last Pine Wood Derby car (actually truck this year). He will age out of Cub Scouts at the end of 5th grade and in order for him to stay in Boy Scouts, we would have to transfer to the Russellville District Scouts. Pottsville doesn't have a pack. That would mean all new kids (and adults) and no one that he goes to school with. Plus he really needs more communication skills to be able to do all the things or any of the things required of him to be in the pack. I'm sure I could push that he has equal rights with his disability and all that, just don't feel up to the challenge. Besides he will still have baseball and basketball and his waiver worker so he really is a busy boy.

Anyway, he chose a truck model this year and gold.

He is very careful when he paints.
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Fun in the snow

We ended up getting about 3 1/2 inches.
No school/work of course.

These pictures were taken on Friday aftenroon when there was only about an inch.
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

ice storm 2010

Well, I wasn't going to prepare for an ice storm, but then changed my mind. After taking Sahara to the dermatologist, I decided to hit Wal-mart in case we are iced in for the next couple days. Basically I just did my regular Saturday shopping 2 days early. If we do have ice, enough to cause the power to go out, I wont be hanging around here anyway. Off to a hotel we'd go because trying to hang in the house is way too cold. (no fireplace)

Heres to hoping no work/school tomorrow!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

He just cracks me up!

The mail was running late yesterday. I sent Canyon out to get it after school. He ran out the door with my cell phone. It had been raining and there are pretty good puddles everywhere. I thought as he left, 'there goes my phone again.' I looked out the window and he was at the mailbox using both hands to open the box. Wheres the phone? The he got out the mail and closed the box and saw that the trash can was still at the road from pick up the day before. The lid was open so he really needs 2 hands to close the lid and drag it back to the house. He tried over and over to get the mail in his pocket but couldn't do it. Every pocket at least 3 trys each. It was too funny. His pockets where only about half as wide as the envelope. I called for Sahara to come watch what he did next. It was so cute. He got the phone out of his pocket and 'dialed' some one for help! I dont think he actually dialed a number because nothing was in recent calls later when I checked. I was rolling. Sahara got her cell and called mine and he answered it. I could hear him saying words like mail, trash, cant do it. She said, 'I know, why dont you bring the mail to the house and then go back for the trash can.' He said ' oh, yeah.' and came running. I guess it's something I should have gotten on video.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The last day

This is our last day for our land line. I have been paying attention for the last 2 weeks and this is our stats on that phone line:

30 calls from - not provided ( 866, 877, 888, 800) area code numbers
1 call from Mom
3 calls from the neighbor
1 call from the drs. office
2 calls from cub scouts
5 unknown number calls

For a total of 42 incoming calls that only 7 of them were even answered or wanted. Well, mom, neighbor and scouts all have my cell so only the drs. office is who I need to notify to the change. I think saving the $45 a month on canceling the line looks like it's a smart move.

and again ~ one extreme to another

We were in the negatives 2 weeks ago and today, a balmy 71 degrees. It feels like Halloween all over again!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

From one extreme to the other

My dryer quit. Mid cycle just stopped working a couple weeks ago. I ordered new fuses and installed them. Put it all back together and now it works great. Too great. It wont stop, wont run out of time and turn off. And gets VERY hot. I think my clothes are going to spontaneously combust! I dont know how this problem started since I didn't even mess with that part of the dryer. I guess I just need to be very careful. I think I will even get a LOUD timer to put on the dryer so I can set it to remember to check it every half hour. Yay!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

so long to the phone

As of January 21st, you will no longer be able to call us on the land line. It will save us $45 a month and for the most part, the only people who use it on a day to day basis is telemarketers (even tho we are on the do not call list). So, you can reach us on the cell phones thereafter.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

broken down this, broken down that.

I have to head to Walmart when the kids get home to fight with them about replacing my battery in the truck. It is only 6 months old and one of those super duty size batteries, but for the last month it will not hold a charge. And not at all for the last 5 days over night. It either has to be jumped or put on the charger for hours to work every moring.

Dryer quit mid-cycle on Sunday. Cant figure what happened to it. Just will not start when the start button is pressed.

Home phone line is down, then up, then down....soon to be cancelled, maybe today. If you have our cell phone numbers, that's all we will have from now on. May try magicjack. Maybe.

well, hope that was my '3' and things breaking down will now STOP!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Break
Misty, Sahara and Canyon went to AZ. for Christmas this year. What a great whirlwind of a trip. Here are some of the many things we did and saw while there:

First, we went to the Dear Valley Rock Art Center where we saw petroglyphs from people long ago.

Canyon tries on glasses showing what a javelina sees. It is very blurry.

Sahara and Canyon work on grinding corn at one of the rest stops on the little trail.

Petroglyphs were found along the trail. Some close enough to touch tho no one was supposed to.

A little bench was found under a Palo Verde tree.

Christmas early at Mom and Dads

Dad gets the 'heirloom ornament'.

Canyon gets silly with a big piece of left over wrapping paper.

We went on a hike. Canyon is quite the hiker. He left Misty, Sahara and Nana in the dust and poor Papa had to keep up with him. They took a different trail and went around the mountain and back. Sahara and Nana decided to go to the top. Misty didn't make the top and decided to head back to meet Papa and Canyon because they were without water.
Picture taken by Sahara atop the Thunderbird Park Mountain.

Nana at the top.

Sahara at the top.

For my birthday, Mom and Dad took us to a great off Broadway dinner theater and we saw A Christmas Carol. It was great. The food was wonderful, the show was excellent and they even got me flowers and a cake!

Mom and Dad at the show.

I am blowing out my candle with the help of Canyon. The cake was very delicious!

Earrings (yea! I have been looking for little red earrings forever) and a cute little mouse.

Sahara got me the latest Harry Potter DVD.

Christmas Day in San Diego

Part of our trip we spent in San Diego at Brian and Mel's house.

Brian and Zoey open a gift from Nana.

Canyon gets nerf bullet guns.

Parker gets Lincoln Logs.

Zoey tears into her gift.

Tobey and Sahara open Tobey's beautiful dress.

Sahara and Jason. They have pretty much been head to head growing up over the last several years. Now we will mark the changes soon to come. Sahara will slow down and Jason will skyrocket.

From San Diego, we went to La Jolla to Children's Pool. A little cove of beach taken over by seals sun bathing. That was neat. On one side, seals stretched out to soak in the rays.

Misty, Sahara, and Canyon on a little observation deck.

Sahara points out a seal in the water to Canyon on the side where people can still get to the water.

Jason, Parker, Sahara, Canyon, Zoey, and Tobey.

The water was very cold. But the day was beautiful and warm.

Oh no! The only picture I have of Mel and she isn't looking at the camera. How did she avoid all my pictures?

Nana and Sahara at a park by the airport in San Diego.

Thank you Brian and Mel for having us all over for Christmas. Food was great. Hope to see more of you soon!

Yuma??? I think that is where we were coming back from California.

Sunday, we went to Coolidge, AZ. to Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim's house.
The kids rode on a go cart while it was up and running around and around and around.

Some played a game, but I can't remember what it is called.

Others sat around and talked. It was nice and toasty in the sun.

A great shot of Cousin Tony kickin' back in the recliner watching a ball game.

In Coolidge, AZ., we went to visit the Casa Grande Indian Ruins.

Sahara and Canyon up close to one of the Ruins' doors.

Canyon sits by one of the Ruins' walls.

More Ruins in Coolidge.

Ummm. are we celebrating my b-day again??? This has got to stop. From hear on out, I will NOT have another b-day. I did stop at 29 ya know people! We are at the Az. Mills Mall in Tempe at the Rainforest Cafe. Great food. Took an hour to get it tho.

Cousin Tony, Aunt Carol, Mom and Dad at the Rainforest Cafe.

A day at the races! Or an hour anyway. We stayed for 3 races. No betting, just for fun.

Andrea and her kiddos come to visit for dinner. She is an old friend
of Misty's from Jr high and high school.

We went to downtown Tempe for lunch and shopping on the Light Rail. We transfered to the bus line for an Irish Shoppe and back after eating at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.

The last Hurrah! picture. Taken at 7:25 in the morning before mom went to work and we headed to the airport.

At home. Sascha shows off one of her new collars we bought at Petco in Az. Green paisley.

It was a wonderful trip! Thank you Mom and Dad (Nana and Papa)!
We Love You!