Saturday, April 25, 2009

Party In The Park

Russellville had it's annual party in the park and right after the game, a quick change in the car, and Walmart shopping, and lunch, we headed there.

Sahara fell in love with the little mini ponies and really want to take this one home.

Canyon got to ride a little Appaloosa.

Canyon loved the inflatables.

Play Ball ! ! !

Canyon had his first ball game today. We got there extra early and got to see the older team (11 and up ) play first. Canyon will be on that team next year. It was great. I loved to see all the faces of the kids I have worked with in the past out there.

Here Canyon and Sahara practice before the game starts.

Canyon's first time around to home plate he stops to pick up some bats laying around and poses for a picture. What a goof!


Wooo Hooo! Another run! I love that I got the picture with him in the air!

They all had a great time and played hard.

The big switch-a-roo

It's time! Time to dig out all the summer clothes and pack up all the winter clothes. I usually do this on Spring Break, but we still had some chilly days ahead after then. It was in the 80 last week and I don't see us heading back to the 50s in the future. The week ahead is 80s and 70s. The pollen is THICK and everything is covered in yellow pollen dust. Canyon seems to be doing all right and Sahara seems hardly effected, I have major congestion and cough and sore throat and sneezing.

Canyon's first big game is in a few hours. I'll post pictures as soon as I can :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I enlisted the help of a couple of Sahara's guy friends, Teri and Zach to help with my flower beds. (They were claiming to be bored so I put them to work)

Of course the had to give us a show. Acting as if the 40 pound bag of potting soil was too much to handle.

Oh boyyyyys!

Yep. Whatever they can do, she can do better!

Mila and I ( and the kids) then went to Lowe's and got new flowers to plant.

District Derby

We made it to the District Derby. It was much nicer than last year. Each year a different town in the district holds the derby and this year it was at a BIG gym in Clarksville. Canyon did fairly well and I explained to one of the officials about his condition and they all seemed to pick up on his need of assistance pretty fast and all pitched in to get him where he was supposed to be. Only one other boy from his pack showed up and both of their cars did not do so hot.

Here canyon waits while some more boys are checking in.

Canyon and 2 other boys have a race. (Canyon came in last in his 3 races)

Everyone gets a blue participation ribbon. :)

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter at Charlas

The kids waiting for the green light to start the hunt.

Because of the rain, the hunt was indoors and on the porch.

After the hunt when everyone is checking out their loot, where is Canyon? Glued to the TV watching Madagascar.

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Easter morning

Got to love that hair!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Coloring of the Eggs


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Canyon's Egg Hunt

I took Canyon to the church down the road from us for the big egg hunt. 10,000 eggs and about 100 kids. Canyon was with the middle schoolers and they are really fast. So he ended up with about 15 eggs. Which is fine, but I should have just put him down with the ele aged kids. Sahara wasn't with us for the first time ever. She had spent the night at a friends and didn't want to get up early. (10:00 am). So it was just the boy. I guess she is getting too big for this stuff. The weather was awesome. I hope it lasts thru tomorrow, but it is supposed to storm starting around noon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Pictures

I took the kids to Bona Dea this weekend to do Spring pictures. The weather was awesome! I got some good shots, but the one I liked the best, canyon was not looking at the camera. That's the way it goes.