Friday, October 10, 2014

Canyon turns 16 !!!

Since Jared will be gone for Canyon's actual birthday, and this will make Canyon sad, we had an early celebration.

But for some reason talking about his birthday at all makes him shut down and seem sad.  We can't really figure this out, but Sahara and Jared had to talk him into wanting to get ready to go do something.

He's up!

First we headed to Dairy Queen for burgers.

We were going to get ice cream too and I brought a candle, but we were full.

So we went to the bowling alley.

Canyon got handed brand new bowling shoes!  What is with the construction hat?  I have no idea.  He came home from school wearing it.

This one is looking really good!

But our scores are pretty pathetic.

We headed to the store next and picked up a 4 pack of cup cakes.

That was it for tonight.  Next weekend we will celebrate some more!

(one week later)

Canyon's birthday (actual day) started with coffee and donuts with his former principal, Mr. T, from middle school.

Then it was time for the flu shot at the school clinic!

But Mr. Wood, his aide's husband, brought him McDonalds! 
 It was also and early out day!

After school we went to Las Palmas for dinner (we go there a lot)
After ordering Canyon opened cards and gifts.

Thank you Uncle Brian, Aunt Mel, Parker, Tobey, and Zoey.

Thank you Dad and Rita.

Thank you grandpa.

Thank you Nana and Papa.
(guess what he will be wearing for b-day pictures)

Thank you Aunt Kristy, Caleb, and Emily.

Back home and Sahara helps construct the firetruck.  Even Malaki is interested.

An hour later.  His attention is set on making that thing look like a firetruck!

Ooooh!  In the back of the direction book he finds more things to build.

Finally!  He is hysterical because the firewoman fell out of the cab and I said, 'Oh no!  She wasn't wearing her seat-belt!  Call the fire department!'

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