Sunday, May 29, 2016

SO 16

We're off for another fun adventure at beautiful Harding University for Special Olympics 2016!

After check in and dorm assignments, we head to the cafe for line up.  Can't use the track and football stadium because for the first time ever since Special Olympics started, it's raining!

It was held in an auditorium.  There was plenty of room, but took forever for the athletes to file in.  And sadly, no motorcycles for the show :(

All the athletes in the bottom section, all the family in the top section.

After a lot of introduction and too much blah, blah, blah, the show began.

It was a cover band for some old rock and roll songs.  We managed to get down stairs and hang with Canyon.  He loved it.

Here's the baby tree!

first year

After a great breakfast the next morning, we hiked all over campus taking photos.  Canyon's first event is not scheduled until 4 pm.

Then we went to Olympic Village for some crafts and play time.

Lunch in the stands.

We headed back to the dorms for a nap before his event.  While asleep, the storm hit and all events were canceled.  When we woke, we were told all events will basically be caught up at the same time which actually pushed Canyon's Shot Put up to 3.  Good thing we didn't sleep through it!

There were 3 boys in his group.

He did well, but we found out the weight of the ball he has been practicing with is several pounds lighter than the one at the games. Next year he will be practicing with the correct weight.

He got Bronze!

Awards inside due to more rain.

More campus photos.

Dinner in the cafe.  Ham or chicken with green beans, carrots, macaroni, and a roll.

Back to the dorm to get ready for the Champions Party.  Usually it is at Berryhill Park, but, you guessed it!  Due to rain it was at a nearby high school in the field house.

I found a former student there!  He moved to Mena last year.

Saturday we woke to plenty of sunshine!

We got all packed up...and Sahara got a migraine :(

Canyon's event wasn't until 10 so after breakfast we headed back to Olympic Village.  Canyon won this game of basketball shootout with 5 other kids!  That basketball set up in Shoe Carnival that he plays with has helped his game!

Time for Standing Long Jump.

This was disappointing.  The people running the Standing Long Jump were very unorganized.  They got the boys out of order, were not writing the scores down and had to start over, and weren't measuring correctly.  They also had 2 groups of boys playing together instead of separately.  So, in the end, Canyon ended up tying for 4th when he should have gotten a Silver.
I have never seen more than 5 in a group and this one had 8.  
Canyon doesn't care, he got a ribbon.

Back at home, we added his new wins to his wall.  I need to add the second row as his medals are doubling up now!

Even with all the rain, we had a great time!

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Last day / end of year fish fry with Dawn Lee, Sarah Linker, Wendy McKinney, Phyllis Riedmueller, and Mitzi Sears

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Furbaby Birthdays

This little boy is 6 years old today.

He got his size tennis balls and a birthday cookie.

Also celebrating Chloe's birthday as we don't know when it actually is other than in the Spring and she is 12.

She got Pull and Play Edible String. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Getting Crazy at the Bowling Alley

Canyon's class went to the bowling alley and Cici's pizza for a Senior send-off for a couple of his classmates who will graduate on Saturday.  

1 more year for this boy!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Let's back up and try again

After 4 trips to Lowes and speaking with 4 different people there, and changing out the battery, The Black Pearl was picked up today to be returned :( It just would not start unless it was on the charger for 10 or so minutes.

Delivered in it's place is Tigger.  Different brand, slightly smaller engine, 2 inch smaller deck (unfortunately), and smaller profile.  Raining all week so I have no idea how this one works or rides or (crossing fingers) starts!

Ooooh Balloons

We didn't go to see the balloons and helicopter rides this year.  They changed it so now there was an entrance fee on top of a fee to do anything. :(

But, Saturday night as I was making dinner, I heard a strange air blowing sound.  Then I realized, a balloon was right over the house.  Canyon and I ran outside to see 2 balloons come down in the backyard.