Thursday, January 24, 2013

Didn't have high hopes for this appointment...

But he did it!!

Canyon had to have 2 teeth pulled.  His permanent teeth grew in behind his baby teeth about 3 years ago.  But the babies never fell out.  They hardly even got loose.  I was told over and over again by his dentist that it was not a problem and whenever they are ready to come out, the new ones will float right in their place.  Problem is...the babies next to the babies not wanting to fall out are getting loose now and if they fall out first, the prems will float over and into the wrong place.  So, it was time to get rid of those babies that just wanted to live there forever!

Before the appointment.

They took him back without me.  15 minutes later they came to get me and said he did awesome.  There he was, laying on the table/chair with gauze sticking out of his mouth and an oxygen mask on his nose.  Nice and comfy.  No fussing, no tears.
I said it was time to go and he sat up and pulled the gauze from his mouth and was happy.  It was a shock to me.
However in the car, he wouldn't let me take a picture or talk to me for over an hour.  We had a lot of errands to run (most of which he just waited in the car for me).  We got a milk shake for him, but he refused it.

Here are his teeth for the Fairy tonight :)

As soon as we got home, he downed the shake in 2 minutes!  After a rest and a movie at home, Jared came over with french fries and he was all happy again.  So he let me take a picture of his holes.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013



and French Fry

from down the road have come to visit.  They may be here a night (depending how their night goes) or a month.  They ran out of hay in their home field so they are here to eat ours.

They aren't digging being tied up, but they can escape easily in the many holes we have in our fence.  A tree fell on one part of it and the 12 foot fence is completely off of it. 

French Fry found an escape before his owner even got back down the road after leaving him here.

They are very friendly and sociable.  French Fry can be ridden on, or sat on I should say because he wont actually walk when someone is on his back.
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Little house on the prarie no more??

Most probably so :(
Just found out all the field behind my house has been the group who like to make small subdivisions.

It may be this Sping, or it may be a few years from now, but sooner or later we will be looking at the backs of other houses instead of our field view :( 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let your fingers do the walking...

Sahara submitted an art piece to a contest for the cover of the telephone book.  Last year, we never heard about what happened to her piece.  This year, she got in the book!

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners were also from her school (out of 7 or 8 districts)

They had to be about something that reflects their area.  Sahara chose the clock at the Russellville Train Depot.  In color, it has a pink and orange sunset going behind the steal gray and black clock.
I'm just happy her's got in this year :)
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I haven't posted!

Nothing new has been happening with us.  Kids are back in school...Sahara for her final semester (which is a little sad....and waaaay too fast!)

When something interesting happens...I will post up!