Thursday, November 22, 2012

A quick-trip gone very very wrong

Well, that was not fun!  
Poor Canyon....he was so excited about our quick trip.  He helped pack the suitcase and gather things we needed.  We got to the hospital and I checked in at the front desk.  We were told to go to the main lobby area to wait for the other people arriving for the sleep study.  We sat down and Canyon asked where the airplanes were.  I was so sad for him....he was really expecting a fun trip :(
An hour later, with 3 other boys and their moms, we all headed to the sleep lab.  

Canyon was given Ambien and it had kicked in.  He was pretty mellow and let 'Tyrone' attach all the face lines with no problems.  

Next was the skull lines and all hell broke loose.  First, they have to be glued in his hair, not attached with sticky tape.  Second, the glue has to be dried with an air gun the shoots out cold air and is really loud.

He managed to get a few on, but got really nervous and terrified when the 4 by his ears had to be done.  'Tyrone' had to sit on Canyon, I held his head, another lady held his arms and another lady started attaching. 

During this time Canyon screamed his head off and weaseled around.  He managed to pull all the lines from his face.  So after the skull was done, we started over with his face.  A one hour job took three hours and 4 people to do.  

In order to keep Canyon from pulling them out again, they had to splint his arms.  
He was one miserable guy. :(

At about 4 am, he had woken up for the 5th or 6th time and would not go back to sleep.  At one point his usual groan and moan and whine turned into a giggle.  I said, 'Canyon, are you laughing?' He said, 'yeah' and giggled again.  I said, 'what's so funny?' He said, 'I dont know. (more giggles)'.  That's when I knew he had lost his mind.  Shortly later he threw up.  When 'Tyrone' came in to check on us (we are on camera and he watches everything) I announced, 'that's it....we're done.'
It was 6 in the morning and we were pretty much done anyway.  Turns out Canyon had 'slept' 4-5 hours put together and that should be enough to read.  It will have to be.....we will never go thru that again!!

Above is Canyon after throwing up and getting ready to have everything removed.  He has a smile because he knows it's over.  

Along with the 9 on his face, 9 on his skull and air monitor...he had one on his back, 3 on his chest and 2 on each leg.  Plus 2 straps to monitor his stomach / lung breathing, and the arm splints.

  And they worry that caffeine or chocolate would mess up the study... how is anyone suppose to sleep like that!?!?

Monday, November 12, 2012

He's going to State.....early

Turns out Pottsville is going to State for bowling for Special Olympics.  It's Dec 12th, during school, so I dont think I will be able to go :(  I've taken too many days off already for his dr. appointments, plus he has 2 more coming up and I need to save days for May's Special Olympics.  BUT, I'm still working on it.  I would love to go!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Special Olympics

This school year, Canyon and his classmates have been hitting the bowling alley (and the pizza joint) about once a week to practice.  Today was the area games for bowling Special Olympics.  Every lane was full and our team got the very last one, #28.

Sometimes Canyon was right on the money.  Sometime the ball hit the gutter in the first 10 feet.

He ended up doing just as well as the other boys on his team.

Pancho needed assistance with the ramp.
(He's so stinking cute!)

Sometimes Canyon rolled the ball correctly. Sometimes he threw it down the lane.

But when it was all over 3 hours later, Pottsville got first place!!