Monday, February 27, 2017

Art Therapy

Canyon LOVES art class. This semester it's on Thursdays which is also horse therapy days. He is worn out on Thursdays.
Unfortunately he ages out after this semester and won't be able to attend next Fall.
I hope they expand to adults soon!

Care Package

Sahara is preparing Jared's next gift box. It takes 20 days to get there so planning ahead is needed. What's in this one? His freaking play station 4 per his request. Also several shirts. I sure hope it gets there ok!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lil Moos

Jared's uncle has cows. Sometimes the mama cows don't accept their babies. They either starve, get trampled as Jett' s brother did, get accepted by another mama cow which is rare and take a lot of time, or get bottle fed.
Canyon and Jared's cousin's daughter, Adrianna, got to help out tonight.
I didn't realize Jett and Rosa were so small.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Got My Girl Back

Looks like she's getting out of here right on time. 4 cops just shows up at the neighbors.
Eventually they arrested the guy there for selling drugs.
Almost cleaned out after 3 days of back breaking moving.
Used up all of the storage room plus took 2 1/2 truck loads to my house.
Locked up til Jared gets back. I don't look forward to unpacking that unit then but happy to have her home.

Friday, February 3, 2017


The ENT in town suggested we see the ENT at Children's Hospital. Canyon has a 13 year old tube partially still functioning in his left ear. His right ear, the ear drum is collapsing and sucking inward. This is causing his little ear bones not to vibrate right and some hearing loss. He has 2 prescriptions for now and will have a recheck in a few months. They aren't recommending tubes again because he has had several and each time scar tissue is left. This also causes hearing loss. However, the doctor was really concerned with Canyon's sleep apnea. His sleep study from 5 years ago shows he only gets 20-25% of the oxygen he should be getting at night. Possibly another dreaded sleep study may need to be done, but for sure we are looking at a c-pap in his near future.
Sahara was trying to get Canyon's mind off of the ear appointment (his least favorite of doctor visits) with funny filters.
He also had to have his ears looked at through a microscope and to bribe him to do it was the promise of a hamburger afterward. Hey, whatever it takes!!

Official Deployment

On February 1st, Jared boarded the first of three planes packed full of National Guardsmen and women, headed to Africa. 1 month down and 9 to go!!