Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh Canyon

Bored in his room now that school is out, he tends to redecorate. Everything from in his dresser and off his shelves including his big metal stand is smashed up in he corner. Movies, clothes, trucks, toy buckets, bedding, stuffed animals, the stereo, and other random toys. It looked like a poltergeist visited. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One More Award

Sahara is Student Of The Month for May from her 'former' high school. She was supposed to be honored for this at the school board meeting last Thursday before graduation, but it was moved to Tuesday after graduation.  Unfortunately that means Nana and Papa where not here for this.

Sahara with the jr. high, middle, and elementary students of the month :)

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Day after Graduation

It's the day after graduation and Nana and Papa's last day here.  We went to the bowling alley to find it closed at 1 in the afternoon.  I think the owners randomly open and close when they want to.  Papa found times listed on the internet, but no signs were on the building or doors. 
So we headed to Hog Wild.  I didn't realize no one had been here before.  It's been here for several years.  It was the year everyone ended up at my house because of flight problems when we all went to Branson that summer.  Hog Wild is spendy tho so I avoided it even though the kids love it.

We did the golf.  It's not a fancy course with animation and interesting objects, just a simple 18.

Stick it girl!
It was really hot and humid and we could have gone around again if we wanted but we were done.  Home to a board game and a quick nap.  Then off to Jaymac and Aaron's graduation party.  They were in Sahara's kindergarten class :)
Their party was a little more fancy with a country twist.  It was cute and the food was amazing!! Chopped pork in BBQ, rolls, cake, potato salad, brownies, slaw, baked beans...
Aaron's dad called all the seniors up for a prayer and pictures before we ate.  We had arrived just in time!!
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Graduation Party

After the graduation ceremony and pictures, we all headed to Pottsville Park for cake and refreshments.  It was a little hot and humid, but it could have been pouring rain.

She shared this party with Kendall, but we had 2 other graduates there as well.

Here are Kendall and Zach (Zach used to go to school with them but transferred for his senior year to another district.  He actually graduated the day before) And Matt and Sahara.  
Sahara has known Matt and Zach since 1st grade.

Sahara and her cake.

Some munchies..

Dad came from Memphis to see her graduate and to stay for the first bit of the party.  Then he had to drive back for work that night.  He got her an engraved key-chain and a bouquet of flowers. 

Sahara got a necklace from Kendall.
Sahara had shirts made for the both of them.  
'We are best friends because our parents couldn't handle us as sisters
Sahara and Kendall

I was hoping these boots would be a surprise, but she had to be fitted ahead of time.  Luckily they arrives 3 days before graduation!

From Nana and Papa she got a NOOK !!
She received countless cards and every single one had either cash or a gift card.
Totaling $650 as of this day.  
(I know who's paying for the gas to Myrtle Beach!! hahaha)
Kendall got a purse from someone.  I'm not sure who because I was busy taking pictures of Sahara.

Graduation Day :)

Woooo-Hoooo!  She finally made it to graduation!!
Below you can see her in the second row right after walking in the row.  See her long blond hair?

Her named being called as she crosses the stage.

I don't know who took this picture, but everyone had a picture like this on Facebook, and well, I kinda stole it from there.  I will gladly purchase an 8X10 if I can find out how!

After the recession, they gathered at the back of the building and tossed their hats.

Sahara and Kendall.  Both going into Psychology at Tech together this Fall.

So happy Nana and Papa decided they can make it for her BIG day :)

Even Dad came from Memphis but had to leave soon after to head back for work.

Carlee and Sahara

Canyon ended up being the 'here, hold this' kid.

He is proud of his sister :)

We love you Sahara and are so excited for you!
Awesome job with your grades and scholarships!
Good luck at TECH

Friday, May 17, 2013

Senior Awards Day

Bright and early at 7:45 we arrived at the High School for Awards Day. 

This is Sahara's graduating class. 
She received a few awards including Honor Student and Family And Consumer Science. 
She was also one who received the Pottsville Award which was for $1000. It was a secret until it was announced. 
Oops!!  Here she is being honored for BETA. She's not in BETA. She gave this award back after the ceremony. 
Marisa - Sahara -Kendall
Sahara's scholarship total (+ another $1000)
($37,580 total)

Award for Ambassador Service
Awards for Completer in Family andConsumer  Science and Honor Graduate. 
$1000 scholarship

At school earlier she received:
January Student of the Month in AP Art. 
Financial Literary Certificate. 
Top Class Score on the End Of Class      Exam in Personal and Family Finance. 
Family and Consumer Science All A's Award. 
Visual Arts Award from the Thea Foundation. 
Human Relations All A's Award. 

And coming next Tuesday:
Pottsville High School Student of the Month for May. 

We are so proud of her!!
Tomorrow graduation and then the next chapter in her life!!

!!!! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS SaHaRa SkYe !!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

End of year AR party

For the big AR party Canyon's school got bump n jumps. They have to read so many books and pass tests to qualify for the party. I don't know what exactly they do for Canyon and Pancho but I'm sure there are some major modifications made so that they can participate. 
Making his way down the slide. 
Pancho coming down the slide next. 
Looks like it's slushy time. I heard he did a lot of flirting with a girl named Whitney. Not sure if she was the girly he danced with earlier in the year. 
And a big Dr. Pepper he won at the ring toss!
Looks like he had a great time.