Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh Great!

Anyone up for a dip in this lovely mud bath?!?

Me either! However, this picture was taken 2 hours after I was in there vacuuming the bottom and switching out 3 filters! It turns out this little man...

...who is looking pretty guilty to me, was dumping crawdad mounds into the pool while he was suppose to be sitting on the porch watching the guy on the tractor cut the fields down.

They were neat little mounds of mud in an otherwise clear pool. But as soon a water moved to try to clean them up, we had filth everywhere. And the filter can only do so much with silt. I think I will have to let it settle and try again tomorrow...and tomorrow...and tomorrow...
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fender Bender :(

On the way home from the movies, Jared and Sahara were in a little fender bender. Well, bumper bender I should say. Sahara called me as soon as it happened and I drove there as quickly as possible. At the time police had not been called, but an officer was there when I got there and Jared and the other guy were doing paperwork. Jared got the ticket even tho it seemed to be both their fault. He is all upset about it. Poor kid just had a bad day all together. They had to put his dog down this morning because it was really old and not getting around by himself anymore. But, in the accident, they are fine and so is the other guy, who isn't much older, and that's all that matters.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Orlando vacation 2011 :)

After a 17 hour drive with a stay at a Super 8, we made it to Orlando. We met up with:
Nana and Papa
Kristy, Caleb and Emily
Brian, Mel, Jason, Parker, Tobey and Zoey
Uncle Jim, Aunt Carol, Tony, Jimmy and Levi

Our first adventure out was to a swamp tour air boat ride.

While waiting for our boat, we got to play with this cutie in the gift shop.

He really loved people.

He would say he was a pretty bird.
Then he would ask if you were a pretty bird too.

The boat's fan and engine were really loud so we wore headphones.

After awhile, Canyon was the only one left wearing them.

There were a lot of alligators out there, but they would dive when we got up to them.

The boat captain took us to a swimming hole and there was this guy hanging out in the sun. We thought at first it was a log. Yes, people swim with the alligators.

Hanging at the Cypress Point Resort :)

A panoramic shot I tried to do, but people kept moving around.

In this one Uncle Jim is in the mirror, but not at the table!

The playground by one of the 3 pools we visited with Parker and Zoey.

Kristy and Brian taking their own picture.

Dinner at Red Lobster gave Kristy and Sahara a chance to wear and show off their new dresses :)

Levi and Jimmy don't look too thrilled to have their picture taken.

Tony tried to get hugs from Emily the whole trip.

Aunt carol and Misty at Red Lobster.

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure!

Some of the rides there made us get totally drenched!

This splash zone area would completely soak anyone standing near. It was the river boat ride of Jurassic Park. Being wet made for a much cooler day at the park
Some of the dinosaurs at the Jurassic Park area of the park. They did a great job! The dinosaurs looked pretty real and the ride was nice and tropical.

Canyon loved all the water rides the best here.

Welcome to Hogwarts !
This was amazing!

While in line, the kids get their picture with Buckbeak.

He would bow as the ride went by.
I didn't get to go on the dragon ride the first time because they wouldn't allow bags on the rides. We hadn't figured out that lockers, using our finger or thumb prints as ID, were free as long as you were on the ride. So the second time I got to ride and even though it's a looooong walk through the cattle gates, we got right up to the front and were next on the ride without even a wait :)

The Harry Potter ride in the castle was amazing! Waiting in line, you are toured through the castle in different rooms like Dumbledor's office, or the Griffindor's common room. The pictures on the walls talk and move and look just like they do in the movies. The ride itself was the best! I totally freaked out the first time I went at the spider part!!

We all look like we are enjoying our butterbeer a little too much here outside the Hogs Head.

We only tried the frozen kind but it was de-lish :)

When we asked Canyon if he liked the butterbeer, he said, "It makes me feel happy!"

More pictures of the castle and the town. It was so life-size and realistic.

We hit a down pour and a lot of rides were down due to lightning. Inside and undercover rides were open so we hung at "the Storm" while in 'the storm' for a few rounds.

Kennedy Space Center

This was a prop from Star Trek.

Caleb at the controls of the Enterprise.

A lot of shuttles and rockets of the space program.

We went for a simulated take off ride. Lots of effects, sounds, and smoke.

Cocoa Beach.

A couple more panoramics of the beach and the pier.

It was cloudy and a little stormy, but a nice visit. Best of all, dolphins were out there swimming right along the people. they stayed their distance, but were pretty close up!

End of the trip pictures.
The whole gang shot.

Nana and Papa with the grandkids.

Sahara and Jason. At Christmas the year before, these 2 were the same height!

This year, Canyon has about 1/2 an inch on Caleb. Next time, I'm sure Caleb will tower Canyon. I can't wait till next time to find out!

On the drive home we stopped at a local farmers market and got some things for Mila.

It was a really cute place.

After a crazy night...
We stopped in jasper, Al. and people were everywhere! There were no hotel rooms available except for a dive called Budget Inn. I don't think it was linked to the chain of Budget Inns however. It was nasty and dirty and completely unsafe. We left after an hour and drove to the next town. Well, it wasn't a town but just this newly developed area. We stayed at the Hampton Inn. MUCH nicer!!! The next morning we went a little out of the way to see Natural Bridge. It was beautiful!

The ocean carved rock bridges 200 million years ago. Even some of the trees here still looked prehistoric.

The water still leaks in the cracks and crevices and makes a pretty trickling noise.

It was a nice stop to break up the loooong road trip.

We also stopped in Memphis to have lunch with James (and a nap!)
Then the last 3 hours of the trip home!


of course

Jared came right over

and the precious little love birds

who have been separated for 10 days

were reunited again :)