Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Constipation Nation

This is one of 12 bottles of medicine Canyon will be taking in the next 6 weeks. Poor kid is really backed up. But at least it's not surgery time!! Not yet anyway!!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jr. High Dance

Canyon has his dance ticket and is ready to head out to his first ever dance at school.

It was 'Night At The Movies' and kids were suppose to dress in the style of an actor or character from a movie. Or dress casually. We hit a little of both and he just wore his Superman shirt.

Sahara was his chaperon since it would not be possible to just drop him off and pick him up in 2 hours.

Free soda, popcorn, and cookies.

Jared showed up too. Because his mom works at Canyon's school, she was able to 'get him in' and this always make Canyon happy. He is really good with Canyon.

Canyon gets low. Since there is a line up of girls, they probably all got low but Canyon is a step behind.
A lot of bootie shakin' going on.

And then he gets crazy!!

Every day he's shufflin'

In the end, Canyon WON Most Spirited Dancer. He got a little trophy for his collection and $10.

He LOVED the dance. Had a BLAST!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

First Snow :)

And first snow day!
It started around 7 in the morning, but we were lucky enough to know that school would be cancelled the night before. You might think it's odd to have school called for such a little amount of snow (2-4 inches), but that's why it is called. We only have 1 - 4 days of snow here a year so we don't have the equipment to clear the roads or sand them for the buses to get through safely.
1 hour after the first flakes fell, we went for a walk.

We were very bundled, even the dogs, but it wasn't nearly as cold as it was the day of the Polar Bear Plunge.

After an hour walking, we went home for eggs and toast.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cute idea :)

Sahara came up with a cute idea for Jared for Valentine's Day.
She typed out the reasons she loves him and printed them on old looking paper.

Some of the messages were:
I love you because...
You secretly love Malaki.
You let me borrow your hoodies.
You give the best hugs.
You are really good with Canyon.
You choose not to see my flaws.
You like to be clean because your a little OCD.

Then burned all the edges.

That took some time to do it carefully so the words didn't get burned off.
Then she was going to roll them up individually and tie them, but there were too many for the bottle. 45, which is cool since 45 was his football number :)

So she just laid them in the jar to pull out one at a time. Here is the finished project :)

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Polar Bear Plunge

To raise money for Special Olympics, you have probably heard of the Polar Bear Plunge. Crazy individuals and teams jump into frigid waters after they have donated or raised money to be donated to Special Olympics. This is the first one our town has ever put on. Closest one before was a town 35 miles away, so we had never been to one. 2 or 3 weekends ago, it was in the 70s and would not have been a big deal.
Today, it is 21 degrees.
One of the local head sponsors of Special Olympics talks to a few of the athletes.

This team is from Canyon and Sahara's school. The man in the middle, the middle school principal, Mr. T.

The costume contest winners where the deviled eggs. They are wearing devil horns. And there is Mr. T to the right!

More costumes.

The Wizard of Oz team. They had a stuffed Toto, so we lent them Malaki :)

All the teams before it's time to get wet.

The Fire Fairies (firemen) get ready to plunge.

Wizard of Oz in the water.
(no Malaki did not go for a swim)

This group raced out to the rescue boat and back.

I'm glad the whole event took only a half an hour. It was windy and freezing. The people in shorts and topless were insane!

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Said I would...and I did

Last week I saw this on Pinterest. I had a heart shaped cake pan so we tried it. I used 2 cans of cinnamon rolls. Sahara took this one to be auctioned off at a basketball game to raise money for Sea Camp (which she plans to go to the very beginning of next school year).
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Now all we need is a game

The Super Bowl will do :)
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