Sunday, January 29, 2012

Water Heater Woes

Was... this nasty, leaking, rusted out tank.
After 4 hours installation, 3 hours prep and clean up, $415 and 3 guys who know what they are is this

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Now that the sun stays up longer, I got some pictures of Canyon at Hippo-therapy. He rides with his therapist, Whitney, and 2 'walkers'.

Arms out for balancing skills.

One of the games they play is grabbing a ring from one person and crossing over to the other person behind them to put the ring on the stick. Without changing hands which Canyon keeps forgetting.

Reach and grab...crossover...put on the stick.
Got it!

He LOVES hippo-therapy!!
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Goodbye baby

Your were a good baby Dilynn Skye. We will miss you. But now you must go back to school and be someone else's baby next weekend.
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Announcing the birth of....

Dilynn Skye
6 lbs 4 oz
21 inches
2:20 pm
born in the High School and rode the bus home!!

Nana gives Dilynn her first bath.

Clean girl :)

Daddy shows up just in time for her to 'wake up'.

Let the fun begin. They have no idea!

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Little Star

I hope this link works!
Canyon in in a local magazine called AR Sports. I think it comes out 4 times a year and features the local high school and college sports that are happening that season. Canyons basketball season actually ended in November, but there is a story about the program he is in and has his picture :)

Click on the black magazine and turn to page 5. The story starts there with Shooting For Success. Canyon is on the next page where the story ends :)

Not that your gonna know anyone there, but the kids want me to mention pages 32-35 as well :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

We gave it a try....

If you have ever been to Pinterest, it is full of nifty ideas, crafts, projects, decor, fashion, words to live by, etc. We see lots of nails come thru with easy to do tips and tricks to get salon-looking nails. Last night we decided to give the tie-dye look a try.

First, coat your fingers with Vaseline, making sure not to get Vaseline on the nail. (or you can cover all but the nail with scotch tape - more time consuming but actually worked out better for us)

Next have a cup of room temperature water and a few shades of nail polish with the tops unscrewed ready to go.

Then, one color at a time, drop the nail polish into the cup in the center. It should spread out across the top of the water. If it doesn't, your water wasn't warm enough.

After 6 to 8 drops, take a toothpick and swirl the paint on the water a bit. Not too much, just to get the tie dye look.

Set your finger into the paint bent so the nail hits the water first until it is submerged. Gently blow on the water surface to dry the paint that is left there.

Take the toothpick and drag it around the top of the water to collect any left over paint. It will pull off the water like a little spider web.

Pull you finger up, let dry, remove tape or Vaseline. Top coat with clear if you want.

Misty's hand

Sahara's hand

Finished fingers. Not nearly as nice as what we saw on Pinterest, but it was a first try. Also our nails are a lot shorter then the models nails in the pictures.
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

First day of new semester for me????

But my classes still say TBA (to be announced). I don't know when or where they are. Oooor, maybe online classes??? I will give it another day. Then I will have to wait til after MLK Day to find out anything.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A little family outing turns almost tragic

It was one of those days where it's overcast, not too cold, but cool. Not raining or too windy. A winter beach day. So we headed out with the dogs to go to the park.
The real whole purpose was that Sahara wanted to go jogging. So, they're off on the dyke.
Jogging got old so we walked to the fishing docks and then headed to the playground.

Everyone played :)

The family that was here left as soon as we showed up so the place was ours.
After this we went walking to the marina and that's where it happened. The area to swim where dogs are allowed had a lot of branches and leaves and other 'nature' things washed up on beach. We were walking through it all. I had Malaki this time and he stopped in his tracks. I gave him a tug and looked and said, 'oh, your stuck.' He somehow got a branch between his collar, his harness, his sweater, and himself. He wasn't crying, just stuck. The more we tried to get him unstuck, the more he started to panic. Screaming and twisting his body. I really couldn't tell if he was injured or just scared. But was thinking he might be impaled. The branch was about the size of a mans thumb but connected to stuff under the ground that we were standing on. Jared said, let me break the limb, but I was still trying to untangle him because he was screaming. Jared said it again and SNAP!. As soon as Malaki heard the snap, he went limp. I thought he was dead. That he was impaled and it just snapped and hit his artery or something. Jared scooped him up and he was completely limp. Eyes open. tongue hanging out and all. Still, 6 hands are trying to untangle the 6 inch long stick from him now. I slip my hands under his jacket and Jared grabs his nose and gives him CPR!! I say for him to wait, I felt his heart beating and didn't know if he wasn't breathing yet (and was worried Jared might blow out his teeny lungs). After that one breath, he picked his head back up but looked completely out of it. I think he passed out. Can a dog pass out from fear?? He didn't move, or blink, or make a noise for the next few minutes. We searched him for puncture wounds but didn't find any. He was wound really tight in that mess, but I don't think tight enough to choke him to death. I mean, I've seen the animal abuse shows on TV where the collar that has gotten too small didn't kill the dog even though it has to be surgically removed....but that's a slow process, maybe he did have a lack of air and pass out. Or from fright. Jared can't believe he actually gave a dog CPR and asked us not to tell anyone. Well, I don't think his friends read this blog, so....
Malaki is fine now. Came home and chased the cat around the house as usual :)
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's day

Putting all the Christmas away is a big job. It doesn't take as long as pulling it out an decorating the house, but man! What a mess. We were just minutes of being done with that job when Sahara decided she has waaaay to much crap in her room and wanted to do something about. She pretty much still had everything she had ever gotten in her whole life in that room.

No, It's wasn't messy when we started, but we had it waist high before too long!

A couple hours later.... success!!

3 bags of trash! 4 bags of good will / maybe yard sale things! My broken back and a really hurt foot....but we did it!!!

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Happy New Year!

At Mila's, we hung out for New Years.
Canyon coming up from the basement.

Canyon and the girls striking a pose.

Canyon being run over by the stampede of girls heading to Zach's media room.

One of the girls surprised by me on the other side of the door.

Happy New Years kiss :)

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That boy!!

Do you really need 4 bowls of cereal????!!!! He ended up eating 1 1/2, I ate 1 and the rest went in the garbage disposal.
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Mom's b-day

The kids made me a cake :)

Can't go wrong with double dark chocolate! Yummy!