Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Doggy Jail

Had enough of the pup destroying the living room.  I had planned to buy a crate off of a lady who was selling on online, but that fell through.  So we went to Walmart to get a new one.  While there we ran into Mark from down the street. (the one who helped get my lawn mower fixed)  He told me to put my money away and use/barrow/have his dog crate that is not being used.  
So, Here she is...

She looks sad but she is actually happy to be in the house again after spending the night and day out in the rain.

Later last night I opened the door and after eating and going to the bathroom she willing just went back in to lay on her bed.

Quiet-calm times like these are rare.  But at least she has a safe place at night, when we're at work/school, and especially during storms!

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