Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Pictures

Here are the kids Spring Pictures. Some of you will be getting them in the mail in the next month. :)

Taken at The Potts Inn

The Dentist Dilemma

These are Sahara's teeth. She got her x-ray workup and molds done at her dentist a few weeks ago to get ready for braces. I was under the impression we would be referred to an orthodontist. We weren't. Instead her regular pediatric dentist set up an appointment for a consultation for getting her braces done there. I was a little concerned that a pediatric dentist could, should and would be doing her braces, besides all of her friends had gone or were going to a pretty popular orthodontist. So, we made an appointment to consult with her, the orthodontist, as well. YIKES! She was, well, a little odd to us. Used big ol' fancy doctor words and had a fake/sincere way about her. Neither of us were too impressed. I am still worried about letting the regular dentist do the braces (she has TMJ and her jaw is not symmetrical) but we have felt comfortable with him for the last 8 years....We also ran into 2 of her guy friends shortly after the consult with the orthodontist. One of them have had braces (of sorts) with the orthodontist and didn't recommend her. The other currently was sportin braces and was going to the regular dentist, Sahara's dentist, for them and said he really liked it there. Soooooo, I think we are leaning on the regular dentist to do hers. I will decide and sign the papers on Monday!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


We did the Walmart shopping and got back in time to go catch 'How To Train Your Dragon'. Really cute! Then to McDonalds for a happy meal with a Toothless toy in it. Then for a nice walk in the woods and back to the house with 20 minutes to spare to get the Easter stuff out of the barn before a nice Spring down pour started. 10 minute storm. Love it, just wish the ground wasnt all ready soaked from the last one. All I could salvage of the Easter stuff in that 20 minutes was the baskets. We have a MAJOR ant infestion (is that a word?) in the barn!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all...

I have had 3 computer issues this week. First, my new 3 month old printer needed new ink. Yes, the ink for the Kodak printers are a lot cheaper, but apparently it needs to be replaced more often. Anyway, the ink trey would not come to center to get the old ink out. After messing with it for 2 days I called Kodak and after walking me thru a few troubleshooting steps, they decided the sensor was bad and sent me a 'new' new printer. I got it yesterday, but it's not hooked up yet. Don't know if I need to completely uninstall the old one and reinstall the new one or if I can just plug the new one in since its the exact same model as the old one..... Then my internet went out for a few days. I tried to troubleshoot it for hours each day with no luck. Unplugged everything again and again. No luck. Called the cable company and found out I have to unplug and plug in a certain order to get it working again. Who knew. Why isnt the order included in the troubleshooting directions? Then, Sahara and my camreas would no longer connect to the computer (sometimes) then other times they would but open with a service I did not want. Could not get that fixed so I went and bought a card reader. Problem solved!

Now my truck... Brakes were making a crunching noise when I was coming to a stop from 20 miles an hour to the full stop. It had started about 2 weeks ago but seemed to be getting worse. I took it in. Apparently I was beyond metal on metal. Not only did I need new brakes, but a new rotor on the front passenger side. Brakes in the back were fine but other problems were discovered there. I have a rear axle seal out and that with new tires, balance and alignment is going to run me $800!!!!! I just opted for the new brakes and rotor for $200 this time. To me, the tires are ok, but I will have to get the axle seal fixed in the next few months. uggg.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break!

The week has arrived! So far we went from 72 to almost snowing (13 inches of snow an hour away) back up to 75 in the first 4 days of Spring Break. Today was beautiful! Went to the park, then the dr. (my annual (or bi-annual as it usually goes)). Putting hi-lights in Sahara's hair tonight. She had a hair cut today. Thurs, back to the Dr. Being 40 SUX. Internet was out for a few days so just poppin in now for updates. Going to take the kids Spring Pics tomorrow. Hope the weather stays nice!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sick boy

The picture tells it all.

Canyon has a bad cough which now is a sinus infection. He had to be picked up from school Monday and taken to the doctor. Was put on antibiotics and slept thru the night without coughing for the first time in 3 nights. Was only getting 3-5 hours of sleep a night over the weekend. Seems a little better today, just very snotty.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

31 minutes

Who-da-thunk it would take a fast food joint 31 minutes to get the order out of 3 people. First, I thought I had ordered 2 single fillets and an order of honey BBQ wings and 3 drinks, but my receipt showed they put me down for 1 single and one meal fillet. They they said the BBQ wings would take a few minutes and that was what we were waiting for, no problem. The wings came up and served to us......where are the fillets? Now we have to wait for them....20 minutes later they were up, but they for some reason thought I was getting 2 meals and the potato wedges were not ready. Ugggg. FINALLY, 31 minutes from the time I placed my order, I got all my food! I told the guy who kind of handled all the order, and he really couldn't believe it took that long. I wasn't in a hurry and laughed it off, but he came by the table a few minutes later with 4 more fillets. One guess as to what we had for lunch today :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Special Olympics

Canyon is getting signed up for the Special Olympics on top of baseball this spring. He will be entered in things like 50 meter dash, baseball throw and standing long jump. He will be the only athlete representing his school this year. They hope to have more next year. But he will be hanging out with my districts kids. :)